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13-11-2006, 23:42
Giving another kick at the can sort of speak. Find it hard to have a good all commers list, but we shall see how this works out.

Arch Mage 265pts
-Pure of Heart, Silver Wand, lvl4

Mage 145pts
-Jewel of Dusk, lvl2

Commander 166pts
-Great Weapon, Fusil of Conflagration, Dragon Armor, Shield, Great Eagle

Archers x10 120pts

Archers x10 120pts

Silver Helms x10 251pts
-Barding, Heavy Armor, Standard, Musician

Silver Helms x10 251pts
-Barding, Heavy Armor, Standard, Musician

Reavers x5 141pts
-Spear, Bow, Musician, Standard

Chariots x2 170pts

Chariots x2 170pts

Bolt Throwers x2 200pts

Ender Shadowkin
14-11-2006, 00:32
Looks like a decent Hard Hitting List. But here are the changes I would make.

I would give the Silver wand to the LVL 2. If you want an entire lore .. . that's fine. But You can get the spells you want by not upgrading to a Lvl 4. Taking Seer and Channeler. THan you can pick up the three spells you really want and still cast with 5 dice, or just skip channeler. Than your lvl 2 could get 3 spells . . . Make up for the lost power dice either with the banner of sorcery or one of the rings.

It looks like you are a little light on power dice too, so I would go for the banner (need an elite though . . .) or a ring. The ring of Fury on the eagle rider will kill far more than the Fusil.

I also like a reaver bow over the Fusil anyway, unless your trying to say he is actuall riding a mini-dragon or something . . .

You have a lot of s3 missile fire. Which is near worthless agains a T4 based army. I would drop one of those archery units. With the two repeaters and your magic you have plenty of Shooting. Actually I would say drop them both but it looks like you want to use some, so try and keep it to one unit.

You could use some sort of rank bonus, for a take all comers list. I would drop the archers and a silver helm unit to get a big spear elves or swordmaster unit. Use the scraps for a 5 man Silver helm unit or an eagle.

Also, you should work in the Lion standard. Its great for take all comer lists. With "First amoung equals" you could put it on a Silver Helm unit.

Note the GW on the Eagel rider is not really a good idea anymore, its only +1 strengh while mounted. You could get the same by giving him a halbard (technically legal, devious maybe) or I usuall put a lance on him. If you don't win the first round of combat with him your pretty much screwed anyway.

14-11-2006, 03:35
Hi, just a few comments, questions and suggestions.

Firstly, I would try to do something about the size of those silverhelm units. At 10 models, they only need to take a single casualty and the rank bonus is gone. With no characters in them you can't really rely on the +1 you might get for unit strength to tip the balance either. I'd probably reduce one to 6 models and bolster the second to 12. As Ender suggests, I'd then give the larger unit a magic banner of some description (Warbanner is nice but Lion Standard will make sure you charge when you want to).

Also, I a big fan of infantry blocks but it seems that you don't want to go that way here so fair enough. Still, I would say two units of archers is probably a waste... you're being sporting enough fielding one :). Maybe use one unit's points to allow you to bolster both silverhelms to 12? That might be at risk of getting a bit Magic and Cavalry heavy then though.

Finally, I was wondering if you'd thought about where your Mages are going to go? With the new targetting rules, the only place I can see them is in your archers which would be receipe for disaster... maybe something to think about?

No comments on the characters otherwise; Ender's were enough. See what you think anyway.



14-11-2006, 14:30
Nice list except maybe for the silverhelms. Lose the standard on the reavers. Maybe give the archers some music.