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09-11-2006, 11:41
Quite new to fantasy, starting up a Nurgle mortal/beast army with lots of warriors. I'll mostly be using wariors, pestigors and beastherds but most chaos players seem to think the mark of Nurgle isn't worth it. Are there any Nurgle players with any advice how to use them successfully?

10-11-2006, 13:36
I stopped using the mark on my warriors, but mostly because I'm a horde-player at heart and wanted to field more beasts :p

The fear-causing is best used when you have higher US and thats expensive and inefficient with chaos warriors. You might be able to pull it of if you combine it with Nurgle knights, but I rather just model and paint them nurgly and use MoCU. Makes them more reliable against panic as well

10-11-2006, 15:23
I agree. Fear causing is best used when you can outnumber you opponent without having to break the bank on points. Bestigors are cheaper than Chaos Warriors for sure, but still pretty expensive.

I like the nurgle heros. But you need to have a unit with the mark of Nurgle to get the marks on your characters. Why not use nurlgings (cheap 40 pts) to allow your characters to get the mark of Nurgle.

10-11-2006, 17:24
Best choice for MoN is minotaurs, hands down
20-25 pestigor, while expensive, can be quite the hard hitting and resilient unit

10-11-2006, 18:29
And let us not forget, Beastherds with Bray Shamans, Wargors and Beastlords with the mark of Nurgle and Marauders joined by Exalted Champions, Chaos Lords and Sorcerors with the mark of nurgle now are Immune to the effects of fear, netting you a highly effective army to bring to bear against the Undead and against Ogres.

My suggestion would be two larger blocks of Warriors 15 or 20 armed with Shields and Full Command, then two larger units of Marauders (20-25) lead by Exalted Champions of Nurgle, throw in two Beastherds lead by Bray Shamans of Nurgle and then a unit of Pestigors and a unit of either Nurglings or Minotaurs of Nurgle.

Throw in a few Marauder Horsemen and two Spawns of Nurgle or a Mutant Monstrosity Giant and you will have one vicious Nurgle horde

10-11-2006, 18:58
ok.. so it seems warriors play the Anvil roll. And for them to make it to combat you need a lot of hammers. ;)

10-11-2006, 19:20
I don't think ranked up warriors work as they are simply to pricy.
but the T4 3+ save and ws 5 does make them stury.

I play so now and than against 1 opponant who has alot of differant armys, and he also played a nurgle plague bringer horde.
really, really nasty, they all got -1 to hit on them and they have a special attack that alwais hits

10-11-2006, 19:23
Thanks for the tips, I'll probaly do like Neknoh said and work my way from there as that was kind of the list I was going for.