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After the successful 'hall of heroes' thread I thought maybe one on our overall army fluff was in order. To keep things simple and not have pages and pages of fluff no-one wants to read we need to keep things simple:
Note this does not have to be an entire chapter/clan/craftworld. If you have a small warband please post them too!

Army Name: Yarlenesh Craftworld

Colour Scheme: Yellow and red, predominantly in a flame pattern

Geography: Galactic East, Borders of Tau Empire

Distinguishing Features: Lots of Tanks/Aspects/Harlequins/Seers. An all round force.

Mortal Enemies: The Chaos Legion known as 'Arbatel's Lost'

Figurehead/General/Leader: Fuath and Nereid, effective Seer equivalents of King and Queen

Overall Fluff:
Yarlenesh is a Sentinel craftworld that protects an area of space known as The Khalethwe. This is an area of Exodite Colonies that borders the Tau Empire and thus has had many run ins with their military.
Yarlenesh itself is primarily made up of Aspect Warriors, with 90% of its citizens maintaining the path of the warrior at any one time. Through a series of trade agreements and military contracts they secure natural resources from the Exodite Worlds as well as having rough dealings with the Tau and even the imperium.

More than just a glorified Policing force, Yarlenesh stands watch over the ancient world of Cuprium that stands in the centre of Khalethwe space. It is home to a warp weapon of great magnitude that was created by the old ones to destroy the Ctan but has since been all but forgotten about. Only the Eldar in their infinite wisdom tasked Yarlenesh in the days before the fall to watch over the world and prevent the weapon falling into the wrong hands. Hence the militaritic nature of Yarlenesh, is stands ready for war at any given time. The Khalethwe area was established as a 'safe zone' to keep out intruders and this worked for a fashion for many millenia until recently.
The Chaos Lord Arbatel and his Legion 'Arbatel's Lost' somehow made it through Khalethwe space and invaded the world, with Yarlenesh mobilising for war with characteristic efficiency. Their fight continues to this day.

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== Index Astartes : Sons of Sinfire ==

++ Origins ++

Founding : 25th, M40.
Founding Name : Chapter was founded as the Scions of Ultramar. Name changed after the Betrayal of Faith incident.
Homeworld : Berien (Destroyed)
Geneseed : Novamarines (line of Gulliman).
Founder : Captain Liathon, Novamarines 3rd Company.

++ Base of Operations ++

Region : Segmentum Ultima.
Home System : Beriem System, one planet (also named Beriem).
Recruitment Worlds : Not currently recruiting until penitence is complete.
Notes : Chapter home world is unhospitable, after being subject to an Exterminatus Bombardment. Chapter is now fleet based.

++ Command Structure ++

Chapter Master : Master Tethius.
Rank Structure : Codex Astartes standard.
Company Organisation : Roughly Codex Astartes standard. In recent decades heavy vehicles are being exchanged for faster choices, as dictated by the style of warfare they are being forced to employ.
Note : The third and fourth companies of the Chapter were all but annihilated in their recent compaign against an unknown Xeno race. The remaining marines from each company have been intergrated into other companies, because they cannot rebuild the companies while they are penitent.

++ Chapter Traits ++

The Chapter is forced to fight a style of warfare not intended by the Codex Astartes. Fast rolling battles are the order of the day, with their heavy, slow vehicles being left behind as the fighting moves in their persuit of Jerard (see Incident : Betrayal of Faith, in Background section). For this reason they have the following traits.

Fierce : No Mercy, No Respite
Take The Fight To Them

Disadvantage : Flesh Over Steel

++ Chapter Background ++

The Scions of Ultramar are a successor Chapter of the Ultramarines. Of course, they are not directly decended from the Ultramarines, but as with many other Chapters with great pride, they claim it still. Even though they stand in the shadow of the Ultramarines, they have a long and illustrious history of their own.

Naming the now sterile agricultural planet Berien as their homeworld they have launched many crusades against heretics and the dread forces of the Chaos Gods. They have fought in campaigns spanning the galaxy, from the Defence of Actar against the Orc Waaargh! of Warlord Nagathrul; to the extermination of the traitor Imperial Navy fleet "Emperors Blessing", where Brother Solstus of the Third Company single handedly brought down the fleet Command Vessel at the cost of his own life after all the other boarding craft were destroyed before they could land.

Incident : Betrayal of Faith

The most notable event in their history is the Betrayal of Faith, one of the bloodiest and most henious crimes since the Horus Heracy itself. The Scions of Ultramar were in a period of downtime after their most recent campaign agianst a mysterious Xeno race. The fighting had gone very badly for the Scions, with almost two entire companies wiped out, and the Xeno force escaped. The Inquisitor Jerard IV approached the chapter with an opportunity to redeam their honour. He showed them evidence of a planet wide Cult to Khorne on the Hive World of Sinfire, a world on the edge of the Chapters zone of protection. Sencing a chance redeam their honour and pride the Battle Barge "Pride of Ultramar" was dispatched with eliments of the second and seventh companies to irradicate this threat.

