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02-11-2006, 17:13
Hey, I'm considering building this army, but want your opinion about it before...

What should I change, without breaking the theme?(Slaanesh Crusaders)

Do you guys think the army is competitive?

If you would give this army a value on combat efectiveness, 1 to 10, how would tou rate it?

Thanks very much!!!!

Slaanesh Riders - 2000 Pts - Chaos Army

Chaos Lord
Mark of Slaanesh; General; Chaos Armour
Blade of Blood
Pendant of Slaanesh
Gaze of the Gods
Enchanted Shield
Chaos Dragon

Exalted Champion
Mark of Slaanesh; Shield; Barding
Armour of Damnation
Sword of Might
Chaos Steed

Chaos Sorcerer
Mark of Slaanesh; Magic Level 1; Lore of Slaanesh;
Chaos Armour; Barding
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll
Chaos Steed

5 Chosen Chaos Knights ==> Exalted Champion goes here
Mark of Slaanesh; Barding; Chosen Unit; Chaos Armour; Shield;
Standard; Musician; Champion
Rapturous Standard

5 Chaos Knights ==> Sorcerer goes here
Mark of Slaanesh; Barding; Heavy Armour; Shield;
Standard; Musician; Champion

6 Marauder Horsemen
Spear; Shield; Musician

6 Marauder Horsemen
Spear; Shield; Musician

11 Chaos Furies

Casting Pool: 3
Dispel Pool: 3
Models in Army: 38

Total Army Cost: 1998

02-11-2006, 17:56
combat eff... 3

only the dragon and chosen and furies pose a threat to any army... the rest will be beaten by CR. Empire and dwarves will own you!

02-11-2006, 18:14
that army is way to small, but don't really know how to make it better.
( mounted deamonates are fun but also damn pricy)

Brother Maynard
02-11-2006, 18:48
maybe you could trim some furies and a marauder from each unit and get a couple units of warhounds as screens against shooting? Those horsemen might do better with flails instead of the spear/shield combo, being as you're using them for that one good flank charge.

03-11-2006, 00:18
This might sound kind of mean but... nope. Take it from me, I've tried making a strong chaos list with a Lord on a Dragon with any other mark except Tzeentch, but so far it has yet to work. Why..? 1 word- artillery. Tzeentch has access to 1 certain item which gives the wearer AND his mount a 3+ WARD save against all missile fire... meaning, your big looming 1/3-of-your-army-in-one-model doesnt get wiped off the board thanks to a lot of focused artillery shooting in one turn. Mind you, certain armies don't really have access to that (i.e. lizardmen) so you might do better against them, but for where it counts, your dragon is just 1 big target who can die just too easily under a lot of circumstances.

Second off, you have wayyyy too little models in this army. I'd say, get more knights in there instead of those puny horsemen, trim some of your furies down so they essentially become artillery/mage hunters while retaining a (reasonably) low points cost, and as suggested before, get ultra-cheap warhound screens so your knights actually get into close combat.

Thirdly, more of a comment rather then an actual suggestion- Slaanesh has (arguably) one of the best magic lores in the game. Similarly, your army is lacking (big time) in the magic defense department. Why not replace your exalted champ with a lvl-2 pseudo scroll caddy mage? Take a look at the Slaanesh lore- it's too good to pass up!

So yeah.. as I said before, I tried making a list kind of like this, but it sort of fell short... thanks to the advice of some people, it's coming along OK now and it might just come to fruitation! (If I scrape up the bucks..)

My 2 cents

03-11-2006, 01:41
The number of troops in the units is to honour Slaanesh number(6), and hopefully gain his blessing:D
12 flyers
12 Heavy Cav
12 Fast Cav

6 x 6 = 36

Slaanesh praise aside, don't you think that the furies and marauder horsemen can help protect the dragon, hunting the enemy warmachines while the dragon aproaches carefully, hidding from enemy fire behind large buildings and forests?(hopshotch tactics)

Or it is a lost cause and I'm fooling myself?:cries: