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03-07-2005, 15:51
Once I finish painting the last few troops of my 5000 point Empire army, I think I'll start to think about considering getting a second army. I'm thinking about getting a 2000 point Archaon's Horde army, with Khorne(ish?) units.

I've been told that warrior units aren't very good to take in an army, but having played empire for so long I'm used to having ranked infantry blocks, and I really do like the warrior models.

I'll admit I don't have the army book, I made this using army builder, but I just want to see if the army won't be crap, before I buy the book and get some test models.

Also, after going very character-light in my empire army, I've decided to invest a fair amount of points in my lord.

The list:

Chaos lord
> khorne, rending sword, armour of damnation, gaze of the gods, daemonic mount

Aspiring chaos champion
> khorne, Battle standard, sword of might

Chaos sorcerer
> undivided, 2 dispel scrolls

16 Warriors
> khorne, 2 hand weapons, command

16 Warriors
> khorne, shield, command

5 Warhounds *missile screens for warriors

5 Warhounds

5 Marauder Horsemen
>Flail, throwing axes

4 Chosen knights
> khorne, command


Comments on the list? I expect that there will be a whole bunch of things wrong with it, this is my first attempt at making such a list.

03-07-2005, 17:34
With 7 Dispel dice, do you really need to take a scroll caddie?

I would probably not take a unit of 16 warriors, even with free command, I'd run them in units of 10-12 (in two ranks) alongside a block or two of 25 marauders with hw+sh+la.

And I tend to find that throwing axes are a bit too expensive. Musicians on fast cavalry are a must, though (+1 to rally tests are great).

Never faced a Hellcannon, never want to.

04-07-2005, 18:15
dont use a sorcerer in a khorne army....get another champ and go and slaughter something!!!

07-07-2005, 20:09
And I tend to find that throwing axes are a bit too expensive. Musicians on fast cavalry are a must, though (+1 to rally tests are great).

Hm i have also considered throwing axes on my mauraders for sometime. And with some test games they have proven quite useful. Even tho i think its a bit much points for such a short range weapon, i like the fact that they dont get the penalty for marching and shooting. (and also dont have to care about long range penalty ;) )

But the 6" range is a problem alot of times. And even tho they got 360 degree LoS they cant see through eachother so most times they dont benefit from this as much as i would like :p

08-07-2005, 13:03
I find throwing axes to be pretty usefull to mage hunt are use against fast cav. If you can have 2 throws in the game, the axes should have paid for themselves.

08-07-2005, 15:23
One of the biggest down fulls of this army is that you have nothing to deliver your frenzied units into combat, without supporting meat shields yours khorne infantry are firstly going to be shot to bits, secondly they're be dragged across the battlefield by fleeing skirmish and light cavalry units and then flank charged.

I think about getting support units to get your guys into combat on your terms.

You have to many points sinks, your amrylist would benefit better by having 2 khorne champions than one chaos lords, also a demonic steed just isn't that good, opponants will attack the steed instead of the rider, just put hero on a horse, that way you'll also get a better armour save. Most cost effective weapons for your characters ... GWs, they are bargains for their price.

The hell cannons, although pretty mean, just aren't that effective in an army trying hard to get into combat, having 200+ of unit ranged attack warmachine sitting outside of combat doing nothing can be a bit of a waste of points. Perhaps think abut some mean support options are chariots or more knights and horsemen.