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04-11-2006, 05:38
I'd thought I would try a Wood Elf list. Attempted to get a good mix of hard CC units with a maunverable shooty element. Really just guessing though so tell me what you think.

Heores: 491
Treeman Ancient (350)
Befuddlement of Mischief

High Elf Noble (141)
Great Weapon, Light Armor
Amber Pendant

Core: 792
10 Glade Guard (120)

10 Glade Guard (120)

10 Glade Guard (120)

8 Dyrads (96)

8 Dyrads (96)

5 Glade Riders (120)

Special: 541
3 Treekin (195)

3 Treekin (195)

8 Wardancer (151)

Rare: 285

Total: 1989

04-11-2006, 23:50
with no counter-magic to speak of i think you'll fun into serious trouble with the list.

05-11-2006, 08:40

The secret of a good warhammer armylist lies in the fact that you should maximise your strengts and minimise your weaknesses.
In the list you send, you have actually made an almost perfect combination of weaknesses!!!

The treeman ancient is cool, but taking him as your lord choice, puts you in the direction of a combat heavy army. If you do this, you better take an all- forestspirit-army. Eventually you can put some wardancers in in to.
But if you do this, you also need some good anti-magic (remember that the 5+ forestspirit wardsave does not count against magic!!!)

I only ever take a treeman ancient in a 3000 pts list. Than I take a spelweaver as my second lord-choise (give him glamourweave kindred and put him on a unicorn then you have a wizard that can survive a combat and has a magic resistance 2!)

For your noble: you must choose again. In a shooting-army, just give him the hail of doom arrow, let him fire it, and for the rest of the combat, put him away in a forest...
When you want him to be a good fighter: give him wildrider kindred, oaken armour and put him on a great stag. This gives him magic resistance 1, a 5+ ward against non-magic attacks, a 6+ ward and a whopping move of 9" I usually place him in a unit of 3 treekin (then they benefit to from the magic resistance)

When shoosing your characters, just remember that you need some good anti-magic!!!

For your core units:
When choosing a shooting army, take as many scout units (unitstrength 5) as you have glade guards... you will need them to slow down the enemy. If you use your scouts properly, you can normally slow down your enemy for 3 to 4 turns (1 time I managed to keep the enemy away from my archers for an entire combat, but I had 3 woods on the battlefield then...)

In a combat-army, chooseonly dryads!!! I usually take units of 8 dryads... you can take more dryads in a unit, but this is useless, because you never can get them all in combat...


For a shooting army: use warhawk riders to slow down the enemy and disable enemy shooting (warmachines,...)
Use a unit of wardancers to protect your glade guard when needed...

For a combat-army: take one or two units of treekin and also take wardancers. 1 unit of warhawkriders for enemy warmachines is a must...

I think you can guess what I am going to say... treeman in a combat-army and waywatchers in a shooting-army...

I hope this helps you....

god octo
05-11-2006, 09:34
i sorta have to agree, im afraid- you have picked some of the best units, but you have no supporting units. For WE, your army is very slow, with only 1 unit moving over 6in. Also, magic is probably the WE biggest weakness, and you have no defense.

05-11-2006, 20:24
Well thanks for the comments. Still a 40k player at heart, always forget to have magic counters. Will post a revised list later.

05-11-2006, 21:40
I like that army a lot

14-11-2006, 20:16
A great Ancient setup is: Annoyance, Cluster, Pagaent and Murder of spites

On the flank he will break anything, and the front just keep challenging ;)

"High Elf Noble (141)
Great Weapon, Light Armor
Amber Pendant"

Erm, "High" ?!?!?!?!?!?! Drop the amber pendant and give him helm of the hunt and hail of doom and a plain sheild.

Take musicains where you can. Take the Wardancer champ.

You have two treeman? And no mages???