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02-11-2006, 19:52
Not been posting anything for a while....well, here's two lists I did yesterday. Going to be playing with one of them (Basic one) tomorrow, will try and post a battle report afterwards. I'll be expected to go up against both a Wood Elf and a Orc list so I should probably avoid specializing.
Still using 6th edition(until someone in my gaming group buys the new codex), so please don't even start with 'But in 7th edition....'. These lists are for use in 6th edition, not 5th and not 7th, capisce? :)

Basic, a.k.a. Keep it simple Stoopid!:
I was just wondering how many Saurus Warriors you could fit in a 1500 pts Lustrian army. The answer is a lot. But it's not all that fun just fielding Saurus, I decided to try and keep as many of the mean green killing machines as possible while still adding some support units.
1 Skink Shaman(Lvl.2, Diadem, Dragonfly) 150 pts
-Yup, that's all the character there is going to be. No scar-vets, no nothing. (almost) Minimal magic and a little something to get the sweet spots before the pointy-ears do.
20 Saurus Warriors(Spear&Shield, Std+Mus) 298pts
20 Saurus Warriors(Spear&Shield, Std+Mus) 298pts
11 Skink Skirmishers(Javelings&Shield) 66pts
10 Skink Skirmishers(Javelings&Shield) 60pts
- A nice wall of pointy death, mostly for making my Orc opponent reluctant to charge. Plus I just bought the models so why not use them?:p
25 Saurus Warriors(Hw&Sh, Quetzl, Std+Mus) 348 pts
3 Terradons
3 Terradons
- One big chunk of bad-ass Saurus that hopefully won't just keel over. Terradons are there to nibble at support units and steer frenzied units and chariots the right way.

3 Solid units of Saurus should provide a strong center, with 2 units of Skinks to cover their flanks and Terradons to help them. Nothing fancy, just plain simple. I'll see how it goes, I usually use far more complicated setups.

Now then, Skinkage? How many Skinks can you push into a 1500 pts army? Well, 250 - 1 character. But that no fun, now is it?
1 Skink Shaman(lvl.2, diadem) 135 pts
1 Skink Shaman(lvl.2, dragonfly) 115 pts
- A great duo of wizards, should be able to hold their own against Orc Shamans and Wood Elf spellsingers.
2 units of 12 Skinks(blowpipes, scouting) 168 pts
8 units of 12 Skinks(blowpipes) 576 pts
3 units of 3 Terradons 315 pts
3 Salamander Hunting Packs 195 pts

Same principle, start with maximum amount of skinks and reduce to suitable size, adding other skink units along the way. I normally feel that 3 Salamanders is a bit cheesy but since I'm facing Orcs as well I'll allow it. There are going to make the wood elves nervous for sure though...:evilgrin: Basically everthing that comes within 12" from this mobile gunline will swiftly be transformed to a pincushion, with Terradons hunting down those who try to hide. Leadership is not very high, a few rounds of good shooting and bad panic-tests should scatter most of this army. Luckily I've brought extra skinks....and then some.

There, anyone wanting to try these lists out feel free to do so, just tell the rest of us how it went. Both lists lack any real finesse, they should be quite easy to handle.

02-11-2006, 20:30
Well these lists are really not my style, in fact I really dislike them:D first off why on this great green earth would you EVER have a skink general if you weren't a southlands army?! They have horrible Ld in an army with GREAT ld! IMO general's should have better or equal leadership then their peers:p Plus skinks are vulnerable to miscasts, don't want to blow up your general. Get a scar vet, maybe jaguar saurus of death equipment. Your first list looks good units wise, lots of saurus blocks, but I would take away one or two blocks and get some kroxigors for flanking/flank protection, your blocks are very vulnerable. Also terradons are decent but rarely ever do much unless your enemy has lots of wizards/warmachines. Replace them with either sallies or more kroxigors.

Second list looks better, except for characters again. Get a scar vet! Also Id bump those skink units down to 10, its just easier. Im not a big fan of the all skink army because you don't have any solid units to fall back on. Replace some of those skinks with kroxigors, they can charge through skinks and supply some much needed punch. Again, Id also get rid of those terradons, no good especially when you have tons of skinks that can do relatively the same thing for less points.

03-11-2006, 04:02
first off why on this great green earth would you EVER have a skink general if you weren't a southlands army?! They have horrible Ld in an army with GREAT ld! IMO general's should have better or equal leadership then their peers:p

Thats the exact point, you dont need a general for Ld when you have great leadership. Saurus L8, 3 dice. 90% of the time you are safe.
Buying a scar vet will not help as he is also, Ld 8!

Plus skinks are vulnerable to miscasts, don't want to blow up your general.

Why are skinks vunerable to miscasts?

Second list looks better, except for characters again.

The Second Looks BETTER?
I'm apalled, an army with no saurus is not a lizarmen army, go back to the southlands where you belong.

03-11-2006, 10:47
I happen to agree with showmydog, getting a Scar-vet for Leadership purposes in the first list is just silly. The only ones that will benefit are the skinks and terradons, none of them are likely to be around the general, instead out on flanks and behind enemy lines. A Scar-vet in the sceond army however is another matter, skinks will be close by (since there is not much else in the army) and will greatly benefit from the +3Ld boost.

Terradons fill several functions for me, first they march-block important enemy units. Just plomp them down next to that big block of Chaos Warriors and watch them crawl forward while you deal with the rest of the army. You might even get lucky with a Javelin or two. But that's only temporary, you can't hold them up forever and there are better uses. Hunting lone wizards and warmachines comes as a close second choice, with the relatively high stomping power Terradons can usually get the job down without any problems. I have even used them to munch away at a gunline once in a while, just as long as you survive getting into charge range and the potential Stand&Shoot you're pretty much home free. Not many archerunits carry standards, champions or anything nearly dangerous in hth. If you manage to hit the average line of 10 archers, lined up in one row, you have a flank and almost a guaranteed victory. The way people tend to set up their gunlines it isn't unlikely that you will be able to overrun into yet another unit, causing severe rampage behind enemy lines.
But that's just a little trick I just some of the time. Terradons are actually really great at some other things. Like skirmisher or chariot hunting. If you get behind a chariot you can charge it in the flank or rear, giving the crew alone a chance to fight back, mounts can only fight if you are in front. Plus you get an automatic +1 for flanking so even if you're unlikely to severly damage the chariot you have a good chance of routing it. The benefits of hunting skirmishers is just obvious, dryads and Wardancers might be tough but anything else is just going to be swatted like the insects they are.

Don't underestimate the Terradons fighting power, or their tactical usages either. Charging them in the flank of an enemy unit already engaged in combat gives them a panic-test. Nobody's afraid of a panic-test right?:D

Both armies I burped up here were initially were plain with just saurus or skinks respectivly. I just watered them down to make them a little more enjoyable though I too think the first list is the more balanced and good one. The skinkfest relies almost exclusivly on getting within shooting range and scoring lots of poison hits. A good tactic as long as you're not afraid of sacrificing units to get the enemy into position but probably boring to play (against).

A JSOD is generally a good investment, a lean mean killer that can pulverise chariots. It's just a little boring after a while, I'm going to try without and see how it goes.