View Full Version : Skaven 1000pts need help

08-11-2006, 05:36
Hello guys,
I have just acquired a new skaven army and have got no idea about skaven wondering if someone could quickly help me put a decent list toegether.

Heres what I got:
2 Warlock Engineers

1 Chieftain

20 Clanrats with Spears, includes Standard Bearer + Musician

20 Clanrats with swords, standard + musician

1 Warpfire Thrower

2 Rat Swarms
2 Rat Packs 12 Rats with 2 packmasters

20 Night Runners

1 Poisoned wind globadier

thanks guy ow you heaps!!

08-11-2006, 06:16
Well that actually aint too shabby for a 1k list. very Diverse. Now are you Wanting to sxpand your army and are asking what should you do for a 2k or asking if you need to change anything here? also If i remember correctly I could be wrong but i think Globadiers need to be at least 2 in a unit.

anyhow let me know what you want advice on and will be more then happy to help Welcome to the Clan Brother!

also my advice I can give now is stay away from being too shooty those armies are looked down on=P

08-11-2006, 06:47
Playing with just those models is a stretch to reach 1000pts(which is never good) You probably need something else to make a good army. Maybe just getting another box of clanrats to expand your units to 30 each?

Cheiftan Bands of power, Second Weapon, Heavy Armor
Warlock Storm Daemon(bound Spell), Accumulator, Condensor, Blades
Warlock Accumulator, Condensor, Blades

30 Clanrats Full Command
30 Clanrats Spears, Full Command, Warpfirethrower

8 Nightrunners Extra Weapon
8 Nightrunners Extra Weapon

2 Giant Rat Packs(ie 12 rats + 2 packmasters)
2 Rat Swarms

Total 990

As Skitter Squeek Said, not too shabby. IMO my list is a bit heavy on magic items and characters, but they were tooled up to meet the points limit.