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03-07-2005, 19:20
alright, since several players are afk in my rpg and have not posted once, recruitment is open again, i want 5 people in certain roles, i need at least 1 person to be an acolyte, more is explained in this thread, though post characters here and proceed to the IC thread, but not before my ok on the characters.

the OCC thread

The IC thread

post characters soon please, and the guidelines are in my OCC thread

04-07-2005, 17:02
Name: Ruben strider
Rank: mercinary
Home Planet: vallhalla
Equipment: shotgun,long combat knife, las pistol, autopistol, frag grenades, shortened las-rifle
Psychic powers: none
Background: an experienced mercinary. Ruben has been on an inquisitors jornybefore and has learned not to trust them. he was an imperial guradsme butdeserted when his unit was slaughtered and an insane commisar tryed to kill the survivors.

Kensai X
04-07-2005, 19:10
Name: Vorian Riker
Archetype: Mercenary
Gender: Male
Appearance:About 6'4 and 245 lbs. Vorian a has tanned complexation with dirty blonde semi-spikey hair. He is usually seen wearing round green-tinted sunglasses. He also wears black baggy pants with a red sash.This is complimented by a black denim jacket and the dog tags of a fromer regiment his father served in. Finally he where;s black leather grappler gloves, black combat boots, a steel chain belt with a padlock as a buckle, and a white t-shirt always visible from his open jacket.

Weapons: Two Long-Barreled Autopistols named Cerebrus and Garm that are modified with laser-sights. These are drawn from hip-holsters and have 20 standrad clips and 2 amputator clips. One Large calibur Revolver called Blaze that contains six bullet slots and has 11 available speed reloads. Finally a 69. Calibur large bore black powder muskatoon called the Jackal.(12 reloads) Finally a claymore (sword not the mine) w/ a parrying dirk and two throwing knives in his boots.

When he was growing up Vorian Riker ,son of the Famous Lt. Colonel Riker of the 187th Tarnith Airborne, lived in the Schola Progneium training to become a Storm Trooper. Although, only four days after his eighteenth birthday when the world was being overrun by the forces of chaos. It took them a month to destroy the planet, but by then Vorian and 19 others had escaped while the Commissars weren't looking and stole a merchants ship and escaped through the warp. Upon Reaching there destination they split up and used they're training to become mercenaries. Vorian is just one more piece of scum in marsh of misery that is known as humanity.

Sound Ok for the RP?

04-07-2005, 20:16
that sounds good, you can introduce yourself as someone i contacted on the planet surface when we land

05-07-2005, 23:14
ill be the acolyte if you like, or a kroot merc :p

06-07-2005, 00:43
if you wouldnt mind being the acolyte... before the speeder takes off join us if you would be so kind :D