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12-11-2006, 00:08
Just finished a game. 1850 pts total. Rule book says less than 10% vps difference equals a draw. I had 171 vps more than my opponent so we drew.

My opponent brought a 8 man Khornate Termy squad. I shot them, I got my GUO in CC with them, basicly everything I had and he was left with 2 on board at game end.

I say this about terminators vs. any other squad you don't totally wipe out just because 1)they are VERY hard to kill, and 2)because half pts of a terminator squad is usually more points than half of any other type squad.

If even 1 terminator lives out of that 408 pt squad he denies me 204 vps. That's 204+185= 389 vps I gotta win by to "win".

I don't fight vs. terminators much, so was this a fluke or are big terminator squads a viable way to skew the pts to prevent defeat. Granted this tactic won't help you "win", but they did deny me a "solid victory".

Master Jeridian
12-11-2006, 00:14
It may have been a fluke, or it may be that your army is lacking in AP 2 weaponry and/or power weapons and fists.

Terminators crumble before plasmaguns, power fists, starcannons, etc just as easily as Marines- only there are fewer of them to start with. Any competent army list will have a fair amount of AP 2 or power weaponry in it, even Tau have Plasma Rifles and Necrons have Warscythes.

12-11-2006, 00:15
Terminators generally aren't that hard to kill if you know how to do it.

A unit of orks with Choppas or some plasma guns will do it fine. I don't think anyone would take them just so that part of the squad will survive.

12-11-2006, 00:17
Well my army had 12 plasma guns in it. 6 x 7man Plaguemarine squads each with 2 plas and either a PF or PW. But I had to shoot some at his 4 berzerker squads and 1 bloodletter squad. Cant totally concentrate on the terminators and let all those other folx make it to my gunline.

Our heavies were 2 defilers for him vs. my defiler, dread, and pred.

12-11-2006, 00:34
Khorne Berzerkers, Daemonettes, Assault Squads with power weapons, Genestealers, Howling Banshees, or a nice volley of Fusion Guns should see off most Termie squads.

12-11-2006, 01:00
i usually ignore them, but i agree it sounds fluky they lived if you had that much plasma and power weaponry, i sometimes go up against a deathwing army, and i swear those dice are loaded sometimes, about 15wounds or so, 1 dead terminator grr!

12-11-2006, 04:14
One of the reasons that termis come in handy for points denial is that they deep strike. DSing effectively lets them avoid a few turns of shooting, which can make all the difference.

The later they come in, the more they skew the battle. You've been fighting your way through the opponents army, taken losses, been beaten up, and then WHAM a 350+ point termi squad drops in and messes everything up. All of a sudden, you've got an ultra hard squad, probably where you didn't expect them to show up. You're lines have been spread out engaging the rest of the army and now you have this to deal with.

That's how termis deny VPs. At least when a good general is using them.

How to deal with it? If you know he has termis (for example he starts rolling for reserves!), prepare for them. Don't leave big holes in your lines. Keep a squad back to deal with the threat. After all, if he has a heap of points in reserves, you should be ok holding some of your stuff back.

Try to predict where he'll drop them and prepare. Alternatively, make things too risky for him to drop close to you. They only move 6", so if he has to DS them a long way's off to avoid plasma burns and/or nasty terrain, they won't be as much of a problem and you can pump the dakka into 'em.