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07-11-2006, 05:06
hey everyone!
i recently bought a whole bunch of dark elves off a friend for a really good price. im pretty sure i wont use all of the stuff i bought but im thinking of having a magic heavy army with alot of manuverability, above average shooting and a solid infantry core. I havent even thought about magic items yet so suggestions from the DE book or the storm of chaos book would be cool. anyways im new to DE so any tips would be much appreciated.

level 4 mage
dark pegasus

lvl 2 mage


25 spearmen
full command

16 crossbowmen

at least 2 units of 5 dark riders with crossbows

2 chariots

5 cold one knights
full command

25 executioners
(im thinking of splitting them into two units)

2 repeater bolt throwers

ok i have 25 black guard but i know thats overkill. whats the ideal unit size for them? is full command worth it?

as it is im way over 2000 pts,
any suggestions would great. i got a really good deal on the army so i will buy more if i need to.
thanks in advance!

07-11-2006, 07:15
but im thinking of having a magic heavy army with alot of manuverability, above average shooting and a solid infantry core

Wow, your not asking for much. You may have to compromise on some of these aspects.

Dark elves magic is awesome stuff, the +1 to cast is great and having acess to Dark Magic is awesome. One of the best lores around in my opinion.

The Level 4 and Level 2 should be enough, you could take another Level 2 but it is a huge investment into magic. (Which is unreliable IMO)
One wizard should carry the Wand of Kharidon (Doombolt, Power 4)
This is always hand to have.
If you need extra casting dice the Darkstar Cloak is pretty good.
The Seal of Gharond will help with dispel.
But again the more you invest in magic and magic items limits what else you can take.

The 25 spears is pretty big for an elf unit, you may wish to consider two smaller units of 15-20. Ranks and outnumber are not how elves win, so don't worry about this.

The crossbows will be a little big at 16(can't always can't on a hill), and will lose manouverability. They work best in 10>14 as an escort for the Level 2 Sorceror.
If you want more shooting 2 units of 10 will be more appropriate.

2 units of 6 Dark riders is a good idea, musicians are a must. I'm not sure if cbows are worth the points though.

1 Chariot should be enough in 2000, especially if your also taking Knights.

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers (RBT) is a good number for 2K.

I wouldnt recomend both Black Gaurd and Executioners as one unit of elite infantry is often hard enough to use. Plus they eat a lot of points.
I havn't seen either unit work that effectively but they are both powerful. For unit sizes etc read some tactica for elite infantry.
Personally I'd recommend the Executioners.


07-11-2006, 07:24
Black Guard do fine in units of 14, field them 7 wide and you should get enough attacks to grind down anything they get into contact with.

Executioners can work great in big blocks, as long as you give them the banner that gives D6 extra inches to their charges, also, it is often reckomended to field a regular joe noble with them, armed with a Hallberd to kill one or two enemies before the enemy gets to strike at the execitioners in the oncomming rounds

07-11-2006, 07:29
I also collect dark elves and i also fielded a level 4 mage on a dark pegasus for some time but i found she just got killed all the time by shooting.

07-11-2006, 08:29
For magic heavy list you could always take a dark emmisary(think I spelled it wrong, sry)

07-11-2006, 10:06
I once took a 11 man cold one knight unit with the banner of murder (extra d6 when charging) I then put a noble on a cold one in it with the Hydra banner (every one and mount attacks twice on the first round of combat). I then charged a unit of ocrs it was fun.

07-11-2006, 15:55
A level 4 mage on Pegasis has got 'target' written all over it. I would use 2 level two's or a level 4 and 2 both in units if you prefer the magic heavy side. I would leave the warrior units large as they are relatively cheap for elves and will grant you the maximum +5 for CR (if you outnumber), which is a arae thing for DE. I tend to use Executioners in large units as at 11 points they are also relatively cheap. BG are good in units of 12-14 and are able to operate in smaller units due to being stubborn and having the eternal hatred rule. Try to take 2 chariots as these units are T5, which is a rare thing for DE. Combined together they will take out most fully ranked units.

Good luck.

07-11-2006, 21:57
@ Zak
Although you are quite right, fielding all of that goes way over 2K.
Sacrifices wil have tyo be made somewhere.

Stubborn is the bomb.