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10-11-2006, 23:48
Been bugging me for a while this, and i canīt be notherd to trwal throught other forums to see if there is already some info on this. I know GW et release dates for things, so i wonderd the release date for 40k 5th Ed

Why, you ask, well 4th edtion was firstly un update f 3rd edition a clarification of the rules (3.5) that then got turned into 4th edition.

Lets look at the time line.

1993 - 2nd ed released
1998 - 3rd ed released (5 years)
2004 - 4th ed released (6 years)
2009 - 5th edition?? (another 5 years, 3 to go!)

I wonder if anyone knows, well the reason i got thinking about thi is the change in the BS stats. I now have the Eldar codex, (although in spanish) and it has characters with BS higher than 5. This means one of two things

1. Just there to show how go they are
2. Updating the BS ready for the 5th edition.

Imagine they change the rule for shooting if you have higher than BS 5.I think it is possible. Maybe the higher balistic skill shoot fast moving targets so skimmers mving fast and vehicle with smoke launcher still count as penetrating hit or something.

It seems strange to upgrade the BS skill if not in preperation for something. Might be an idea to keep a look out for the BS in the up comming Dark angels codex. Maybe brim can shed some light on whether there is any character with a BS higher than 5 in the new dex. Would be intesting to know.

1.when is 5th edition scheduled
2. why do character now have higher than BS 5.

10-11-2006, 23:50
Characters with BS higher than 5 just have it to show off.
The Dark Eldar Archon has had BS 6 since the beginning of the 3rd edition.

10-11-2006, 23:56
5th Edition is, as far as I know, not scheduled.

11-11-2006, 00:41
I'm pretty sure that a BS 6+ is just to show the accuracy/skill of the character, and is just for show. I don't think that it will have any effect on the rules to come.

11-11-2006, 00:43
hmmm... someone might want to add a 'to-hit-rolls of 1 never hit' to 40k, like it's in fantasy, because BS6 Models are currently autohitting...

11-11-2006, 00:46
No they are not [autohitting that is]...as the BGB states "...a roll of 1 always misses" (p. 22)

11-11-2006, 01:08
I don't think we will see a 5th Edition for a very long time. I think GW intends to release lots and lots of expansions and new armies over the next few years, and then when we think it's all over, 5th ed pops in and they make us buy it all all over again(and the double all is intentional)

Lord Humongous
11-11-2006, 02:53
There are currently certain effects that reduce a models WS for certain purposes. Its not unreasonable to think that maybe in the future a piece of wargeer or scenario effect might be introduced that reduce a models BS for certain purposes. If those cases, a BS of 6 or more would potentially be a help.

11-11-2006, 16:14
I am quite suprised if there is no schedule for the realse of the 5th version. Something to reduce someones BS is I think an option, but im not sure how how would work, anyway i will say it again, in the hope that someone will tell me if there are any characters in other dex´s that have high BS. DArk eldar archon has ben mentioned. The old eldar codex didnt have higher than BS 5, and now there are characters with BS 7. Something is happening.

Does anyone know if there are high BS in the upcoming dark angels codex?

Maybe characters witha higher BS get to reroll hitting on a 1. Wouldnt be too overpowering....?

11-11-2006, 17:25
I don't think an obscure bug in the BS attribute is enough steam to build up for a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 if you ask me.

11-11-2006, 17:40
I can't really accept the logic that the higher BS has been introduced in anticipation of changes to the game system that might happen in 5th edition.

Firstly, 5th ed is not coming out for a long time.

Secondly, reintroducing to hit modifers and the like would be a fundamental change to the game system and I don't think that any 4th ed codex would be compatible with the new system (It's something I would certainly welcome). If you are going to change things that considerably then it's better to start from scratch rather than worry about maintaining a system compatible with older codeces.

11-11-2006, 18:48
I think BS 6 is just a way of saying "Xenos are more skilled than Humans."

11-11-2006, 20:27
There will be a fifth edition in probably 2009 or 2010. That has been GWs way of doing business with its core games for the last 20 years or more. A core game has a shelf life of about 5 to 6 years and is then repackaged and sold back to the public and the cycle begins anew~