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08-11-2006, 19:55

My second try at a small VC list.

Previously I'd started with 14strong, spear and LA'd Skellies, plus a unit of 15 Grave Guard.

My poor Dire Wolves and Bats were meant to stall the enemy flanks, but failed miserably. So I'm guessing that was a bad way to use them, oh well, there are always more where I dug those up.

I'm trying to tweak my list as I learn what does what. Oh, and maybe I'll remember my magic items next time :(

I've dropped the Spears off the skellies and up their starting numbers. Bats have been replaced by Ghouls and I'm putting in a BD Thrall with the General to give her a bit of protection and maybe even up the CR.

So here's my list

Two Units of x20 Skeletons, Light Armour, MSC.

Dire Wolves x6

Ghouls x8

Necromancer (General) Level 2, Ring of Night, Black Periapt.

Necromancer, Level 2, Book of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll

Vampire Thrall (Blood Dragon with Full Plate)

That leaves me 35pts, which I was planning on using to make the Vampire a bit tougher. Either Red Fury (chop up the PBI) or Master Strike and Honour or Death (to discourge more naughty skaven people from issuing challenges)

Alex Under
10-11-2006, 11:08
I'm not a VC player myself, but I think you have too much magic and characters on that list. I wouldn't go for a second necromancer, and I would take more ghouls and no wolfs, or more wolfs and no ghouls. Also, you lack hitting power, why not a unit of Knights, or even a Giant? Just my 2 cents, but I can't see this army working: The best thing you can do with the skellies is hold your oponent, and then what do you use to hit back? 6 wolves? 8 ghouls? That won't be enough IMO, specially against WE, HE, Dwarves or Empire: they will destroy your two small units on the first turn and then just avoid the 2 units of skellies as they focus on your general, from a distance.

Good luck!

10-11-2006, 11:26
Drop the thrall, he´s not really worth it(unless u really love cc)..
And get some black knights, they are pownage in small games!