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04-11-2006, 09:08
Hi. I just bought a mcfarlane dragon and im converting it a chaos dragon so i made this list to use it with:

Lord of Khorne on a chaos dragon, berserker sword,enchanted shield,amulet of chaos 705p.

exhalted champion of khorne,halberd,steed,shield 157p.

5 warhounds 30p.
5 warhounds 30p.
5 knights of khorne, standard 230p.
5 chosen knights of khorne, standard 290p.
5 marauder horsemen, mus 70p.

5 centigors, mus,la,spears, 92p.
6 furies 90p.
20 beast herd, full command 151p.
chariot of khorne 150p.

0 scrolls

any opinions?

04-11-2006, 17:32
I have come up with quite a few khorne dragon list before and try to make it as balanced as possible. However i only use them for fun games with a specific theme. In serious games, khorne dragon list is very difficult to use.

1stly khorne knights are powerful enough u can drop the chosen status.

i assume your exalted is going to lead one of the units of knights? u can drop its number to 4 knights then.

have never used Centigors before and i dont really see a need for them unless u are 100% sure there would be a forest.

20 beastherd is a tad too small. 5 wide would only have 4 ranks and 1 wound would take away the +3 CR. Vulnerable to shooting as well.

From your equipment, you are hoping that your lord kills a lot of targets right? Well unless you are facing a real horde army (200 models and above) and whereever u fly u sure would be surrounded by big units, u might want to change the equips to gaze of the gods and enchanted shield. u do need the ward save since a 2+ armour save isnt really that good and for a investment of 700 pts u might want to give it abit more protection.

The problem with your list is that you have too little screens for your khorne units. you have 2 khorne knights and 1 khorne general. and u have 2 warhounds and 1 horseman. If all 3 are used as screens u have no units supporting your flanks.

Thats one of the biggest problem of putting a dragon in a 2000 pt list.
It takes away too many points which should be spent on screeners which are ever so important in a khorne army.

With little screens, it would be easy to bait your khorne units.

And theres the dragon. As a large target, either u hide it behind a terrain or u make sure its charge range covers as many units as possible.

Heres where the classic khorne rule comes into play. Frenzied units must charge enemies in the charge range, but it is not complusory for you to charge the nearest target. The dragon must exploit this make sure that any bait that comes your way lets u have a chance to charge other enemy units. since the dragon can fly this rule is very important.

But still honestly speaking, dragon aint for 2000 pt battles. Its way too costly and against shooty armies u have a gd chance seeing 700 pts disapear before it earns back any points.