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12-11-2006, 18:23
Heres my list for the TK;

Tomb King
Destroyer of Eternities, Brooch of the Desert
Light Armour, Shield
[Pts: 271]

Cloak of Dunes, Plaques of Incantation
[Pts: 165]

Liche Priest
2 Dispel Scrolls
Casket of Souls
[Pts: 330]

Tomb Prince
Golden Ankhra
Great Weapon, Light armour, Shield
Mounted in a Chariot
[Pts: 198]

3 Chariots
Standard of the Cursed Word
[Pts: 195]

3 Chariots
[Pts: 120]

20 Skeleton Warriors
Light Armour
Full Command
[Pts: 180]

20 Skeleton Warriors
Light Armour, Spears
Full Command
Banner of the Undying Legion
[Pts: 225]

10 Skeleton Archers
[Pts: 80]

10 Skeleton Archers
[Pts: 80]

Tomb Scorpion
[Pts: 85]

Screaming Skull Catapult
[Pts: 90]

Total: 2248
DD 4 + 3 Dispel items
PD: Irrelevant

This army is based off a budget of roughly £175 over the course of 2 months. I haven't got a clue how this army will play, but it looked good in theory.

Anyone got any suggestions?

14-11-2006, 03:13
Destroyer of Eternities is a cool weapon, but not usually worth the points you will spend on it. Carrion are a must in any TK list, because they can take out artillery and march block.

14-11-2006, 09:15
TK are easily more manouverable than anything else and the War Machines are something that the Scorpion can deal with. I may trade it for some Carrion though.

14-11-2006, 10:13
I would drop the casket because I think that the risk involved in using one is quite high in games bellow 3000p.
Drop the brooch from the king and add the collar of shapesh. The Destroyer is an excellent weapon!!
Drop the ward save from the prince and add the chariot that gives D6+1 impact hits.
Drop the plaques from the hierophant. This item is worth taking only for a High priest. Give him the cloak of dunes for extra mobility.
Try to field two scorpions and a tomb giant. People tend to overlook the giant but this guy rocks! He can negate ranks and cause a lot of damage! Last time I used one I was able to charge him on the flank of 16 chosen warriors of khorne and break them :D:D
Just make sure you don't send him against a line of cannons!
Also mount your liches on horses. With the 7th edition rules they will be able to join infantry units and your opponent won't be able to shoot them!
Finally equip your blocks of skeletons with LA+shield+hand weapon for the increased save.
Try fielding one unit of Tomb Guard. I don't remember if you have included one. Give them the banner of undying legion and stick your king with them! Your enemies will learn to fear them :D

Happy Gaming!

14-11-2006, 10:17
I almost forgot! Drop the musicians and champions from your units!!! They are worhless. The only unit that should have a full command group should be the Tomb Guard. Get rid of the light armour and shields from your characters. Its a waste of points.
Finally try squeezing a unit of 5 carrion. They are the best unit to prevent your enemy from marching !!!

14-11-2006, 10:53
I'd say drop a unit of chariots, you only really need a unit for each chariot mounted character in my opinion. Also you seem to have paid too many points for the unit with standard and cursing word. For chariots i think the icon of the sacred eye or mirage standard are better options. A prince hitting on 2's with a great weapon is always fun. I agree that the king should drop the brooch for the collar of shapesh, it works so well with the destroyer in a unit of skeletons or tomb guard...although your opponents will avoid it like the plague. whatever unit he goes in you could give the undying legion banner to make up for the wounds the king inflicts on the unit with his ward. I'd probably boost the skeleton units to 30 if possible and i definitely wouldn't bother giving them spears as equipment (i modelled mine with spears but i always make my opponents pretend they are hand weapons)...you only want your skeletons to hold enemy troops, dont delude yourself into thinking they can fight anyone harder to kill than a goblin. I'd say stick with the scorpion over the carrion as it is far more versatile, and if you can manage it i'd say try to squeeze in the skulls of the foe upgrade for your catapult. I'd also give the heirophant the heiratic jar over the plaques as it can get him out of sticky situations or get you that game winning charge.

14-11-2006, 19:31
A few things;

I am making this force from a pair of battalion boxed sets, so 6 chariots is staying.

The brooch was going to be changeable with the Collar of Shapesh. I will conceed and get the Jar, but leave the Casket.

I was unsure whether or not to have the Spears. The hand weapons is probably the better choice. The command groups are something I would prefer to leave in because I do not want to find myself losing combats because of lacking a command group.

The points saved from the Spear wielding infantry means I can get the Skulls of the Foes upgrade quite easily.

Trading the Golden Ankh for the Chariot of Fire and the Icon of Rulership is going to happen. As I would have anticipated it would.

A note - I am buying two batallions for this army...and I am not going to spending more than 180 quid on this army.