View Full Version : 2000p Dwarven assault force!

04-11-2006, 00:12
1 Runelord @ 293 Pts
General; Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield
1 Runic Armor
Master Rune of Gromril; Rune of Resistance
1 Runic Talisman
Master Rune of Balance; Rune of Spellbreaking (x2)

1 Thane @ 137 Pts
Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield
Rune of Cleaving (x1); Rune of Fury (x2)

1 Thane @ 112 Pts
Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield
Rune of Cleaving (x1); Rune of Fury (x1)

1 Thane (Battle Standard Bearer) @ 145 Pts
Strollaz's Rune

20 Dwarf Warriors @ 205 Pts

20 Dwarf Warriors @ 205 Pts

20 Longbeards @ 265 Pts

17 Slayers @ 208 Pts

1 Gyrocopter @ 140 Pts

1 Gyrocopter @ 140 Pts

Miners (10#, 150 Pts)
Blasting Charges
1 Prospector @ [21] Pts

I intend to use them as an all attack force. This will scare most opponents since dwarfs that get a free move (strollaz rune) and the 1st turn are able to cover half of the distance between the enemy in 1 turn! plus the gyros and the miners will cause lots of problems to most shooty armies. The runelord also gives me a total of 7 dispel dice! My only concern are bretonnian armies...however brets are everyones worst fear right?

what do you guys think?

04-11-2006, 00:34
You may want to drop one thane and less runes on lord and pick up the anvil of doom, then you get 3 marches on turn 1; 18 inches of trudgin. AND miners would have the option of charging the turn they come in! plus once you get into CC you can pop at those loose ends with the anvil

The Thnikkaman
05-11-2006, 01:47
i'd drop the charges on the miners... It's overpriced for what it is, and you shouldn't be coming on to a position where a unit that small is charged the next turn.

Also i assume your dwarf blocks are all armed with hand weapons and shields?

I think at least one should be equipped with great weapons as well. Relying just on the thanes to bring some kills won't work, as normal dwarves with hand weapons dont kill a whole lot.

Do you have giantslayers in the slayer unit? a few in a unit are excellent for extended tarpitting.

08-11-2006, 17:22
thx for the feedback...the anvil seems like a very good idea. I never used one though!
All warriors have hand weapons heavy armour shields. I don't like Great Weapons since you only save on a 5+. Obviously they are really good at killing things but saving on a 3+ is too good to ignore!

What armies will be able to hack this army easily?