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02-11-2006, 18:37
In my store there is a player who started Brettonians but changed his mind. as a result he only plays 1000pts. His army consists of a large unit of knights, with a bsb with the banner that negates rank bonuses, and his army general, 2 damsles, one with the chalice of malfleur, 15 men at arms (4x4) to act as a bodyguard for one of them mages, and therefore not doing anything, and some skirmishing archers. I;ve come up with a list to try and beat him.

commander, heavy armour, barded steed, shield, blade of sea gold=133
mage, lvl2, seer, channellr, = 170 -this guy is using lore of metal with spirit of the forge, distillation of molten silver
mage, lvl1, dispel scroll=115 (all i can afford for him) High magic with walk between worlds

10 spearmen, music (used for bait)=116
9 silver helms, shields, heavy armour, fc=242 (commander here)

7 shadow warriors, shadow walker (to take out his mages, and skirmishers if they get a building)=119

Repeater bolt thrower=100

all told this is 995 points.

My spearmen will deploy in a position to draw the kngiht's charge, they will move forwards to within the charge range, and flee when charged. My Sh will then charge the flank fo the knights, beat them break them and run them down (hopefully). The knights should have been subjected in the first turn to bolt thrower fire and spirit of the forge. With the knights destroyed the rest of my army should ahve little trouble killing the rest of his force.

So, what do you think?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

02-11-2006, 19:21
Why would he let you get a flank charge on his knights? I think that instead, he would keep their flank covered with his men-at-arms, and the archers, and then move up closer to your infantry, so that you won't necessarily be able to get away if you flee. Although, if he does this, it will give you at least one more turn of shooting with your bolt thrower. Another thing he could do is ignore the spearmen, kill the boltthrower with his archers, i assume that he has some, and then try to pull the same manuever with his men-at-arms as you're trying with your spearmen. I think you will need to keep the boltthrower protected, because thats the only thing that will make him come to you.

02-11-2006, 19:38
This person doesn;t really work like this. His men at arms just hide in a corner next to his archers, just acting as ablative armour for his mage. I unerstand it is unliklely to work, but I jsut want to try it