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05-11-2006, 05:31
So I just got home from a great campaign match with 2 fellow club members (groups.msn.com/hammersofthenorth).

I got 200 pts (10% of game pts value) of O&G Allies, due to an adjacent allied banner on the campaign map, provided my ally showed up for the game

Unfortunately I didn't get to speak to him about what to bring, but his choices were sound.

here are the lists:


Wizard Lord, L4, 2 Power Stones, Rod of Power, Warhorse - 320
Captain (General), Crimson Amulet (very effective against plague censers), Sword of Justice, Plate, Barded Warhorse - 117
Captain (BSB), Plate, Barded Warhorse, White Cloak - 127

24 Spearmen, FC (Detatchment - 10 Swordsmen) - 270 pts (BSB HERE)
24 Halberdiers, FC (Detatchment - 10 Swordsmen) - 245 pts (GENERAL HERE)
2 x 5 Knights - 230

20 Greatswords, FC (Detatchment - 10 Swordsmen) - 390 pts
1 Mortar - 75
1 Great Cannon - 100

Hellblaster - 125


Nurglitch - 575

Priest (BSB), Warbanner - 120
Priest AHW BoP - 99

26 PM, FC = 181 <- nurglitch goes here
29 PM, FC = 199 <- priest goes here
20 Rotting Rodents, MU = 125 pts
25 Pusbags - 75

3 x 5 PCB = 255
29 Frothing Giant Rats - 145

3 Mad Rat Ogres - 150
1 Rat Spawn - 75

BIG BOSS ALEK'S UNWANTEDS (my meat shields )

11 Boyz
2 x 5 Wolf Riders, Spears, MU

This report will be enhanced with pics as soon as i find my usb cable

Terrain: Hill in my deployment zone (didnt want his hellblaster sitting on it), inconsequential.
2 ~8" diameter Forests in centre on either flank, my right has hill between forest and right edge

SKAVEN + allies:

Far Right Edge: 5 wolf riders
Behind right forest: 5 pcb, rat spawn
behind pcb, at 45 towards centre, giant rats + BSB
now moving r->l
rotting rodents
nurglitch's monks
5 pcb's squeezed in a conga line
rat ogres, other monks w/ priest behind them
(ogres are just to right of left forest)
pcb's behind left forest
wolf riders on far left flank

my right to left (his left to r)
knights onflank
greatswords behind their detatchment, between cannon and blaster
spearmen detatchment on left of hellblaster (innermost warmachine)
halberdiers detatchment
mortar on my left flank
knights onflank, has wizard lord

i get 1st turn
MOVE: everything moves up, pusbags, rodents and boyz in front. 2 flanking pcbs move into woods. right wolf riders pass hill to bait knights; rat spawn moves to edge of woods to countercharge
MAGIC: Plague goes off on a 16 on 4 dice (my magic/rolling in general was pretty good all game) on spearmen, killing 15 and 3 of the detatchment, both panic and are gone by turn 3, and the bubonic sceptre does some more damage to make sure they run. a good start all and all

MOVE: my right knights charge wolf riders; who flee; now spawn has LOS (no flank tho )
left knights turn to face wolf riders.
MAGIC: I dispel conflagration on nurglitch's unit, only to have him use a power stone to get wall of fire off on it, minor casualites
SHOOTING: Mortar does minor damage to Pusbags and Nurglitch's monks. Cannon hits rodents and nurglitch's monks, minor damage. Hellblaster puts some wounds on nurglitch's monks. down to 6x3 from 6x5 (12 casualties total turn 1)
COMBAT: Spawn Causes a wound on knights (w/ only 1 attack), who wound back, I pass stubborn LD10 break

MOVE: rat spawn charges knights on my right flank. everything pushes forward, keeping behind, rodents pusbags and boys. nurlgitch's unit sits put cuz of wall of fire . Left wolfriders move to flank of knights
left pcb's move to knights front
MAGIC: Death Frenzy on Rodents so they don't panic from warmachines. use 1 chunk for plague; only get 12. forgot about sceptre
COMBAT: Knights do 1 wound to spawn. I get 2 attacks and do another wound. i dont break

MOVE: left knights turn to face wolf riders.
SHOOT: Warmachines reign down on nurglitch, with good accuracy since i didnt move. hellblaster does a couple, whereas cannon whiffs and nurglitch survives his 2nd cannonball to the head
MAGIC: Wizards fireballs wolfiders to death, and tries to conflagrate nuglitch again, fiery blasts pcb's in front of them
COMBAT: spawn and knights draw, i pass break

MOVE: Nugltich moes so he doesnt get pounded , lines up with pusbags to face halberdiers. Boyz and Rodents form wall in front of warmachines and greatsword + detatchement; pcb's behind + giant rats
pcb's facing wizard lord's knights (2 left) charge. kill 2 knights + 2 wounds on wizard, knights hold and do no wounds.
MAGIC: Death Frenzy on pusbags, IF plague on hellblaster, 1 crew dies, passes on to rodents, a couple die, goes back to detatchment, 2 die, goes to greatswords, who lose 12 and break. sceptre adds to greatswords casualties
COMBAT: spawn and knights keep it real


MOVE: Greatsword detatchment charges Rodent's flank
SHOOT: Cannon hits rodents; hellblaster wipes out boyz; no ones cares
MAGIC: wall on nurglitch
COMBAT: Spawn bites the dust. PCB's kill another 2 knights and break the lord. pursues close to edge. Detatchment beats rodents by 1; who hold

this is where it gets good

Rat Ogres charge Mortar
centre PCB's charge halbedier detatchment
pusbags (13 left) + nurglitch's monks (8 left :P cuz they charge through flaming wall) charge halbediers
pcb's behind rodents charge detatchmen on rodents flank
giant rats charge hellblaster

MAGIC: Plague takes out the remaining greatswords, who flee. forgot speptre

Ogres overrun mortar righ to edge
pcb's chase halberdier's detatchment off field
pusbags and nurglitch lose (!) to halberdiers, deacon killed by general in challenge (note nurglitch is out of btb except for char b/c of split frontage).
pcb's and rodents break + kill detatchment, catch them and end near giant rats vs. hellblaster, which is a no brainer


MOVE: knights move back to empire side to support remaninig cannon
COMBAT: Halberdiers beat monks again, nurglitch loses challenge w/ captain, who does 1 wound to him, and is immune to censer b/c of crimson amulet. monks pass on ld7, needing 4 on bsb re-roll (thanks god)


MOVE: PCB's who took out halb. detatchment charge halb. flank. Rodents Charge cannon, which flees
MAGIC: death frenzy on pusbags, Plague fails
COMBAT: halberdiers break, general dies, opponent concedes defeat :) no victory pts are calculated, although the only unit below 50% was nurglitch's unit and pusbags and 1 pcb unit, and other than that only the rat spawn was dead. empire had only 3 knights left on board

Massacre for the Horned Rat. Huzzah!

So although i was lucky and it's only my 1st game w/ nurglitch, I enjoyed using him :) considering dropping the bsb for a lvl2 chantor w/ eye of the horned rat for 2 plagues a turn

05-11-2006, 14:43
Well, I guess this goes to show that special characters are most of the time pretty unbalanced, and that those strange forces made for WD or Campaigns are not anywere near as playtested as they should be. Well,well...

Nice game anyhow, congratulations to the win!

I think the Battlereport needs a bit tiding up though, it was really hard to read and understand... Try writing it in novel-form instead, as a running text and not as different headings and lines. Just a tip, with all respect.