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08-11-2006, 03:43
My force: Nurgle

GUO w/ Gift of Chaos

6 PM's 2 plas 4 bolter, Asp Champ (daemon vessel) all infiltrate

6 PM's 2P4B, AC w/ PW, rhino w/ EA and smoke

6 PM's 2P4B, AC w/ PW

6 PM's 2P4B, AC w/ PW

6 PM's 2P4B, AC w/ PF

6 PM's 2P4B, AC w/ PF


Tri las pred w/ daemonic possession

Dread w/ TL las and D. possession

His force: Khorne (from memory)

Lt w/ Axe of Khorne, prolly some other stuff as well

3x 8man berserker squads,all with talismans of burning blood, AC's w/ PF's

2x 8daemon bloodletter squads

2 defilers

1 dread w/ TL las

4x6 table. Approximately 30 percent terrain. Large forest and lake in center. Lake is impassable. River coming out of both sides of the lake, difficult ground. Guard tower by the lake in center. Both deployment zones have several rocky ledges that provide cover if you set up behind them. Each side also has a forest in the deployment zone on opposite corners.

Mission: Recon at Alpha level (determined randomly after terrain is placed.)
At this point we had not seen each others army list and all the figs were still in cases.

Deployment. I won the roll for picking sides, I chose the one with the least cover. I wanted to try a true Mortarion style army. Place all 4 walking units on the board spaced 2" apart and just cover my deployment zone in PMs.

He got to deploy first. His dread went dead center of the board 15" in, pushing my forces back 24" from the center.

Starting on the right side of my deployment, i had a spaced out squad in the wide open. Moving left now, there was a nice big rocky growth, I put a squad of PM's in it. My pred went right behind them, being able to shoot over the terrain and the PMs but getting some cover itself. Left of that was another huge open area that I spaced a squad out in. Left was another rock that got another squad of PMs. 2" left of the last PM went my dread out in the wide open as well. Finally was my forest, I hid the defiler and the rhino behind it, out of LOS. The squads with PF's went into cover so they could hopefully swing simo with attackers. The PW's went out in the open. Daemonvessel is the rightmost model in the center PM squad.

His deployment surprised me. 2 defilers and a dread in a khornate army! I was setting my stuff out in the open to get good lanes of fire around that huge forest in center board. I mean, who's scared of a Khornate shooting phase? But everytime I placed a heavy, so did he and I had given up the side with the most cover. I wanted wide open spaces so I could tank shock through the daemon and berserker squads and push them around a bit. Never dreamed he was gonna try and match firepower with me.

He wound up with a defiler on each end of his deployment zone as close to me as recon scenario would allow, but both of his had cover! His 3 berzerker squads were placed evenly across the board. 1 was gonna try and sneak up behind that big forest in the center.

*All movement is described from my (Nurlge's point of view)

Khorne turn 1.
1 out of 3 squads bloodrages. Dread fire frenzies. Defilers sit still behind their cover. Rightmost squad moves 8 inches, other 2 squads advance 6.
Both defilers shoot and scatter into empty dirt. Dread fires everything twice, bolters are out of range. Closest PM squad is in cover. He hits and wounds with both TL las shots. I make 1 save. 1 dead PM.

Nurlge turn 1.
Khorne tryin to shoot. Let's show him who's has firepower superiority!!!
My defiler edges around the corner of the forest to get a shot and try to get a bit of cover at the same time. Rhino heads to the left and forward, running up the board edge towards the end of his deployment zone where he has nothing but a defiler. My dread advances. Everybody else sits still.

Defiler fires, scatters 2d6 from moving, deviates 6 inches and gets a partial on leftmost berzerker squad. Nada.
Tri las pred goes all out at a defiler. 3 hits, 3 penetrates, 2 get downgraded to glancing due to cover. The one penetrate roll is a 6. Bye bye.
Dread unleashes his TL LC at the other defiler. There was no cover for that defiler after my dread had moved. Hit, penetrate, explosion!
3 PM squads fire at berzerkers and kill 1 in his leftmost squad (next turn they will be in the large center forest) and 5 in his center squad. My rightmost squad fires at the bloodraging squad and kill absolutely nothing. Apparently these guys don't go to shooting practice as regularly as the rest of my army.
All in all though, it was a great first round for me.

