View Full Version : Anvil of Doom question...

07-11-2006, 20:37
I am new to dwarves, and I have a few questions about the Anvil that may have been answered in an errata or something similar.

1)effects of the Anvil are, um, special? What I mean is, they aren't actually magical or shooting when picking a target are they?

2)does this mean that you can use the Rune of Wrath and Ruin on units in combat? I know combats cannot be shot into, but the Anvil doesn't "fire" the "spell" like its a magic missle nor shooting, it just happens.

I know Wrath and Ruin is distributed like shooting, and counts as magical for effects purposes, but it isn't actually shooting nor a spell right?

07-11-2006, 20:42
I'll have to check the rulebook when I get home, but am fairly certain that Wrath and Ruin can only target unengaged units. Should be in the AoD description.

08-11-2006, 01:59
You are correct. Thank you for pointing that out! I easily skipped that part.