It was deemed that the planet was too unstable to use an Exterminatus bombardment, as the high Plutonium content of the planets core would react violently with the shells and causing a nuclear reaction on a massive scale, destroying the planet and any fleet in orbit. This left little choice except an assault on the planet. After the initial campaign against the planetary defence force, it was a simple matter to overload the reactors of each of the Hive Cities in turn. After 9 days of fighting the Pride of Ultramar had destroyed all human life on the planet, suffering only 7% casualties themselves.

The entire campaign was thought to be a complete success. Whilst the fleet was in transport back to Berien a communication was recieved from Exhalted Sister Miriam of the Order of the Crimson Tide, Adeptus Sororitas. The "complete success" of the campaign on Sinfire, was in fact an attempt to allow a Daemon Prince of the Blood God, Khorne, to pass into the Mortal Plane in an orgy of blood, orcastrated by none other than the Inquisitor Jerard IV. Fortunately for mankind, the Daemon Prince was not able to cross the barrier between the material universe and the Immaterium.

After being shown an Inquisitorial Warrant for Jerards execution the Sister gave the Crusade commander the ultimatum - help them track down Jerard, or be destroyed. Whilst painfully obvious the Order would break themselves trying to assault the Chapter Fortress, their great pride, bottomless shame, immense sin left only one option. Brother Colonel Aradon transmitted the truth of their betrayal of the people of Sinfire, and Jerards manipulation of the Chapter to his Chapter Master on Berien. Unable to stand his dishonour, he then commited ritual suicide by extracting both of his Progenoids glands, using only a scalpal.

Upon recieving the proof of their folly the Chapter Master ordered the entire Fortress Monastary abandoned, the entire chapter, all its followers and civilians from the only settlement were to move to the fleet. In an attempt to begin to atone for the destruction of Sinfire the Master ordered the Exterminatus shells to be targeted on Berien. The ancestral home of the Scions of Ultramar was destroyed forever.

Upon joining with the rest of the fleet the chapter undertook a long period of meditation and reflection. Several weeks later the fleet was on the move again. Only now, instead of the Scions of Ultramar, the fleet now flew a banner depicting a bloody hand, reprisenting the blood of innocents on their hands, and the Chapter took the name of the Sons of Sinfire.

In respect for the Adeptus Sororitas, who had risked destruction at the hands of a potentially rogue Space Marine chapter, the Chapter Master granted them the use of one of the Chapters Battle Barges for use in tracking down the Inquisitor. The Order of the Crimson Tide and the Sons of Sinfire track the Inquisitor to this day. Many times they have had him within their grasp, only to have him vanish again in some unknown way. Some suspect he has aquired some ancient Xeno personal teleportation technology, while others protest that it could only be a Chaos God could provide that sort of power. Whatever the reason for Jerards disappearance, they will not help him forever. Eventually he will rue the day he crossed the Sons of Sinfire.

It is unknown when the Chapter will think itself atoned for its sin, but whilst tracking Jerard the Sons of Sinfire have many times fallen upon the enemies of mankind with a dreadful fury, seaking redemtion in death.

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Ill post my opponents fluff too:

Army Name: Arbatel's Lost, Chaos Warband

Colour Scheme: Hard to say. Various bits and bobs.

Geography: The World of Cuprium, within The Khalethwe Realm, north of the Tau empire.

Distinguishing features: Highly Elite formations that lack in number but make up for it in skill.

Mortal Enemies: Yarlenesh Craftworld

Lord: Janos Arbatel, The 21st Son.

Overall Fluff:
Arbatel's Lost were originally a great company in the Luna Wolves chapter, fully 10,000 men serving the emperor long before the warmaster had been discovered by the emperor. Janos Arbatel was their captain and they fought bravely throughout the entire unification wars. It was on a mission to cleanse a pirate fleet from within the galactic core that Arbatel's fleet discovered what seemed like some sort of large, sealed gateway flowing in the depths of space.
Knowing the emperors' protocol for such things he ordered his fleet fire upon it but when they did it was unharmed. In response the gate opened and the fleet and its entire record vanished from imperial space.
What happened to Arbatel and his men within the gate it cannot be said but when they emerged they were far from home. Upon emerging from wherever it was he went Arbatel proceeded to invade the World of Cuprium.

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Army Name: The Cabal Of The Sundered Heart

Colour Scheme: Black and Red

Geography: Operated out of the Pirate Station "Anathaema", last seen in the Segmentum Pacificus (Atherakhia's current location is unknown)

Distinguishing Features: Limited Hardware, lots of troops

Mortal Enemies: The Order Of The Ebon Chalice

Figurehead/General/Leader: Archon Atherakhia

Overall Fluff:
The Cabal started life as a raiding force for a band of renegade Eldar under the command of the rogue Farseer Udjat. Upon raiding an Imperial world close to Ophelia IV, the Cabal ran into a small contingent of Sisters Of Battle, from the Order of The Ebon Chalice. The Cabal sustained heavy losses, but captured the Canoness that was accompanying the contingent, and vanished into a webway portal activated by the wounded Archon.

