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11-11-2006, 04:48
Tomb Prince - 130
Sword of might, enchanted sheild

Liche Priest - 148
Skeletal steed, Serpent staff

Liche Priest - 163
Skeletal steed, Staff of mastery

16 Light Horseman - 245
Standard Bearer, Musician

16 Heavey Horseman - 277
Standard Bearer, Musician

25 Tomb Guard - 318
Standard Bearer, Musician

5 Ushabti - 325

6 Chariots - 270
Standard Bearer, Musician

SSC - 110
Skulls of foe

I think that i need to split most of my horsemen up into 2 squads of 8? I might also have too man tomb guard, should i cut back on tomb guards? Do i ahve a good combanation of slow and fast troops?

11-11-2006, 06:46
Your units are FAR too big. You could save a lot of points and time by reducing the size of some of your units, thus making more of them.

Your Light horsemen should be in small units to maximise their shooting potential. Split this unit into two uits of 5 & one unit of 6 and you have a very versatile fast firebase. Also, don't give undead command groups.

16 Heavy Horsemen....hmm....Drop it to a unit of 15, put them 5 wide and you will most likely win through simply outnumbering your opponent. Tis unit will also be a magnet for firepower.

Split the chariots into two groups of two. This will make them more versatile and not make a good cannon shot become the game winner. I would also have a look into putting the Prince with these.

Ushabti work better in units of 3!

The config on the Prince is a bit weasly. Although he is going to be in a unit of Tomb Guard (Which are subsequently fine, maybe the banner of the undying legion?), you need to bear in mind that he is undead and he can take a charge. A Great Weapon might bring him a bit more inline with his unit in terms of 'kill factor'. Also give him light armour.

11-11-2006, 09:21
In addition to the good pts raised by Voltaire, you could
a) Add another Liche Priest/High LP with a Heiratic Jar - your magic phase will be unstoppable!
b) Add a Tunneller - Scorpion or Swarms - very effective against Warmachines
c) Cavalry doesn't work in TK usually but chariots are effective.

12-11-2006, 15:10
Far too much points on troops and not enough on characters! Tomb kings win or lose the game on the power of their characters as the majority of their troops are shockingly poor. Another Liche priest would be very useful as well as some of the more useful units in the list. Tomb scorpions are a virtual must due to the fact they are so powerful and so cheap. They are on of the most versatile units as you can tunnel or just use them as a fast moving nasty to support your units.

My main concern with this list is the speed difference, with most of your points tied up in units like the tomb guard and the Ushabti the horsemen units and the chariots seem a waste as they wont be able to break an army on their own and are likely to get creamed if they attack without character support. So your oppenent can fit your army piece meal as you approach. If you hang back with the horsemen and chariots then they are waste of points