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03-11-2006, 22:41
I just started playing orcs & goblins in the 7th edition ( got alot of gaming experiance with other armys though).
I don't really got an idea what to take ( that just started comming in the 6th edition and than they gotted the enw book) so I'm looking around this forum and I found alot of helpfull 2000 pts armys.
but at my local gaming store we have even more 1000 pts tournaments than 2000.
and I haven't found a single list for 1000 pts of the new greenskinks.
so I was wondering, what would you all take in a 1000 pts greenskin force?
which units will be of beter use in 1000 pts than in 2000 pts, etc.
so all commants are welcom :)

03-11-2006, 23:06
Havn't had a chance to look at the new rules so i can't be extremely specific with every option you should take.
First you'd probably want to decide whether you are playing mainly:

Night Goblins
A mix

Base this decision on how you want your army to play, which models you like, and any theme you wish to create.

From here you can start to decide how you will build your force (in Blocks of about 500).
Like most armies you'll find that the Core troops are the most important, once you learn how to make a good unit and use it, the rest should come naturally.

04-11-2006, 09:55
that's not really what I meant.
I meant mroe stuff like.
use a shaman? so yes how much? of just scroll caddy etc etc

04-11-2006, 17:59
that's not really what I meant.
I meant mroe stuff like.
use a shaman? so yes how much? of just scroll caddy etc etc

Shamans are expensive, I rather not take them but take the mork's spirit totem instead. You could always go with the cheap-ass night goblin shaman with scrolls though, but 5 dispel dice will be alright.

Black orc big bosses are a little more expensive then regular orcs but can keep a unit from standing still a whole round. The can also wear heavy armour, and I like to put them on a boar no matter what.

Orc blocks are probably what you want in 1000pt. Best used imo is 24 orcs, so you could field about two of those and maybe even make one big'un.

You want some flankers so I suggest you take two units of 5 fast cavalry with only a musician. You can either take wolf boyz for their speed, or spider riders for their terrain-feature.

Fill up any gaps with units like savage orc boar boyz (bit expensive for 1000pt. though), trolls or even night goblins for the fanatics.

You could also choose to take a rock lobber/doom diver and spear chucka's.

07-11-2006, 00:29
well for 1k armies heres my themes.
all Savage orc horde. (6+ wardsaves on everything is awsome)
Night gobo horde (beware the terror)
all wolf rider and charriot horde. (beware anything s4 or more :/)