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Dance of Winter
15-11-2006, 08:09

I have played with my dwarves so long, maby too long :), so I decided that I could try a Wood Elf force. I usually play with my friends with competitive tournament armies. What do you think? What could be better? Or what should I change?

I do not have any Wood Elf minis yet, so every suggestion is welcome.

Here's the list:

spellweaver 295p: longbow, wand of wych helm 55, scroll 25
noble 120p: battle standard 15, stone of crystal mere 30
noble 169p: longbow, la 2, sh 2, great eagle 50, rageth's wildfire blades 10, hail of doom arrow 30
brachwraith 140p: lvl 1 mage 50, a cluster of radiants 25

8 dryads 96p
8 dryads 96p
10 glade guard 120p: longbow
10 glade guard 126p: longbow, musicant 6
5 glade rieders 129p: spear, longbow, musicant 9

3 treekin 195p
3 treekin 195p
6 wild riders 199p: la, spear, musicant, std 18, war banner 25
6 wardancer 115p: musicant 7

total 1995p
models: 75
dispell: 6
power: 6

/Dance of Winter

15-11-2006, 09:15
YOu could also win, but I fear you lack at strong units. Anyway WE units are supposed to wreak havoc even in small numbers, so whatever, it could be also a powerful list. Didn´t you spend too many points in characters?

Dance of Winter
15-11-2006, 10:01
Well... 6 re-rollable dispell is strong. Battle stanard with 3+ ward is strong and really helpful with combats. Brachwraith gives 2 dispell and is quite good in combat, but is quite expensive. The eagle noble is expensive too, but IMO, hail of doom arrow is must choice for woodies and his fire blades is really good against TK, flammable and ethereal units.

If there's too many points in characters, how could I change that? Leaving something out, no thanks. Replaceing spellweaver and brachwraith with two small mages?

Changeing noble's eagle to elven steed would be cheaper option but eagle is good when charging small units.

/dance of winter

15-11-2006, 14:22
My opinion (I don´t play WE, so keep it as a mere opinion) is that since you have only 6 power dice, you won´t be strong on magic during battle. Strong magic begins with 10+ power dice. Then I would cut spellweaver and brachwraith, replacing with one noble and leaving the remaining points for some core unit in rank.

19-11-2006, 23:06
Rageth's wildfire blades suck. Just take a spear.

Take a full unit of 8 wardancers with both command.

The rest is pretty good. best of luck.

god octo
20-11-2006, 18:33
i would get rid of the bsb, as you dont really have any units to benefit from it, such as eternal guard. if you did, you could use the points to get more wardancers. i like the agle noble, but as mentioned, maybe a spear would be better, as he would hit harder on the charge and would be cheaper

21-11-2006, 00:44
Just go easy-mode and take some treemen..

21-11-2006, 01:03
Just go easy-mode and take some treemen..

Don't make trollish posts, please. Especially about things that are NOT broken, like treemen.

To the list:

I'd mimic what most have said.
Ditch the mage-lord. Grab a basic fighty lord and use him to smack some stuff around. A common(but expensive!) kit i've seen is an alter kindred, with the bow of loren, and arcane bodkins. We call him the machine-gun-go-kart.

With a 9" move, 5 shots(hitting on 2s!) and ignoring armor saves, he can be quite mean.

If you want to go cheap, make him an eternal guard kindred and give him a great weapon.

Apart from the Lord issue, there are few other things I can suggest.

The main army related issue is the two units of treekin. If it were me, I'd get rid of two of them and make the other unit 4 strong. With the remaining 130 points you can round out the rest of the army, add another wardancer unit, a glade guard unit, or whatever suits your fancy.


21-11-2006, 17:38
well the list is pretty tight as far as i can see but the one thing that could be different and possibly better in my experience is to drop 1 of the tree kin units and take a 10 strong troupe of wardancer with bladesinger and musician or take a smaller troupe and a great eagle. good luck to you

21-11-2006, 21:56
That's a lot of Tree Kin...
Not sure how they'd hold up, but you might as well give them a shot before you axe them...
...wow, i really didn't intend that pun...

22-11-2006, 06:18
I don't think the eagle noble is that great an idea. The machine gun highborn, on the other hand, is great. The spellweaver can be used to great success, especially with the ability to reroll dispels, but I think the list will suffer badly against armour. I'd then switch the eagle noble for either another branchwraith or a mage with scrolls. I personally would opt for a mage with Pageant of Shrikes (always hits on 3, so BS doesn't matter) and a scroll.

A pair of eagles to take your Rare slots is a fantastic option now you've lost the eagle-riding noble. You'd probably need to sacrifice one of the Treekin units for this.

Other than that, it's quite a strong list if you like magic, but you'll struggle against heavily armoured opponents and your only real way around this is dropping the mage for a highborn, which means your offensive magic becomes non-existent. It depends on who you're playing.

26-11-2006, 04:30
The great eagle noble should have the dawnspear.
give your Branchwraith pagaent of shrikes.

Make your wardancers 8 w/ full command.

