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Hatake Kakashi
02-11-2006, 16:05

just wanted to ask my armybuilder was getting weird

question : can a Tomb King take a enchanted shield and scorpion armour combo when on a chariot :O?

02-11-2006, 16:16
Read from armybook. What ever armybuilder says, armybook is allways right. If there is nothing what disallow that, it is leagal.

Hatake Kakashi
02-11-2006, 16:19
ow ok thnx hehe wil be posting army list soon I think so wanna see what ya think about it ^^

02-11-2006, 16:20
The mainbook doesn't allow the enchanted shield to be used with other magical armor anymore. That was 6th edition. That combo is very illegal, unless the army book for TKs says this can be done with that specific piece of armor.

If the scorpion armor is mundane, which I am not familiar with it, then this combo is perfectly legal.

(on a side note )

Army builder is right more often than the actual army books are since Army builder is always updated with the latest rules.

Wings of Doom
02-11-2006, 16:25
You can have Scorpion Armour, a mundane shield or Enchanted shield and mundane armour, but not magic armour and a magic shield. It's very plain, in the rulebook.
Going in a chariot has no effect on this, though.

02-11-2006, 16:25
Your only allowed one magic item from each category and since those are both pieces of magical armor the answer is no you cannot. Quick suggestion though if the Tomb King is not your general then why not just save the points and give him a great weapon and just rely on the chariots armor save? Attatch him to a unit of chariots for strength in numbers.

Hatake Kakashi
02-11-2006, 16:30
ow ok sow in the 7th editon no enchanted shield combo crap always was a good and cheap combo ^^

02-11-2006, 17:51
also, enchanted shields are going up to 15 points in most army books.

02-11-2006, 18:08
also, enchanted shields are going up to 15 points in most army books.

This has yet to be seen though ;)