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05-11-2006, 17:26
Just played chaos for the first time yesterday with my new wood elf army and I totally spanked them. We played total annihilation and it was barely even close. He went first and chaos get in your face pretty quick so march blockin is sumwhat useless. By the way, Ive never used Wild Riders before and now IMO they are the best unit WE have. Heres my army list, questions or comments are welcome.

Noble(75) ~ Wardancer Kindred(30), Blades of Loec(35) = 140

Noble(75) ~ Hail of Doom Arrows(30) = 105

Spellsinger(90) ~ Lvl 2(35), Dispell scroll(25) = 150

Branchwraith(65) ~ Lvl 1(50), Annoyance of Nettlings(25) = 140

5 x Glade Riders = 120

10 x Glade Guard = 120

10 x Glade Guard = 120

10 x Dryads 120

10 x Dryads = 120

10 x Dryads = 120

10 x Wardancer(180) ~ Musician(7), Bladesinger(14) = 201

4 x Warhawk Riders = 160

6 x Wild Riders(156) ~ Full Command(36), War Banner(25) = 217

4 x Tree Kin = 260

5 x Waywatchers = 120

Treeman = 285

TOTAL = 2498

PD = 5
DD = 5

Von Wibble
05-11-2006, 20:15
The list looks fine to me. But I would say that as its almost identical to the one I generally use;)

05-11-2006, 20:38
I made this one especially for chaos....usually I use a Spellweaver lord and my units r slightly different.... do u have a regular army or just make armys for the opponent your playing??

05-11-2006, 21:39
Driads work better in 8 member unit's.

Von Wibble
07-11-2006, 19:29
I like to just change things around with WE. Usually I pick the army after knowing the opponent but on more than one occasion I have had my opponent decide on a switch of army (eg VC not OG) and I have let mine be. To be fair i tend to just pick a bit of everything and then add a little more of the units I want at the time. Usually that means 2 dryad units and 2 wardancer units.

Why are Dryads better in units of 8? Flexibility I suppose - fair enough. But you need 6 or more alive to make contact - so with 10 in a unit you can surviv an extra spell/volley and still win through. Personal preference I feel.

08-11-2006, 17:53
I agree that units of 10 are better for the same reason, if you have the points that is. Im entering a tourni in a week where u have to bring one army and only one and it cant be changed. Its basically the luck of the draw as to what army you play against. It will also be escalating points starting at 500 and ending at 2500 going up by 500s. My tester 500pt WE army has already beaten dwarfs and chaos. I find it hard to beat, but I havent gone against an opponent using a mage in a 500 pt battle.

Noble ~ lt armour, shield, HODA = 109 (in unit of glade guard)

10 Glade Guard = 120

10 Dryads = 120

8 Wardancers ~ musician = 151

Total = 500

09-11-2006, 09:02
Im currently in a 500pt Border Princes campaign with my Wood Elfs
I use

8 Dryad With Branchnymph
8 Dryad With Branchnymph
8 Dryad With Branchnymph

Branchwraith Lvl 1 wizard
A Murder of Spites
A Cluster of Radiants

For a total of 4 dispell dice.

I beat a 500pt Empire army with a lvl 1 and a lvl2 wizard with this set up to games in a row.

The emp army had those 2 wizards, and a Hellblaster Volleygun both games and Militia one game and hand gunners the other.

14-11-2006, 20:14
Your noble w/ the hail of doom doesn't accomplish much other than shooting it. I recommend the Alter Kindred w/ GW, LA, Sh, Helm of the Hunt, and Hail of Doom on a noble.

Annoyance would almost do better on the Wardancer.

Always take musicians.

Drop your Dryads down to 8 strong.

Drop your Wardancers down to 7 (as you have the noble).

Drop the champion from the wild riders. 18 pts for 1 attack?????

Take one more Waywatcher.

In 2000 +pts I take 4 levels of magic at least. More if facing VC.