Khorne turn 2
Nobody blood rages. 1 of the 2 bloodletter squads pops out of his left squad near the big forest. Others decide not to show up yet. Everybody advances 6". His dread is now behind the big forest with an angle at my left defiler and my rhino. Dread fires at my left defiler and blows the battlecannon off. Left berzerker squad ends up in the forest and the bloodletters made it out of the forest. and look like they are gonna charge one of my PM squads in cover next turn. His middle zerk squad gets hung up in the difficult terrain river. Right zerk squad powers forward and will charge my rightmost squad out in the open next turn.

Nurlge turn 2.
Big Poppa (GUO) shows up and moves right. Seems my squad on the far right is gonna get charged next turn since they can't seem to shoot worth a crap. Big Poppa is heading over to even out the odds a bit. Pred has to get around that forest to see the dread and make it to the other side of the board for victory purposes. Dread moves left and back some. I want to be able to charge the bloodletter squad next turn and avoid being charged by the berzerker squad with the hidden PF. It's gonna be close. Rhino powers on ahead to khornate deployment zone. That's 1 scoring unit for me. My defiler moves through the forest 6 inches tryin to keep his dread in LOS and get away from the berzerker squad with hidden PF. He immobilizes himself, big retard. My rightmost squad forms up to receive a charge from the zerkers. My center squad in the open advances and prepares to rapid fire the 3 boys stuck in the river.

My immobilized defiler with no BC fires his Reaper at the Khorne dread and immobilizes it. Rock on.
My right dread fires his LC at the zerk squad in the forest and vaporizes 1 marine. Pred pops smoke. Rhino boys sit safe in their transport.
Left PM squad, in open, rapid fires the bloodletters, killing 2. Next PM squad, in cover rapid fire the bloodletters and cause 2 casualties - both plasmagunners!!! Several bolter shots bounce off the bloodletters 3+ armor. Somehow my guys forgot how to shoot since turn 1. The center PM squad in open that advanced towards the 3 sittin ducks (i mean Khorne Berzerkers) in the river rapid fire them off the board. Looks like I will have another squad racing towards his deployment zone now. Right side boys rapid fire the zerks and kill 1 zerker and 1 plasmagunner. WTH!?! Thats about 100 pts of Nurgle plasma I've killed this turn.

My dread tries to assault the bloodletters, thereby saving my PM squad. My opponent reminds me that since I shot the zerks, i gotta charge them or nobody. DOH! Apparently I got Nurlge's Rot in my brain. Dread sits still. No need to charge a hidden PF that is in cover. Plus the LT is in the squad and might have a melta bomb or something nasty.

Khorne turn 3.
2nd bloodletters still dont show.
forest squad moves out and prepares to charge my dread. Bloodletters advance to my squad in the open. Right side zerk squad moves into charge range.
Dread fires at my dread, nothing.
Assaults occur.
My dread kills 2 zerkers and the hidden PF with 5 atks only stuns my dread. Too bad I'm daemonically possessed and therefore ignore it. My PM's vs the bloodletters manage to kill 3 then get wiped out. Bloodletters consolidate right towards the next PM squad who is in cover. Right side zerk squad charges my PM's. My AC kills 1, my squad gets wiped out except for the AC.

Nurgle turn 3.
Rhino moves behind cover in his deployment zone. Troops disembark behind it and sit tight. 1 scoring unit.
Center PM squad advances across the river towards his deployment zone. Pred moves into his deployment zone, 2nd scoring unit.
Big Poppa moves to assault the right side zerk squad and help out my lone AC. My last PM squad in cover moves right, away from the bloodletters, and prepares to rapid fire, too bad all their plasmagunners committed suicide a few turns ago.

Defiler fires the reaper into the 3 bloodletters, kills 1. PM's rapid fire bolters into the bloodletters and kill the other 2.

