View Full Version : Mixed Chaos - Core/Special/Rare?

Count de Monet
03-11-2006, 15:27
Is there a reference available as to what counts as what for mixed Chaos armies? For example, if I have a mortal general and want to include a beast herd and some centigors, do they count as core/special/rare?


Wings of Doom
03-11-2006, 15:40
In a mortal army, eg, one led by a mortal general, beatmen and daemons are special. In a beasts army, eg, one led by a beast general, mortal and daemonic units are special. In a daemonic army, eg, one led by a daemonic general, mortal and beast units are special. With units such as Trolls, Chaos Ogres and Minotaurs, these stay special no matter the general. I'm not sure on centigors- if they are in the core section in the Beasts book, then I would assume they are core in a beasts army and special ina a mortal or daemonic. Rare choices aren't affected by this system.

03-11-2006, 15:43
Centigors are Special regardless of the General, same as Trolls and whatnot.

Count de Monet
03-11-2006, 15:53
Excellent, thanks!