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Warwolt the skaven
03-11-2006, 10:33
Im going to play some kind off Fluff-based mini campaign, Space Marines vs Plague Marines... and the fluff involves the planet to be massed with Plague Zoombies. My question is, how am I to represent them in a DEATH GUARD army. No changes in army, its a DEATH GUARD army.

03-11-2006, 10:49
Lost and the Damned have plague zombies as a variant of mutants.

03-11-2006, 10:49
just use the plague zombies from the LatD and use them as standart choices in your DG army...

As long as your opponent is okay with it...

optionally you can use the zombies from the creatures feature in WD

Lord Humongous
03-11-2006, 17:03
Nurglings would work pretty well using standard DG rules. Just cluster them in groups of three, or put three to a base. The invulnerable save and instability makes sense if you assume they are magically / demonicly animated corpses, and the swarm rules... well, they won't mess things up. It also makes sense to me that zombies would not be a scoring unit.
Even in a LaTD army, I'd prefer nurglings (gibbering hordes) to to the "Plauge Zombies" that the LaTD rules offer. The LatD plauge zombies are pretty lame, IMO.

03-11-2006, 17:39
Maybe for each battle you can roll to see how many "gangs" of zombies will show up to the battle field. Then roll to see how these "gangs" will be placed on the board after all the regular deployment. Now to make it fair these are mindless zombies. Each turn you roll to see who gets to controll the zombie "gang" for that turn. They may make no charges, just move the standerd distance, if they come into contact with "good guys" aka not plauge marinies you are in h2h fighting. No charging bonus. If they reach plauge marines then they simple walk through the ranks. Doesnt make sence for the zombies to attack chosen of Nurgle.

If the good guys win the roll to controll the zombies they can move them away from their lines, and use them to block LOS. Nurgle troops can fire upon the zombies if they wish makes sence that if the zombies are in their way they will mow them down without a second thought. Also, if nurgle troops are blocked by zombies they can charge/move past them, but they count as difficult terrian.

Theses rules seem random and fun for both sides. Your battlefield will be filled with your zombies, however it wont give a advantage to either side (Big IMO I havnt played in a long time, nor understand the new rules) Tweek as you see fit but some random zombies just wanding the battlefield will give you the effect you want.

03-11-2006, 19:03
The Nurglings (by Lord Humongous) idea seems very cool if you are not doing Lost and the Damned.

Seth the Dark
03-11-2006, 19:04
Use them to count as Plaguebearers, that's what I have done. I have taken some Eldar Guardians, standard Zombies and Cadian zombies to suggest that they have risen up from the battle field to fight for their foul masters.

03-11-2006, 19:43
you could represent them as plaguebearers if you're not so keen on allies, or don't have the Eye of Terror codex.

I think that the imagery would work well, Plague Zombies rising from the ground (to represent them being summoned)

Warwolt the skaven
03-11-2006, 20:18
made some rules for them, but I think having zoombie-plague bearers would be EXCELENT! Ive lready done some kind of skelleton-vermin thingie (skaven legs and arms and skelleton body and head, armed with a scyth) that looks kind of Undead-ey. wee, and I hated the plague bearers models. This is da best solutsion :D
THANK YOU! Cookie to Seth and Corvin, and all other people on the thread.

@ Humongous, I might have some zoombies along with the nurglings (sculpting my own, the GW ones just don't like concept-art nurgling to me. And I think the ones on the concept art are soooo cuuute.)

03-11-2006, 23:03
If you want to represent them without having to download the LATD rules, use the alpha Legion cultists in the back of the book.

Zoombies: the Driving Dead.

03-11-2006, 23:18
As said above, either the Plague Zombies from the LatD list or the Nurglings idea from Lord Humongous (nice Idea).

