View Full Version : Anyone want to reroll on a Wow server and start playing together?

Karloth Valois
03-07-2005, 16:16
Hey, I'm just about to start a character on a European PvP Wow server and was wondering if anyone on Portent (Warseer) would like to start a group and all reroll a new character at the same time and start playing / lvling together and possibly get a guild going.

It would be cool, one of the suckiest things about starting a new character is not having anyone to play with for a while till you get to higher lvl and can join a guild etc.

If we all started at the same time it would make things a lot more fun. I don't mind what server we play on, just a European one (can't play on US servers) preferrably an English one (lots of the people on Enlgish ones are non-english speakers).

Anyone up for this?

03-07-2005, 17:06
allthough I don`t have WoW, I like the idea;

"warseer guild" :p (would that be Horde,.. or Alliance :p ???)

03-07-2005, 18:52
I wouldnt mind doing this at all preferably horde on pve but I dont really mind

03-07-2005, 21:45
I would, but alas, Australia uses US servers.

Rik Valdis
07-07-2005, 23:19
Im up for this, horde preferably.

Karloth Valois
08-07-2005, 14:46
Ok well how about Horde on Frostwhipser? Pvp servers are actually a lot more interesting. My first character was on a PvE but playing on pvp is just a bit more fun. I got a character up to lvl 20 on a pvp server for a laugh a while ago and I didn't get pk'ed a single time.

I've got a real low lvl Undead mage I just started on Frostwhisper called Mohrg so whisp me in game and we can do some stuff together.

The more the merrier!

Colonel Cleric
13-07-2005, 13:13
what game are you guys on about?

Karloth Valois
13-07-2005, 13:32
Wow = World of Warcraft (www.worldofwarcraft.com)

Colonel Cleric
15-07-2005, 13:25
ok thanks ill check it out..