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03-11-2006, 22:24
Here is my 2000pt Lizardmen Army what do you think?
Note: This is vs a chaos mortal army.

Saurus Oldblood @ 314 Pts
General; Great Weapon; Light Armour;
Quetzl; Tepok; Mark of the Old Ones
Sword of Striking [30]
Enchanted Shield [10]
Aura of Quetzl [30]
Charm of the Jaguar Warrior [20]

Skink Priest @ 150 Pts
Magic Level 2; Lore of Heaven
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]

Skink Priest @ 150 Pts
Magic Level 2; Lore of Heaven
Diadem of Power [35]
Talisman of Protection [15]

10 Skink Skirmishers @ 60 Pts

10 Skink Skirmishers @ 60 Pts

2 Jungle Swarm @ 120 Pts

3 Kroxigors @ 174 Pts
Great Weapon

6 Chameleon Skinks @ 96 Pts
Blowpipe; Stalker

20 Saurus Warriors @ 340 Pts
Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician; Quetzl

20 Saurus Warriors @ 300 Pts
Shield; Standard; Musician; Quetzl

1 Stegadon @ 235 Pts
Giant Bow

Total Army Cost: 1999


03-11-2006, 23:43
IMO you should give the scimitar of the sun resplendent, maiming shield, jaguar warior charm, spawn of sotek,quetzl to your oldblood....when he charges he will get 9 attacks!!!! Also try to get a 2nd saurus character with the gleaming pendant of chotec...You can't imagine the look on your opponent's face when he finds out that his charging troops will have to fight after all your guys hit them first!
Try to include 4 kroxigors...3 die too fast
also consider increasing your skinks unit size to 15 and dropping your saurii to 16 strong....
drop 1 skink priest and use only the one with the diadem of power so that you can play defensively. If you want to play magic heavy go for a slann.
Also try to include a full unit of salamanders. They are extremely good at killing most things from afar and at the same time support your close combat units...
Anyway I hope this helps!

04-11-2006, 02:27
I disagree with Meraklis on a couple key points here. Keep the saurus 20strong, its a good block size with formidable power and good frontage. Keep the skinks at 10 strong, cheaper and more mobile is much better and makes them more efficient. However I do agree that if you have the points add an extra krox, although 3 is a good number you can squeeze a 4th in now that almost everyone has a 5wide frontage. Also, get rid of the chameleon skinks, totally worthless for their price. Replace them with either more krox, skinks, or saurus. Also get rid of the swarms, they can be useful but IMO their usefulness has been cut drastically since 7th edition. With those two units gone you have alot of points freed up, get some salamanders! They are astounding and always get their points back and more when I field them.

Good character configurations, diadem rocks! However I think your oldblood may have a slight illegal weapon issue. IIRC a character cant have a magical and mundane weapon, you have sword of striking and great weapon. Correct me if Im wrong here, Im bad with rules:p

04-11-2006, 04:13
I am generally in agreement with Dtrik - I like to run 4 krox as well, I have never seen the point of chameleon skinks, way too many points for their stats, I am not sure about the swarms for their points in 7th and so far I have steered clear. I would also drop the Mark of the Old Ones - too many points for a single re-roll. Not sure about the Saurus blocks. That is a lot of points wrapped up in WS 3 troops with lousy Inititive and (even with the mark) only a 4+ save. I personally prefer to run a lot of skinks - at least 60 at 2000 points, at least one unit as scouts and in units of about 12. I can also vouch for the effectiveness of the salamanders - I never leave home without them.

As for the characters I like the two priest combo. Heavens magic is not as good as it was, but is still good. For the general I'm not sure about the magic item combo. As I mentioned I would drop the Mark of the Old Ones. I would also be cautious about the Charm of the Jaguar Warrior. It is a very effective magic item but you have to consider how it will work with you battle plan. You have a basicly defensive list with the big, slow, spear armed saurus blocks. The Old Blood is a killing machine but it would still be a mistake to charge him out in front of the army without support. even with all the magical protection you will be suprised how fast he can die or more likely break from combat with no static CR to back him up. I would drop that tactic and stick him in one of the suarus blocks to make is rock solid. and I am prety sure Dtrik is right, you can't combine normal and magic weapons.