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07-11-2006, 03:08
Alright, being the broke guy that I am, decided that I'm going to try to make a good army as cheap as possible... and I decided that buying 1 OK battalion (130 CA) would be enough to make a full 1k pt army.. was I right or what? lol check it out and help with suggestions

+Luck Gnoblar
+Great Weap
+Heavy Armour
+Jade Lion
=177 pts

Bulls x3
+Additional hand weapons
+Standard Bearer, Bellower
=147 pts

Bulls x3
+Additional hand weapons
+Standard Bearer, Bellower
=147 pts

Ironguts x4
+Lookout Gnoblar
+Champ, Standard Bearer, Bellower
=247 pts

Gnoblar Fighters x25
=52 pts

Gnoblar Trappers x8

Leadbelchers x3

Total: Just under 1000 pts

P.s. Bruiser was just converted from one of the Leadbelchers with extra bits provided, and the trappers and 1 extra gnoblar fighter were made from the extra gnoblars from the other sprues.

Any suggestions to making this better? I wanted it to be a good-vs-all-comers list... strategy is fairly straightforward and each units' role should be fairly obvious.. the Bruiser goes into the Irongut squad.


07-11-2006, 03:16
Out of the battallion box this is a pretty good list. If you had some more bull models I would suggest dropping the additional hand weapons and getting naked units of 4 bulls. I like your brusier configuration but he's converted from one of the belchers? I think fielding 2 units of 2 belchers is perfect but I guess a unit of 3 is alright. I would have dropped an Irongut and converted one into a bruiser since a 5 wide unit will leave one ogre hanging in most cases. Good list though, with the models you have I cant really squeeze in any room for improvement, best of luck to you!

07-11-2006, 04:32
I wouldn't say it was a terribly good army, but its a good effort with just the battalion.
It looks as though a lot has been taken to make up to 1000pts, rather than cramming as much in as possible.

Units of 3 bulls are quite weak, and standard bearers are ususually unecessary, they cost a lot of points for what they do. (plus they could give away VP's in a battle)
As Dtrik mentioned it would be better to expand the units.
Perhaps invest in another box of bulls.
Second handweapons again aren't really worth the cost, the free -1 from the club is genrally better.

Since your numbers(of ogres) are low, shooting will really hurt you.

Leadbelchers are quite unreliable, 2 is a better number than the 3 you have, you could convert him into a bull.

I'd be more inclined to taking the 'wyrdstone necklace' than the lion.

Quite resourceful with the gnoblars, good work.