Alternatively you could run a series of Killteam games where one side take the Zombies and the other player runs his army's Killteam (allowing you to both play against the Zeds) success or failiure could then decide factors in the next battle, like altering the amount of slots in part of the FOC (EG, Success means you manage to clear a underground roadway enough to move more heavy ordenance through. You may pick +1 heavy support option than you would normally be allowed).

Warwolt the skaven
04-11-2006, 09:38
If you want to represent them without having to download the LATD rules, use the alpha Legion cultists in the back of the book.

Zoombies: the Driving Dead.

its a pure daethguard army.

04-11-2006, 14:59
That's an extremely subjective term though Pure Deathguard could still take Plague Zombie allies, the Campaign you're playing is Fluff driven so you can use a little bit of free thinking with regards to including troops not available, all you have to do is have a campaign rule which says something like- "DeathGuard units have made use of large numbers of Plague Zombies on the planet, the DeathGuard may include any number of Plague Zombie units (taken from Codex EoT), these units do not count towards the Obligatory troops choices for the army."
And Robert is your Mother's Brother, a fluff jusified addition to the Pure DG army. I doubt anyone you are facing in a Fluff Campaign (as they are likely to be what I call "regular opponants") would begrudge you this, if they do just go with the Nurglings Idea, stick 2-4 Warhammer Zombies on a 40mm base and have done with it.

Lord Humongous
04-11-2006, 15:20
You might also want to take a look at GW's "creature feature 1" rules for "the living dead" - they are a lot cooler than plauge zombies. I wouldn;t even fit them into the FOC- just make a rule that the Nurgle player can / must spend x% of his points on zombies, depending on the scenario.


Warwolt the skaven
04-11-2006, 18:36
@ Chem-Dog what I meant was that I cannot take any Cultist as they are from the Alpha Legion and I play Death Guard. Even so, I still can take Creature Feature as they are Allies.

04-11-2006, 21:57
Like others have said before, I'd got with either Nurglings or Plaguebearer rules to represent them, plus if you use the Nurgling rules, using the larger bases could open up some nice conversion oppurtunities too (rising from the gound, dragging themselves without any legs, zombie marines etc)

05-11-2006, 10:20
You can save yourself a few bob putting together zombies by doing the "raising up from the ground" idea. Some of my guys are just legs with the intestines bit on top, while others are just torsos emerging from the ground. I managed a few freebies by just having arms on bases, how cheap am I? I have drilled large holes in a lot of them to represent them being shot to pieces and some of their heads are on the bases, I imagine they are being kicked along by their former owners! Zombies are v cool, thanks humongous for the nurgling idea that will get used.

Warwolt the skaven
05-11-2006, 12:42
I love nurglings to much to totally remove them, but I will have them as "guides". AS they are mini-nurgles they attract the zombies, and kind of use them as shield-snack. Ethier the enemy hack down the zombies (dude, undead or the little ... THING under it?) while the nurglings eat the zombies and the marines/guards they fight ;P

Partisan Rimmo
05-11-2006, 12:52
If you want to be mega uptight, and tourney legal, use them as Nurglings.

I'm against using them as Plague Bearers. All they are are re animated corpses, as opposed to S4 T4 summoned terrors. Get a largish base, and stick maybe 2 or 3 plague zombies on it. Use it exactly as nurglings, except that instead of sticking little metal gremlins down, you've stuck plastic gimps down. I think it's reasonable for a zombie to be as deadly as a Nurgling. I mean, if you had a big stick, you could probably just push one over (assuming we're going with old skool 'shambler' zombies from Night of the Living Dead as opposed to these new fangled 'beserker' zombies from 28 Days Later)

Warwolt the skaven
05-11-2006, 13:48
Hm, still it could be explained as my army having simple
"Walking Dead" - Zombie mini-diorama representing nurglings on a swarm base
"Undead Deamon host" a Possesed zombie (not a undead possesed marine, a possesed zombie) that is controlled by the Plague Bearer and is granted "extreme" strength to the zombie. Modelled with some tentacles and stuff bursting from the inside to look like the deamons "gift"