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07-11-2006, 02:29
When I say Parravon inspired, I mean more along the lines of "What sort of units would you find in a mountainous area?". My view - Peasants. Let's face it, warhorses are not your great mountain warriors. I also see Parravon as one of the true defender realms, holding back the darkness from the Grey Mountains, so I looked heavily at a more defensive styled force rather than bluntly offensive. I did, however, include many knights, because knights are cool :p

The thematic premise beyond the location is simple - 1 family unit who have had mixed fortunes. The eldest was a fanatic for pegasi, and a touch headstrong. The second child was taken at a young age by the fey enchantress, later to return as a Damsel of the Lady. The third was all duty and loyalty to his eldest brother (the heir), and is his right hand. And the youngest was born much later than the rest, was a silent, dark prodigal who at a young age became a Grail Knight, though his grim manner have pushed him to the outskirts despite his obvious prowess. Typical hero stuff, but that's Bretonnia! Huzzah for legends.

Bretonnian Lord - 244 points
Grail Vow, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of the Ideal, Sword of the Lady's Champion, Enchanted Shield

Paladin - 151 points
Royal Pegasus, Virtue of Confidence, Gauntlet of the Duel, Lance, Shield

Paladin - 106 points
Battle Standard, Virtue of Duty, Shield

damsel of the Lady - 144 points
Level 2 Wizard, Barded Warhorse, Dispell Scroll

9 Knights Errant - 201 points
Full Command

9 Knights of the Realm - 240 points
Full Command

8 Knights of the Realm - 216 points

15 Men at Arms - 80 points

15 Men at Arms - 80 points

12 Peasant Bowmen - 72 points

12 Peasant Bowmen - 72 points

12 Peasant Bowmen - 84 points

6 Questing Knights - 195 points
Full Command
NB: the moustache compels me!

5 Pegasus Knights - 305 points
Full Command

Trebuchet - 90 points

5 Grail Knights - 190 points
Full Command

Total 2500 points

Lords - 244
Heroes - 401
Core - 1045
Special - 500
Rare - 310

As you can see it is a balanced list, at least so I believe. The 4 characters are a few, but it is a Bretonnian list. Only 4 units of the knights are truly effective, with the Questing Knights of dubious use since the nerf bat was thrown at the mounted Great Weapon. I've taken a fair few number of Peasants, mostly because they're just too damn sweet (I like rednecks). The Lord could have been very mighty in a unit, but the Virtue of the Ideal is just plain wicked, forcing him to run solo (which will be very glorious and heroic).

So yeah, opinions, oh wise ones?

07-11-2006, 20:51
Not to be a jerk, but this is the sinlge bump I'll give this thread. Last chance to harrass me (my lists have recently been perfect, it seems)