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06-11-2006, 23:04
Some of you may remember me and my colleagues from the Medusa V campaign as Task Force Serpent, the US based Imperial Guard task force which contributed greatly to the Imperial victory. I come to you with a proposition. A number of our members have joined together to mastermind a new 40k campaign, one that will center on the individual achievements of all members.

It takes place on a heavily contested planet on the Eastern Fringe, embittered by war and Imperial indifference. Finally, the citizens and their Xenos mercenaries there have decided to revolt against their Imperial Masters. Unfortunately, Imperial resources have been so strained after Medusa V that Exterminatus is simply out of the question. Reclamation is all that the current resources allow.

The name of the planet is Rorian IX.

We as a group have spent countless hours devising and perfecting the different aspects of the campaign, and have ironed out most of the finer points. We were not originally going to advertise the campaign this early, intending for the launch on December 1st, but the current state of the GW forums makes that date quite impossible. So, pardon the mess, as we are still working out the kinks of the campaign.

So, what is the Rorian IX campaign?

It's a campaign launched in the spirit of Medusa V by a number of players who were rather influential in the outcome. We enjoyed it so much we wanted to do it again

Who can join?

Any and all players can join. Because all battles are based off of whether or not you win or lose, numbers of individual players per race does not matter as much. However, naturally Xenos players are highly encouraged to play.

How is it worked out?

It works in a very similar fashion to Medusa V in that, you post a battle, size, report, location, etc., and you recieve a certain amount of points for the said battle. Certain factions *are* limited to certain areas, but this can be changed depending on their successes. DISCLAIMER: We highly encourage battle reports, as well as honest playing. No one gets a prize at the end of this, so please, don't cheat. While we hope we only need to rely on the honor system, we have the resources to enforce the rules and regulations.

When does it start?

The opening shots of the campaign will begin on December 14th. Before that time, you will be able to meet up with all of your fellow soldiers, discuss battle plans, and organize. A month and a half of preparation is not quite what we had in mind, but extraneous circumstances have forced our hand.

Where do I find it?
The site for the Rorian IX campaign is located here.

There is a link there to our parent forums, where you can discuss anything and everything necessary.

Now, keep in mind that this was not the projected date for our release. We have not worked through many of the convenience issues of the forums yet, so please bear with us while we get everything straightened out.

On behalf of Task Force Serpent, I encourage any and all of you to join up and have a good time. Hope to see you on the battlefield!

Field Marshal Jerard Davies
Commanding Officer, Task Force Serpent

07-11-2006, 10:59
Sounds interesting, harbinger, but I have yet to play in an online campaign and know little about the mechanics of it. How in depth do you want interaction to be? I suppose that would depend on how many players you get. Any way, I checked out the site and will bounce the idea off my despicable associates. Gogol Vox and the Black Tabernacle (see site below) may well be on their way to Rorian IX, oh and a few insignificant others, I suppose. Oh yes, why is it that your name is identical to my HIDE operatives?
Pie plates to the face of all who oppose the Black Tabernacle.

07-11-2006, 16:37
The basic idea is that you post a battle report using the site function. That gets emailed to one of our staff, and you recieve a certain amount of points depending on the circumstances of the battle (size, type, etc). Interaction on your (the player) part is as deep as you want. We highly encourage players getting involved with the storyline, pushing their own offensives, etc. Because of the relatively few players involved (i.e. not 60,000), everyone's battle reports will have significant bearing over the final outcome.

And I have no idea why my name is identical to your HIDE operatives :)

07-11-2006, 16:58
There is obviously some strange fate at work here. Like the sound of it, will get back to your site nearer the time.

07-11-2006, 17:04
Sounds fine but what about people who just fix it by posting fake battle reports?

07-11-2006, 17:17
We have ways of dealing with cheaters. Obviously, so system is foolproof, but suspicious activity will be investigated, and cheaters dealt with. Plus, there's really no reason for someone to cheat, as there's no 'prize' involved. Other than living a sad, lonely existence, cheaters will simply not have their battles counted. We don't have an automatic system, it's all performed by one of the staff members who gets incredibly bored at work.

Suspicious battles will simply not be reported.

07-11-2006, 17:23
Great! Campaigns are always good.

16-11-2006, 13:44
Just wanted to chime in on this. Except for a little background 'fluff' the site is basically finished and we are just waiting for the kick off date.

Expanding on what Harbringerxv8 has already posted, there are 25 battle locations in which factions may fight over PLUS there is a Battle Fleet Gothic page. Majority control in space WILL have an impact on at least one ground battle per week (no rock droping though please), but gaining majority control may not be that easy.

As for the battle locations - not every faction may fight in every battle location. Most factions may initially fight in 6-8 locations on the map, but this can be expanded depending on how well a faction is doing in a location. Imperials and Chaos forces may fight in any location since the planet was Imperial to begin with and Chaos is basically everywhere. There are also a few locations in which ONLY Imperial and Chaos factions may fight.

The maps are color coded where each factions start and where they may attack. The better a faction does, the more territory it will gain (it will be shown on the maps).

Currently there are 33 players signed up for the campaign, however 25 are Imperial Guard. Thus there is still a need for other factions to help offset the Imperial numbers a little. Every faction is represented with at least one player except Orks and Tyranids (Genestealer cult armies would be great for this campaign), but a few more wouldn't hurt.

Easy E
17-11-2006, 08:22
Have you posted this on other forums as well? I recommend the Waaagh! be notified to drum up some greenskins.


17-11-2006, 13:09
I posted it in the-waaagh but have not had any luck there yet. May try a different sub-forum there later.