View Full Version : Lost And The Dammed Codex/new Minatures?

Arch-Traitor Horus
03-11-2006, 09:16
hey just wondering are there going to be new Latd mutants because on the back of ausWD323 there a red and black photo with the words "the outbreak begins wd234" with mutant looking figures(the photo is kind of hard to make out)

03-11-2006, 11:19
According to the UK WD there's a conversion article in next issue for chaos cultists. There's also a range of chaos militia coming from Forgeworld-check the rumour forum.

I've added a question mark to the title to prevent a lynch mob forming when they realise it's a question rather than a statement of new minis. :)

03-11-2006, 11:19
I saw that too.
It might be fantasy or plauge zombies?

What is recent that zombies fit into right now?
Not Eldar...
Not Cities of Death.
And I have no idea about Fantasy.

Same time post T-Tauri.
Thanks for the answer.
I hope there will be some non zombie Cultists.