Displeased with the loss of their Canoness, the Order led an attack on the nearby Eldar Fleet, and finally a battle was waged on Anathaema between the renegade Eldar and The Order. This time, however, a small party from the Cabal joined the fray, and the Order were confronted with the fate of their Canoness - she had been incarcerated on a Talos. Many of the Order were unwilling to attack the monsterous amalgam, believing they could somehow save their Canoness from her prison of death, and many died in vain. The Order pulled out

Suspicious at the absence of Atherakhia (he had sent in a previously unseen Dracon, Draa'akth), Udjat took a small contingent of Eldar into the webway to confront Atherakhia and his Cabal. Returning to the original agreement, Atherakhia and his Cabal returned to Anathaema and continued heading raids on small imperial worlds.

However, after raiding a particular world, Atherakhia returned to Anaethema to find it deserted and looted, as Udjat had deserted Atherakhia in the onset of an oncoming assault by the Order of The Ebon Chalice. Atherakhia sustained heavy losses to his cabal, (including Draa'akth) wiping out all but himself and a handful of his retinue as he fled into the webway portal. Anathaema is now a drifting, semi-destroyed hulk, and it is said that you can still hear the final battle of the Ebon Chalice and the Sundered Heart echoing from it's damaged Wraithbone frame.

Atherakhia has not been seen since. Farsser Udjat, however, has been sighted performing many raids on the other side of the galaxy.

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Army Name: 232nd Elysian Drop Troop Regiment - the "Underdogs"

Colour Scheme: Codex Grey Body Armour, Bleached Bone Fatigues, Codex Grey Aircraft

Current Deployment: Aurelius Sector Crusade, Segmentum Tempestus

Distinguishing Features: Rely solely on aircraft for Anti-Armor support, Troops and Sentinals for Anti-Infantry

Mortal Enemies: Word Bearers Legion

Figurehead/General/Leader: Colonel Joseph Moore

Overall Fluff: First raised in 755 M41, the regiment is one of the few to have remained continuousely active since its founding. Current command lies with Colonel Joseph Moore, a vetern of 28 standard terra years in the regiment and has risen through the ranks since his recruitment at the age of 19. The regiment is currently seconded to Inquisitor Vladimer Pugh on assignment in the Aurelius sector and has been able to secure a number of victories that more conventional land forces where unable to do.

They currently have strong ties to the Cadien 305th, a fully mechanised regiment, and are also supported by a small Black Templars Crusade force led by Chaplain Romanus Jorg. Ther is also strong emnity betwen Vostroyan 67th regiment, who see both the Cadians and Elysians using up much needed resources when waves of the faithful are enough to destroy any foe.

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Army Name: 'B' Company, XV Karaboudjani Kataphraktoi

Colour Scheme: Gloss black carapace body armour, black fatigues, polished metal weaponry, brown leather webbing with gold and brass detailing.

Current Deployment: Eastern Fringe, unknown whereabouts. Thought to be in hiding with pirates and other renegades.

Distinguishing Features: Highly trained, highly experienced renegade unit under the command of a heretic Inquisitor. Casualty levels have necessitated a reduction in training and an increase in conscripts in order to retain full strength after mass desertion. Psykers are common, tanks rare.

Mortal Enemies: Tau and loyalists.

Figurehead/General/Leader: CiC, Commander Karl Rader; Spiritual Leader and Priestess of the Gods, Inquisitrix Darque.

Overall Background: Runs to many pages. Look for an improved version of it in Firebase soonish...

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Army Name: (pure field enginner corps are held aside from the infantry and armour regimental organisation) Blue company, 3926th Dormanian Field Engineer Corps.

[i]Colour scheme[/b]: (all armour and clothes matt dark grey due to night-fighting specialisation of Dormanian Blue companies. all metal parts sooted to prevent gleam. troopers instinctively covers lenses with one hand to avoid chance of revealing gleam) 'Bowl' helmet with hit-rim, chinstrap armour piece and side-plates with microbead link units and up-turnable red armourglass goggles, chest and back flak armour with a stylised man's breast and down-hanging waist-plate, lower chin plates fastened to dark brown twine-tanned heavy field boots, black belts, pouches, backpacks, canvas, tools etc.

Distinguishing Features: (note that the thorough people of the mining world Dormane makes for excellent field engineers) Capable sappers, skilled infiltrators, night-fighters, flexible command structure, highly effective independant individual troop initiative training, trench warfare specialists, artillery arcs report units, rapid bridge layers and road constructers, disciplined, sharpshooters.

Overall Background: Yet to come.