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dave is the best
04-11-2006, 19:30
OK, with the release of the new eldar, i was wondering what you have brought.

04-11-2006, 19:44
I went in earlyish this morning, since the chaps in my local shop said they were expecting a rush. Turning up maybe a quarter of an hour after it opened, I was unsurprised to see only the one non-staffer there...

All I bought was the Codex and a box of Dire Avengers, which I'm currently cleaning up (which is taking forever; I'd forgotten how much of a pain Eldar models were, with all their little blobs and curves). I've already got the new Rangers (also still having their flash removed; I seem to have got a really bad batch), and if I buy too many models in one go I never paint them, so I'm pushing it already really.

If and when I get a squad done, I'll buy another one, probably some of the new Striking Scorpions, which I'm really looking forward to painting. My trouble is that I'm so fastidious with my cleaning regimen (files, scalpel, two grades of abrasive cloth) that it takes me ages to get to the painting stage, by which time I'm fed up with the whole process. Oh well, better get back to it.

04-11-2006, 19:46
even considering that i've been recently given armies worth of eldar away i still have about 30,000ish points i dont really need anything except an autarch or 5 and the new codex.(thought i'll be buying new harlequins just for the sexah factor)

Though over the next year i'll probably phase out my dire avengers and wraithlords and fire dragons for the new stuff. Other than that i have the versions of the models i want

Inq. Veltane
04-11-2006, 20:46
Talking of bad flash...

The new Dark Reapers are awful. I got some a few days ago and can't face cleaning them up so I'm working on the Serpent for my Avengers instead. I'm also disappointed that the Reaper Launchers are molded onto the Reaper's bases so that I have to order a whole other Reaper to give my exarch a Reaper Launcher.

My 'new' eldar purchases though are: Farseer, Avengers, Serpent, Reapers, Falcon, Rangers.

04-11-2006, 21:00
Farseer + Warlocks, Army box, 2 boxes of rangers, another box of guardians and some swooping hawks....and a partridge in a pear tree!

04-11-2006, 21:37
the codex.
i'll build an army in about 6 months when the fuss has died down and everything is available.

and it's going to be a sam hain list :D

04-11-2006, 22:00
Codex (obviousy) box of DA+swooping hawks. I would like: falcon+fire prism turret (to interchange), a wavserpant or 2, 10 new fire dragons (i stupidly sold my old ones to get the 'new type' so will have to take a futher 20 hours painting these ones, STUPID ME!!) shining spears (mmmmm, but boxes of 3, wtf!) 3 warwalkers, an autarch another squad of dire avengers and some flour to bake them in the oven with.

04-11-2006, 22:10
the codex, im gonna get a ton of stuff later but as its approaching christmas my bank balance is already comatose.

04-11-2006, 22:14
codex, 6th ranger, dire avengers and army deal. soo i will be getting all aspect warrior boxes 3 times over, which will cost lots, but i got lots for the cost.

04-11-2006, 23:33
War Walker 3 pack deal. Heck, the Codex isn't even available till next week locally.

However, I really dig the new Warwalker models. Very well designed (except for the fidgety wing bit besides the weapon).

04-11-2006, 23:41
Yea, I have to wait until the 16th for the codex. I'm already preparing to get new fire prsim turrets for my falcons and I'm eagerly awaiting the wraithlord and dire avengers.

04-11-2006, 23:49
The Codex! Should have brought some troops :( , as i got home and worked out i have 3 small troops of guardians and about 12 units of aspect warriors (but no DAs):cries: oh and 5 farseers :cries:

05-11-2006, 10:35
slightly peed off as I advanced ordered the codex, 2 boxes of avengers, 2 kneeling rangers and yriel and it hasn't arrived yet- could have walked into the shop yesterday and bought them. Have another[seperate] order for a wraithlord, bonesinger, a warp spider and 4 more harlies on the way as well- end of the month. very tempted to get the war walker bundle, want to get another fire prism, a couple of wave serpents and more aspect warriors- definately the fire dragons, but that will have to wait for sufficient funds- I have plenty in my existing army to keep me entertained.

Slaaneshi Slave
05-11-2006, 10:41
A bunch of stuff for my Chaos army, and a new Lizardmen army.

Or did you mean just Eldar stuff? :o

05-11-2006, 14:51
Just the army book so far. Not too sure if i'm going to follow through playing them tho.

Getifa Ubazza
05-11-2006, 15:09
At the moment i have bought 2 Dire avenger boxed sets and an Avatar, still dont have the new codex yet but will wait till i have it before i get anything else for the army.