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Dasqueek-Master Assassin
12-11-2006, 23:15
does anyone play a tzeentch daemonic army?

how effective/ fun is it to play?

13-11-2006, 00:37
it's really fun.

if you like magic then you'll be served. but don't expect to win in HtH you'll have to rely on magic and shooting (from the flamers). Bring some screamers to hunt lonely mage or war machine. a must is to field a unit of changebringers. they are just to good not to field.

apart from that... have fun!

i might be able to find links to an old army list I've post here... or try searching the army list section of the forum.

13-11-2006, 09:10
It is the only magical army that is more relentless than the Tomb Kings IMO. IF you play the Tzeentch Daemonic Horde right you will find your magic phase gives your opponent a very nervous twitch.

My only bit of advice for you woud be that if you want to plat Tzeentch Daemons, go with the SoC list. It givs you wider scope for conversions and means you can field units of Horrors as Skirmishers AND Disk chariots.

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
13-11-2006, 19:28
are tzeentch daemonic cavalry not very effective?
i have heard that they cannot negate rank bonuses and are therefor not worth their points
what does a basic list look like say 2000pts (SoC list of course)
i think a massive number or horrors flamers and screamers with a chariot or two is what im looking for

Wings of Doom
13-11-2006, 19:40
As flyers, they cannot negate rank bonus.
But you shouldn't be planning to get into combat.

The effective range of 28" flame makes them much more flexable than flamer units, and flying on its self is great for mucking up your opponents movement phase.

Also see: T5, W3, 6+/5+ save. They are increadably 'ard- probably only less hard than your characters.

So, they aren't going to charge into combat and break a unit on the first turn like a unit of bloodcrushers, but thats not how you should use them. They are pretty steep points wise, but what would you take otherwise? You should already have a relatively solid core of horrors and character / s, and after that their isn't much that beats changebringers. Of course you'll need some screamers, but flamers aren't really brilliant (they're quite specialised to character/warmachine/hunting, and now characters are easier to shoot their being hidden in units thus deducting some of your effectiveness.)

Feel like I've rambled on enough here... I'd say take a unit of 3 changebringers in 2K, and see how they do. You'll be suprised.

13-11-2006, 20:04
i have a tzeentch daemonic legion its amazingly hard.very fun but very expensive.
all i can suggest is remember all your spells (i have on a number of occasions forgotten about the bound spells)take at least one unit of screamers and have many units of 10 horrors with wizards and if you want take a few chariots.
hope that helped.
good luck

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
13-11-2006, 21:46
i was thinking about taking only afew units of horrors and something like 2 units of changebringers and 2 chariots+ LoC+ exalted deamon. is this a bad idea? am i going to want to rely on horrors more?

14-11-2006, 01:40
good luck fitting 2 units of changebringers and 2 chariots in a 2000pt army.

Your main stay unit should be 2 units of of horrors. and say a small unit of flamers - thats already alot of points. Then u have ur characters...a exalted daemon and 2 heralds and you HAVE TO HAVE 1 of them carrying a battle standard, trust me...you thank urself for bringing it.

this is my list - although ive stop playing now, my win:loss ratio was around 8:2

DP, MoT, Diabolic Splendour
1 daemonic herald + MoT + Master of sorcery + Disc of T.
1 daemonic herald + MoT + Master of sorcery + Disc of T.

12 horrors with champion (there must be a champion on every unit)
12 horrors with champion
6 flamers
4 screamers
4 changebringers

Spells: 10 ((so high pecentage to get blue fire for sure)
PD: 12
DD: 8
Bound Spells: 2
Shooting Phase: 6d6 + 4d6 ST3 shots (enough to kill support units)

Exactly 2000 points.

If you really really want to take a chariot - maybe take out a herald or the unit of screamers, but in doing so either damages your magic quite significantly, or damages your warmachine hunting ability.

14-11-2006, 02:56
I can field over 3k points in daemons from every power, they are a fun list to play, I've been playing daemons/Undead as my two favorite armies since 5th edition. They were still fun before daemon legions was released in 6th but VERY challenging. Here is a daemon specific website; http://thedaemoniclegion.com/

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
14-11-2006, 15:12
yeah i found that already and what an amazing site it is!!
i absolutly love it! my only gripe is that there isnt a tzeentch featred army yet :mad:

14-11-2006, 23:59
Thlgzoweeq'dheeq' , DP, MoT

12 horrors, full command
12 horrors, full command
21 horrors, full command
6 flamers
6 flamers
3 screamer

4 changebringers

that was my Tzeentch layout. it's 9 PD and 7DP. i was relying on the stronger bound spell. i haven't tried this list under 7th edition yet. i would tweak it a bit since i cannot give my PD to my daemon prince anymore.

hope this helps a bit

Wings of Doom
15-11-2006, 17:59
Well, everyone else seems to be doing it, so I will:
My 2K list.

Lord of Change

11 Horrors

16 Horrors

16 Horrors

5 Screamers

5 Screamers

3 Changebringers


9 PD

The horrors are units of 16 because I had the points spare and couldn't spend them on anything else (I originally has 2 units of 12 and a unit of 16).
The unit of 11 is to allow for two units of 16. Taking units under 11 is completely pointless, as D6 strength 2 are never going to do anything, and so the opponent won't do what you want him to do- use up dispel dice. Only one character means I don't get that many great spells of- If I get bad rolling for the lord of change it could potentially much up the game entirely, but I usually use my powerdice like so: 2 for 2 of the horror champions, and either 1 for the other (1 in 3 chance of casting red fire) or 5 on the LoC (depending on which spells I roll). The objective of the army is to keep the horrors out of combat, using their bound spells and red fire to whittle away at the enemy whilst everything else restricts movement and does a little bit of damage at a time/combined reaer-flank charges. Not a complete flying circus, but enough to keep my opponent on his toes, plus having units that cope with pretty much anything- warmachines, skirmishers and support units can be taken out by the screamers and changebringers, whilst the lord of change and horrors work on taking out the tougher units. 2-4 Red fires a turn, plus 2d6 strength 4 and d6 strength 3 hits isn't too bad. I find concentrating firepower on the most threataning unit whilst making sure the others don't move around too much works pretty well.
If the enemy do get into combat with the horrors, I'm fast enough to zip back and (hopefully) save them.
I didn't take flamers because I think changebringers are so much better for the points (more flexable, tougher, and, ok, worse shooting, but they more than make up for it).

15-11-2006, 18:04
I also love the Tzeentch daemonic legion.

Remember, if you put a daemonic herald in a chariot of tzeentch it will have 5 unit strength and be able to cancel ranks. A flying, casting, shooting chariot that can cancel ranks is extremely dangerous.

15-11-2006, 18:10
I'm going from memory, but my DL looked like this:

1 Daemon Prince of tzeentch(tooled up)
1 daemonic herald(BSB in chariot)

3 units of 12 horrors(6x2) w/ champion
8 screamers.

3 changebringers

1 chariot

They're REALLY a lot of fun. The list pumps out an INSANE amount of power dice. They're not as good as 6th ed where you could funnel all those cheap power dice into the daemon prince, but tossing out 1 die for red fire(horror units shouldn't even bother rolling for their champion's spells), but having the other 2 characters flying around casting tzeentch magic is really painful.

you have 4 flying units(screamers, changebringers(kinda), chariot, and daemon prince).

Chariots actually can do a LOT of damage on the charge, with 8+d6 S4 magic attacks. And if the herald rolls orange fire, you're rerolling all those hits/wounds.