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12-11-2006, 23:47
When using warriors with the bodyguard rule and assuming you have plenty of heroes which of the following is the best idea.

Tie all of them to your hardest hero ie. make them fearless so long as the hardest hero to kill is alive.
Tie them to multiple heroes, that way when one dies you still have some fearless troops.
Tie them to one small hero and hide that hero from the battle eg. Rohan Royal Guard bodyguard for Merry and Merry hides the whole game.

Theme wise there are some circumstances where the choice is clear. The rohan royals would always be with Theoden if he leads, Theodred if Theoden is not present, Eomer if neither is present etc.
But there are some grey areas. Citadel guard with Boromir and Faramir. Boromir is older and more favoured by Denethor but Faramir is admired among his men. Would the guards prefer one over the other or would they split their influence. How would this change if Denethor, powerful true but is he supported by the troops in the same way, was in the force.

Also, would your distribution be affected by the number of bodyguards you had? Like if you had five would you pick one hero but if you had thirty would you divide them?

13-11-2006, 09:16
I would put the guard with Boromir, that is what denethor and the guards would choose, remember, Boromir was also he a beloved son of Gondor, the men loved him, everyone did.

As for the question on who they'll guard, I myself assign them to the most fluffy-important hero, be it Boromir of the White Tower or Thedoen of Rohan.

Dr Death
16-11-2006, 16:42
Well in the films the citadel guard of Gondor always follow denethor so in the Gondorian situation i would probably resolve to have them guard him, despite the fact he's actually the weakest of the three. Between Boromir and Faramir i would have them guard Boromir as it not only makes tactical sense but also represents the importance of the first son/heir of a noble lord.

Taking another guard unit- Khazad Guard, i would never ever have them bodyguard Gimli (mind you i would never use gimli in a dwarf army either, his rules really are to reflect him as a member of the fellowship rather than as a rank and file warrior among his own kin).

As a general rule though, it's a matter of the highest ranking lord, then his heir/child, then any siblings/others.

Dr Death

16-11-2006, 18:39
The thing is, although a nearly every soldier of gondor nearly worships Boromir, some would probably have a greater loyalty to Faramir such as his personal warriors. The rangers may for instance have a stronger bond with Faramir than Boromir because Faramir has led them personally in not just battle but week long forays into Ithilien. However, as rangers don't have the rule it doesn't really matter. I think I remember Beregond having a high opinion of Faramir, can't recall his thoughts for Boromir though.

I'm not just asking for theme though, are there tactical benefits for splitting your guards such as in the scenarios above?

Lord Gordonis
16-11-2006, 22:43
Yes I think that there are tactical benefits of having bodyguards to many heroes because if you are attacking something that causes terror you dont need to take a courage test because the heroe that the bodyguards is still alive dont need to take any courage checks goodbye ringwraiths! lol!. Personally I would split the bodyguards up to different heroes.

17-11-2006, 00:05
Cool, thanks for the advice.