View Full Version : Dwarf Pistols

07-11-2006, 17:06
Are Dwarven pistols handweapons or missle weapon?

Is it possible to have rune weapon and still use a pistol?

What if only use it to shoot and never took the +1 attack in CC?

If equipped with a brace of pistols and a hand weapon are you still allowed to use one of the pistols as an extra CCW? the rules under CCW says nothing about brace of pistols.

07-11-2006, 19:01
Dwarven pistols work exactly the same as all other pistols. See the weapons section in the main rulebook. A pistol can be used both in close combat (counts as a hand weapon) and for shooting.

If a model has a magic close combat weapon (including rune weapons) then only that weapon can be used for close combat. However, a mundane missile weapon can still be used for shooting. So a dwarf with a runic weapon and pistol could still shoot the pistol, but not use it for close combat.

As for the brace of pistols, it still means that the model counts as having an additional hand weapon (each of the pistols is a hand weapon, so the model would actually have three hand weapons - though there is no benefit for having the third one).

And there are no CCWs in this game.