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11-11-2006, 16:26
Here is what I am thinking of running for my Vampire counts list.

The plan is to have the Skeletons walk up the centre slowly with a Necromancer in each unit building them up as they go while the Vampire, who is the general goes in one unit of knights and with one unit of wolves shoots up one flank.

The other unit of knights (With the War Banner) and wolves go up the other flank. while the Necromancer with the book will be on the side of the field without the general to try and help the knights keep pace.

The Ghouls can hang around with the Skeletons to prevent flank charges and also to help them out in combat and the Banshee in the middle to try and scare the crap out of something.

I'm still new to VC so any help or tips would be great.


Vampire Thrall 162pts
Hand weapon; Battle Standard Bearer; Necrarch; Necrarch - Nehekhara's Noble Blood; Barded Knightmare

Necromancer 115pts
Hand weapon; Level 2 Wizard; Black Periapt

Necromancer 125pts
Hand weapon; Level 2 Wizard; Book of Arkhan


17 Skeletons 195pts
Hand Weapon; Shield; Light Armour; Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer

20 Skeletons 225pts
Hand Weapon; Shield; Light Armour; Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer

10 Ghouls 80pts

10 Ghouls 80pts

5 Dire Wolves 50pts

5 Dire Wolves 50pts


5 Black Knights 174pts
Hand weapon; Lance; heavy armour; shield; Barded Knightmare; Standard Bearer; Musician; War Banner

5 Black Knights 149pts
Hand weapon; Lance; heavy armour; shield; Barded Knightmare; Standard Bearer; Musician;


Banshee 90pts

Total Points 1495

12-11-2006, 07:00
Your Skeleton units are quite small, you can't always rely on the necromancers raising more (we don't live in an ideal world).
The general should be a Necromancer
1. to help the Skeletons 'keep pace'
2. The general cannot also be the Battle Standard Bearer(BSB)

Aha! the old no-barding trick...

The Thnikkaman
12-11-2006, 07:22
As showmydog says, the general should be in the middle of your battleline. Otherwise your flanks will arrive at the enemy way before the rest of your army does and they can be destroyed piecemeal.

The two skeleton units are a bit too small. They will not win combat on their own, they either need numbers to win & autobreak and (preferably) something a bit fighty to tip the balance.

I've played against VC enough times to know that ghouls are excellent units, although I'm wondering whether two units are needed. You may want to take a unit of fell bats instead to deal with war machines or lone wizards and such.

but the best advice is to play with it and see what sorts of problems you come up against and change the list accordingly.

Alex Under
13-11-2006, 13:29
Well, now that VC can field giants, why don't you paint your awesome Zombie Giant and fit it in the list? That would give you the punch you need to support the skellies, plus an extra terror causing unit and an objective for cannons and arrows (so your units can reach the enemy with very few casualties). Plus, you would surely win best painted army in many competitions with such a centre piece!

Oh, and I too miss some fell bats.

14-11-2006, 13:44
OK so I re-jigged my list a little taking some of your suggestions on board.

I decided to drop the power stones in favour of bumping up the smaller skeleton unit as the idea of the stones was to bump the units up on the first turn anyway.

Also I will try having a Necromancer as the general, the only reason I had a vamp was I thought he would have more staying power.

I really love the ghoul units and as they are so cheap I don't think two units of them is too much.

I should probably explain that although my list is supposed to be fairly balanced and not a cheese fest I do mainly play only 1 of 3 armies. (Ogres, Beastmen and Dwarfs) So I did think of these armies when building. Against Dwarfs I would change the Banshee for something, maybe fell bats due to the Dwarfs having high LD and common place magical cannons.

Alex Under - I may just paint the giant someday, I have some ideas about how to paint him but as I have no zombie models at the moment he may look out of place.

Does anyone have experience playing against the armies I specified above with VC? Maybe you could let me know some of the things that work for you?

14-11-2006, 18:08
VS Ogres... add 1 more unit of ghouls, the poisoned attacks will really hurt him

VS Beastmen... maximize your unit raising, to raise units in his backs and sides (fight fire with fire :) )

VS Dwarves... uh.... don't play vs dwarves, you can't outnumber them, you can't out-magic them, you can't out shoot them and you can't out fight them :mad:

14-11-2006, 18:15
just remembered, the only thing you can do is out-flank them, cause you have some Mv9 & Mv8 but, the unit you do flank will probably have a loadstone in it... so guess what, no flank!!!! I REALLY REALLY hate dwarves!

PS: not the real kind, just the 28mm plastic and pewter ones :)

Alex Under
16-11-2006, 13:31
Well, if you're fighting dwarves you'll really need the fell bats in order to bring down his warmachines.

Too bad the giant isn't yet painted! :cries: