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Maxis Lithium
04-11-2006, 23:45
So GW Canada just heald an auction today to get rid of old stock/damaged product and other such stuff. I have to admit, I enjoyed is muchly.

My haul was as follows:

1 Eldar battle force (1 Falcon, 1 viper, 3 jetbikes, 20 guardians)
1 Falcon Grav-tank w/ 8 guardians. (Anyone know why they ever pacaged these togeather? it was a real package!)
2 Seer councles
2 Wraithloards
7 Striking Scorpions
1 Striking Scorpion Exarch
1 box of Ork Nobz
1 box of Dire Avengers

Total cost: Cn$230.

Now THAT's some good eat'en!

Any one else pick up any goodies at this nation-wide event?

My plans include useing an old package of Shining Spears metal bits to turn the jetbikes into a shining spear squad, combine it with my existing Dark Reaper squad, bitz order a Wave serpent sprew and resin cast the heads in the Dire Avernger kit to make Avengers out of Guardians.

BOOM! An army to be proud of. :D

04-11-2006, 23:57
Congrats on the good haul.

1 Falcon Grav-tank w/ 8 guardians. (Anyone know why they ever pacaged these togeather? it was a real package!)

It was part of a limited run spash release back in Summer/Fall 2004 when each 40K army got a squad mounted in a transport for (usually) more than the cost of them separately:eek:.

05-11-2006, 00:37
Yea, I've seen that, they still sell them in the GW where I go to play, and of course nobody buys them...

Yea, I missed the auction today, i'm kinda sad about that.

05-11-2006, 01:51
Last time i was at a GW aust auction i got a bunch of 5th ed vampire counts character blisters for ~$2 each.

I was VERY happy.

Iron Buddha
05-11-2006, 03:57
does anyone know if they do stuff like that down here in the states? i live near the glen burnie battle bunker.

Father of Iron
05-11-2006, 04:07
YAY first time posting long time lurker, I went to the auction today although not all 40k related I got a BUNCH or savage orc(14 boar boys and a shammy), orc(2 chariots and gobbo stuff(2 boxes of wolf riders and 2 shammies, the Xenos Hunt poster, necromunda rulebook,epic armageddon rulebook, the mil. point waaaaaagh poster and some random bits for under $110!
sorta pissed though because I couldn't get any eldar stuff and they had no old dire avenger boxes :( I'm sorta wondering if this auction is only in canada since i've never seen it advertised on the uk or us websites(maybe i'm blind though)

05-11-2006, 04:40
does anyone know if they do stuff like that down here in the states? i live near the glen burnie battle bunker.
They used to. The last one was ~2yrs ago and for some unknown reason I haven't seen one since.

Ivan Stupidor
05-11-2006, 04:49
Divided as they were purchased:

Creed & Kell
Iron Hand Straken
Sly Marbo

Marneus Calgar (Power Armour)
Captain Cortez
Space Marine Assault Squad Sergeant

Steel Legion Squad
Armageddon-Pattern Sentinel

Wood Elf Dragon

Box of Fun (not actual name) comprising:
Orc Warboar
High Elf Spearman torso/head/weapon sprue
Dark Elf Leg sprue
2 High Elf Shield sprues
2 Wood Elf Steeds
2 Empire State Troop weapons/torso sprues
6 Dark Eldar Warriors (on-sprue)
Dark Eldar Raider with no platform sprue
Extra Dark Eldar Raider body sprue
Everything in the Witch Hunter Inquisitor Lord box except the Inquisitor himself
Terminator Chaplain
Cadian Sprue
Catachan Sprue
Half a Jungle Tree Sprue (or, as it was referred to at the auction, the "Jungle Stump" sprue)
A nearly-empty sprue that seems to have once been home to Goblin Spider Riders, but now contains only 1 head, 1 shield arm, 1 shrunken head accessory, 3 spear arms, and 2 spider legs
Female Necromunda Bounty Hunter (slight miscast)

After taxes, $88.92. I didn't need the Box of Fun, but I try to get the weirdest thing they offer at the auction - I once walked away the proud owner of 9 Ultramarine Chief Librarians...

Maxis Lithium
05-11-2006, 06:07
Some of my past aquisitions I am proud of include 25 Chaos Space Marien Command Sperus (also known as all the Powerfists and Plasma guns I'll ever need.) 50+ sprews of Empire Shields. 50+ High Elf shield spreus and 5 conal-Commisar Gaunts, w/ only 1 sword.

05-11-2006, 17:22
Actually, over here in Blighty, the Falcon with 8 Guardians costs exactly the same as a Falcon on its own. Weird eh?

05-11-2006, 17:29
I went to the auction here. They had 4 of those Falcon+guardian boxes as well as 4 standard Falcon for auction! They also had about every Eldar blister they had. For my part.... I walked out with:

1 Chaos Ogre Command for 5$

1 Empire Detachment box for 2$

4 Mordheim blisters for 15$ total

3 bags of sprue: Empire command sprue for 50 cents, Goblin sprues for 50 cents and 16 Orcs for 2$.

Unfortunately, Chaplain in terminator armor went for more then its worth new and a Chimera (missing the wheel sprue) went for 25$. The scenery was also too expensive for my taste...

Funniest moment goes to the guy who agressively bid on a Orc battalion. After he wins the auction and gets handed the box... he realised they're FANTASY and not 40K orcs! He also paid 50$ for it.. he looked at the sprues and realised he could convert most of the stuff for his 40K army!

05-11-2006, 18:16
<cries>:cries: Missed another one, darn it.

05-11-2006, 18:50
I got a pretty good haul out of it, too.

The Big Bag Of Bitz (A solid bundle of bitz, a few pounds at least) for $30, which Ifound contained:
2 Black Templar Sword Brethern
2 Commander Cortez
2 Space Wolf Iron Priests
2 Space Marines with Assault Weapons
4 Chaplains
3 Iron Fathers
2 Dark Angels Standard Bearers
2 'Sly' Marbo-unassembled, unpainted
1 Col. 'Iron Hand' Straken
10 Death Guard Plague Marine Bodies
1 Death Guard Plage Marine Body W/Plasma Pistol
All the metal bitz from a TSons box
1 Chaos Terminator
5 Metal Eldar Support Weapon Platforms
2 Swooping Hawk Exarchs
1 Warhawk Rider
1 Mounted Orc Shaman
1 Warlord Grotfang

Plus a few other bitz. I also picked up an Imperial Entrenchment and 2 Steel Legion Squads for $61, a Vostoryan Platoon for $55 and a Falcon/Guardians box for $22. Nothing in there but the Iron Fathers I wanted, but I just started putting the whole pile on sale an hour ago, and I've sold a pile of it.
I can't wait until the next lot. I'm going to go with as much money as I can spare, because I just end up making money off these things.

05-11-2006, 19:36
Because I now work at my local GW I only got one bid. which I used to grab a bunch of chaos dwarves that we had lying around for god knows what reason. :chrome:

05-11-2006, 20:23
how come we never get auctions in the UK :( damn u gw for your tight fisted penny grabbing ways

08-11-2006, 14:50
i agree i would love to go to a GW auction in England

08-11-2006, 15:19
I would imagine it is because you guys in the UK buy up everything too fast ;)