View Full Version : Stormtroopers and Grenadiers

15-11-2006, 20:35
Ok, quick question here. according to the IG codex, Grenadiers are identical to Stormtroopers except they can't Deep Strike or Infiltrate, but are essentially raised from the same recruits as the normal Guardsmen are, wheras Stormtroopers are outside troops attached to the unit by Munitorum. If I'm correct in this, if using both Grenadiers and Stormtroopers in a unit, would if be more correct from "fluff" standpoint to use the Stormtrooper models from GW for the ST's used as "Elites" rather than DKoK grenadiers I'm using for the "grenadiers" troops?

(sorry if this sounds excessivley nerdy)

15-11-2006, 20:42
Um.. I use converted tallarnians as ST in my Cadian army and Kasakin as Kasakin ( Cadian word for Grenadiers ). You can't have stormtroopers and grenadiers in the same unit, unless you consider the grenadier veteran as a stormtrooper, and in that case I would still use the DKoK VetSarge. Both stormtroopers and Grenadiers are supposed to be getting the best equipment and therefore will wear the same uniforms(/armour).