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11-11-2006, 20:58
Hi. I've gotten my hands on a rather large chaos army my friend gave up, but I don't have any experience with chaos since 4. ed.

I'll have to design a 2000 points against an orc heavy O&G army (large blocks of orcs and Big'uns, orc boar chariots, a large regiment of Nightgobbos, a giant, stone thrower, doom diver, wolf riders and a wyvern and so on)

So I hoped someone could help with some tips of building my army.

Here my present models ( a single unit or so could be added ?) :

Characters :
1 Chaos Dragon + rider
2 Steeds of Slaanesh + riders
1 chaos Champion / Lord on chaos horse
1 Champion of Tzeentch
2 Champions of Nurgle
1 Deamon prince / Exalted deamon
1 Chaos lord / Champion on Deamonic steed
1 Beastman hero
1 Beastman Shaman
2 Chaos sorcerers

Core :
10 chaos hounds
2 X 5 chaos chaos knights (full command)
20 Chaos warriors (Shield + HW)
3 Chaos warrior Chariots
20 marauders (shield + HW)

Special :
3 bases of Nurglings
20 Plaugebearers
5 furies
20 Deamonettes of Slaanesh
1 Beastherd (12 Gors + 8 ungors)
5 Trolls

Rare :
2 chaos spawn
1 Hellcannon

I would really like the Hell cannon, which rules out the spawns.
I'm really in doubt about the general : should he be a lord on dragon, a lord on normal chaos steed, or a deamon prince (with "master of mortals")

So - how would you put such an army together ?

12-11-2006, 06:49
Wow, that's quite the force.

You can really do alot with this. But, there is too much variety and not enough "staples". Chaos wariors are nice and fluffy but not to great as a unit. Demonettes are also very fluffy but not great as units. You will also probably not get much mileage out of Demon Princes as they tend to be "bullseye's" and attract alot of fire.

The beast herds are good (more is better), and the chaos knights are also good (you have enough now). Marauders are great but you will need about 5 more. 25 is the best number in a marauder unit. But 20 will also do nicely.

If you like the Hellcannon (as I do!), the more pricey units will need to find storage space. The Dragon is cool but very heavy on points.

You may also think about adding some maruader horsemen with flails. The flails can come from a box of marauders. (2X5 with musicians are a great investment). So too are Tzeetch screemers, and mounted demonettes.

The chaos chariots are good. But a beast chariot can do the job just as well and is cheaper on points.

Nurgle demons/units do not generally get to outnumber like skeletons but with the amount that you have, these could be used effectively. For me, I don't keep anything nurgle except nurglings and a few characters.

Furries are a must.

This is quite the starting list. You can explore alot of what chaos has to offer. But as I have said, some units tend to be obsolete due to their points cost. I mean, I too have 20 demonettes and 3 chaos chariots and Demon Princes. I haven't used them in over 2 years (and I play alteast 2 times per month). There are just better substitues out there. Just my HO.