Try to get an eagle in there, they are really helpful

Dance of Winter
08-12-2006, 19:58
Okay... I'm back in business...

Questions and stuff:

Tutore: did you notice that this list isn't magic heavy?

god octo: Why should I drop BSB? It helps alot those two treekin units and all the other "attacking" units. Not just some crazy eternal guard.

druchii: Yes, it is true, that this list relates mostly on those two treekin units. But there are wild riders and friends to help... :)

Alter kindred isn't good anymore, thanks to 7ed. I've been thinking to take dragon lord, but that choice will change the idea of the list.

guardofathelloren: IMO wardancers are just expensive dryads, so I took 6 to make the army looke like wood elf list. IMO they give nice twist to the army.

Highborn: From wich point of view eagle noble is bad choise? movement? easy-to-hide points? great eagle mount? tell me, please. I've used two of those kind of guys in high elf army few times, and they rock!!! And IMO all welf lists, except forest spirit lists, are weak in armour.

popisdead: hmmm... yes... the dawnspear is a good option, but it is quite expensvie. the fireblades are nice suprice against another woodie army :)
maby I could take 8 wardancers... but just one squad of those in my army. ;)

/dance of winter

09-12-2006, 02:49
Honestly loose the BSB unless he is able to join units of tree spirits he is useless and will get shot by either a warmachine or a magic missile on the first or second turn. you are better off spending the points from him, the glade riders and one of the wildriders on a Treeman just so your amy will have more staying power in combat.

09-12-2006, 14:38
What about scouts or waywatchers for your enemy warmachines?

And how come alter kindred is no longer good with 7th edition?

09-12-2006, 15:51
alter is still good, you just need to think more when you use him.

anyway, some advice:

the spellweaver is a good choice for solid magic defense, but i feel your ging too character heavy.

i would drop the branchwraith, replace the BSB with a wardancer noble with the moonstone, add another wardancer to the unit and you suddenly have a very nice unit.

at the moment, the bsb doesn't add anything to your army

i would also get rid of the teekin, i personally don't like them.... i prefere treeman

don't listen to the easy mode crap, the treeman is one of the best buys for a wood elf general, they are simply fantastic. If your willing to sacrefice the spellweaver get a treeman ancient with netlings....such a nice combo.

oh, and get a great eagle, they are the swiss army knifes of the WE list :)

Von Wibble
09-12-2006, 22:24
I disagree about treekin Rheinnon. They are a counterpunch unit that is very good at its job, and on a point per point basis far more hard hitting (3 have 12 S5 attacks, instead of 5 S6). For about 200 pts they are very hard to kill unless teh enemy devotes a lot of concentration into doing so. A treeman can often lose out to a cheap unit of troops with WS4 (eg Dark elves, empire swordsmen) thaks to repeated CR, whilst teh extra kills of teh treekin prevent this. But the treeman is good enough to warrant 1 being taken also as stubborn stops teh harder hitting units from causing a rout.

Someone above stated Alter + Bow of Loren = 5 shots. Surely 4 shots as an extra hand weapon does not give a bonus shot. Tbh I think Alter should not be allowed anything except 2 hand weapons anyway - how exactly does a wolf fire a bow?

I always think that if a lot is spent on magic defense you might as well spend just a little more on offense. Switch the 'wraith for a spellsinger and switch 1 unit of treekin for a treeman. Lose the BSB to do this.

09-12-2006, 22:39
each to their own

alter gets 5 attacks with the bow of loran because he has 5 attacks, it has nothing to do with an extra handweapon as Alters get +1 attack naturally

09-12-2006, 23:19
Im really not sold on the BSB in this list. I like the rest of it, I just have to agree with god octo that BSB isn't as effective as adding another unit of wardancers or even finding an extra 5pts. and increasing the Treekin units to 4 apeice. The reason I say this is because The CC units you have aren't really designed for prolonged combat (besides the treekin), so your basically spending 120 pts. so two units can reroll a leadership test. I would rather make the units stronger, and add more punch to your list.

Dance of Winter
17-12-2006, 20:50
Well... I've thought what you guys have said, and now I have mixed up a ne version of the list, more aggresive... I think...

So here it is:

Alter Highborn 290p: la, sh, gw, bow of loren, arcane bodkins, stone of crystal mere
Alter Noble 158p: la, sh, gw, helm of hunt, hail of doom arrow
Spellsinger 140p: lvl1, 2x dispel scrolls

8 Dryads 96p
8 Dryads 96p
10 Gladeguard 120p: longbow
10 Gladeguard 120p: longbow

5 Wild Riders 148p: musicant, standard
5 Wild Riders 173p: musicant, standard, warbanner
4 Treekin 260p: razor sharp talons
6 Wardacers 108p: wardancer stuff

Treeman 285p: treeman stuff

total: 1994p

What do you think?

/dance of winter

23-12-2006, 00:15
You don't have a huge reason to take a BSB (usually an Ancient is the real reason).

Your great eagle noble isn't config'd so well.

You should take 8 wardancers with full command.

The rest looks good.