Dread kills 2 zerkers and gets immobilized. Dang there goes an ATK. Big Poppa charges the rightmost berzerkers. My ac kills 1 zerk, gets wiped out. Big Poppa takes 3 wounds and kills 2 more zerkers.

Khorne turn 4.
Bloodletters pop out of the zerk squad in combat with my dread, they move toward my PM squad in cover who have no plasma. Due to difficult terrain, the later don't get to charge.
Dread kills 1 zerker(cool, they are no longer a scoring unit) and gets his big hammer knocked off. He's down to 1 str 5 atk now, but he is STILL alive.
Big Poppa kills a few more zerkers and takes another wound. 1 Zerker dies to Rot. Hehehehehe.

Nurlge turn 4.
My river recon team make it to his deployment zone, 3rd scoring unit.
Pred moves into position to shoot his dread in the back. PM's rapid fire into the bloodletters and kill 1. Big Poppa finishes off the zerk squad and is so far away from everybody else, he's done for.
Khornate dread dies to Triple Las fury.
Rhino squad gets out and does the Nurgle shuffle, lots of flatulence ensues.
Dread finally gets destroyed by the power fist.

I have 3 scoring units in his deployment zone. He has a LT attached to a 3 man squad in center board, non scoring. If they move back to dislodge me from his deployment zone, I got a pred and 4 Plasma waitin on him. He also has 7 bloodletters that are scoring, but will have to charge into cover and go simo with my PF. Seeing how its pretty hopeless, we call it a game with Nurgle as the Victor!

MVP: Nurlge Dread. That mug single handedly wiped out a defiler and kept khornate troopers out of my deployment zone and eventually turned them into a nonscoring unit. All the while living throught about 10 PF attacks

I then ask my opponent what the hell was he thinking spending all those points on shooty heavies? Why no Bloodthirster?

He wanted to try a HTH with good support firepower. He chose the defilers and dread as the most "khornate" of the heavies. Technically the defilers can fight in HTH, just not as well as a dread.

Apparently he agrees with me that the Bloodthirster is TOO GOOD by itself, but maybe is needed to shore up a few weaknesses in the Khornate list. Had the BT come out to play, he could have single handedly turned this massacre into a horse race.

Well, as you can tell, battle continues to rage within the Eye. One day, when the warp winds are blowing correctly, we'll cease the incessant infighting and maul some Imperials. I know I cant wait.

P.S. Yes, I would love to be able to post pics of the battles. I am hoping to get a digital camera for Xmas.

08-11-2006, 07:10
Firstly, that seems like it was a really good battle. A very good report. My comments: Shooty heavies in a Khorne army can at least give it some measure of survivability. You (the Nurgle player) got pretty lucky killing them in the first turn AND by having both battlecannons scatter into the dirt whithout killing anything. And 6 man squads? Not very Nurgley, hmm perhaps that had something to do with the victory;) :D

Overall, I can't fault anything you did, hugged cover took out the heavy support early on and got the Great Unclean One into combat as soon as possible. As I said before, good report.

08-11-2006, 07:48
sounds like a fun battle! for some reason i like it when my plasma dread goes mad and shoots my own side, i think its funny :p

oh and a dread is str 6 without its ccw, so wounding on 2s but they still get saves.

08-11-2006, 15:36
6 PM's 2P4B, AC w/ PW
That means 7 marines total. I don't leave home without the sacred number.

08-11-2006, 15:40
Sorry, I thought that was inclusive. I'll just shut up then.

...and go away and hide. and cry. ;)

09-11-2006, 05:49
Oooh, nice battle report. Big up the Death guard :D
List is quite similar to mine, and the WE list is worryingly similar to one of my friends.

1 or 2 things though, that might just be me being stupid (its 5am). I thought PFs ALWAYS went last? regardless of whether they're charged in cover/had a doom siren/whatever. Have i been playing this wrong?

And if you moved your Pred on the last turn, it could only shoot the dread with 1 lascannon.

Maybe i'm missing something vital.. *waits to get flamed/corrected into next week*