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16-11-2006, 16:02

i was just wondering what everones preferences are for kitting out their lords is, i persinaly like to max out my lords because all my opponents have uber lords as well. my build is:

Dwraf lord:
Shield bearers, gromril armour, hand weapon, shield,
Master rune of Alaric the mad
Rune of cleaving
Rune of striking
Master rune of spite

This lord is well rounded imo and can easily slice up an elf to boot :)

16-11-2006, 16:08
I personally like

Shieldbearers, GW
rune of stone, resistance, and spite
231 pts

1+ armor save, rerollable, and 4+ ward save.
This allows him to take a licken and keep on ticken,
then with a GW he does deal out a good amount of damage.

heretics bane
16-11-2006, 17:13
i like

shield bearers
rune of resistance
master rune of spite

and how can the lord get to reroll his save?? is it the rune of stone

16-11-2006, 17:42
No the rune of resistance gives the re-roll, i have kept a purely defensive lord on standby but i havent got the nerve to test him yet :p, it is:

rune of stone
Master rune of spite
rune preservation / Rune of resistance - (depends on opponent - grrr swordmasters)
master rune of adamant

+ 1T helps alot, and the 1+ / 4+ save, immune to killing blow etc / re-roll 1+ save

this guy is as tough as the mountains themselves :D

16-11-2006, 19:01
A lord on his shieldbearers is immune to killing blow.
Killing blow only works for units with a strenth US2 or less.
A lord with his shieldbearers has a US3, so he is immune to killing blow.
So you are paying 15 points for a resistance to poison, which still has to go through your armor with reroll and then ward save. I dont think preservation is worth it in this case, use the points on something else.

16-11-2006, 19:09
Are you sure that you count as unit strenfth 2/3 because i wasn't aware that you were? but if you say so then thats great :D. Well i guess that ill be taking the rune of resistance then, yay.

16-11-2006, 19:43
On page 29 of the dwarf amry book, it states that the thane with shieldbearers has US3, therefore he is immune to killing blows, which only work for US2 or less.

16-11-2006, 19:50
Oh no, now Thargrund is going to be even harder to beat!

16-11-2006, 19:55

the elf has discovered the post! but it will be fun to face you now Arhalien :evilgrin: - pl3ease keep posting your combinations, i just love dwarf lords :)

The Thnikkaman
17-11-2006, 00:42
i run a lord with shieldbearers, rune of stone, rune of spite, great weapon with rune of snorri spanglehelm, kragg the grimm and rune of might.

the usual 1+ AS, 4+ ward, with either 4 S6 attacks against T4 opponents, or 4 S10 against the tougher ones, usually hitting on a 2+. When facing orcs its just funny :P

17-11-2006, 01:25

17-11-2006, 08:40
The master rune of spite is a talismanic rune so that is still only 3 weapon runes, and the rule is one master rune per item rather than one per character, so a weapon with a master rune and a talisman with a master rune is still permitted, but a weapon with 2 master runes isn't.

Rune of Death
17-11-2006, 15:54
i keep it simple;

rune of stone, and rune of ironx2
great weapon.

17-11-2006, 16:24

Yeah you can have more master runes than 1 as long as they are not on the same part of equipment.

i like the lord thnikkaman very nasty :), i quite like rune of might but since i usually play elves mostly (arhalien) so i never get to use it. the other armies are skaven, bretts + WE and they are also low T :(.

17-11-2006, 19:37
Ah! I'm thinking of Master Rune of Smite(ing?)! Nevermind.

e/Well, I got corrected major.

The Thnikkaman
18-11-2006, 23:48
A lord build a fellow dwarf player in my gaming group runs (which i have vowed never to take on the grounds that it is defensive overkill):

lord with shieldbearers, rune of stone, rune of resistance, master rune of steel, rune of spite, great weapon.

The maximum strength of enemy attacks is 5, and he re-rolls armor saves. So in effect he has, at worst, being wounded on 4+, a 3+ re-rollable armor save, then a 4+ ward. 'Only' dishes out 4 S6 attacks plus the shieldbearers, but yeah. This character is all about letting the enemy break themselves on you.

Unless you have an armor-negating magic weapon, but in my gaming group these are rare.

Bran Dawri
19-11-2006, 01:38
MRO swiftness, RO cleaving x2 (or cleaving & fury)
MRO Steel, RO stone

1+ save that never gets worse than 3+, with S6 always strike first.
Preferably in a unit hammerers to get maximum effect out of the strike first.

19-11-2006, 10:55
The way killing blow works is that it works on anything the model using the rules size or smaller. e.g. an orgre can kill another ogre with killing blow but an elf can't kill an ogre with killing blow.

19-11-2006, 23:21
Ok, here goes my Dwarf lord:

Greatweapon, Shieldbearers

Master rune of steel
Rune of resistance
Rune of stone

Master rune of spite

A much more defensive lord can´t be built, with an armoursave of 1+ which cannot be worsened to less than 3+ (except vs attacks that ignores armoursaves) and a 4+ ward save.

And offensively, I think It´s enough with 4 greatweapon attacks, and not to mention the shieldbearers.

19-11-2006, 23:23
The way killing blow works is that it works on anything the model using the rules size or smaller. e.g. an orgre can kill another ogre with killing blow but an elf can't kill an ogre with killing blow.

Is that really how the Killing blow rule works?

19-11-2006, 23:34
No, it doesn´t. Killing blow only works up to US 2, so only on cavalry, foot troops with US1 or 2, characters up to US 2 as well as fliers and US1 swarms (bat swarms, for example). it also works on chariot mounted characters or ones on monstrous mounts, because these work like US of monster/chariot +1. The +1 is the one you can KB.

20-11-2006, 00:44
Isn't all this defensive magic a little over kill? I never even bother to attack chars because its easier to score CR attacking the grunts.

In fact, I've even been known to not take ANY armor on my Skaven Warlord because no one ever attacks him. Until someone alocates attacks to him, no one will ever know!

20-11-2006, 00:57
Well, at least I tend to use very hard or very killy characters and challenge the crap out of my opponents. If possible I take weapons which do multiple damage, just to get that nice overkill bonus. For example nothing beats a Tomb King with 4+ ward who does +6CR against Champions ;).

20-11-2006, 01:03
Can you even do multiple wounds on a single wound model?

I know you can overkill on a challange, but wouldn't the max be 1 wound per attack for a champ? I think this only works on other chars. And then it seems to not be worth the investment...

Varath- Lord Impaler
20-11-2006, 12:15
Prodi Okrisson, Dwarf King of Karag Vlag is as follows

2x rune of cleaving, Master Rune of Swiftness
Rune of Resistance, 2x rune of iron
Rune of the furnace.

Gives him a reverse great weapon and the survivability to take on almost any character. The rune of the furnace is for 2 reasons- 1. 5 points extra, 2. Immunity to the very nasty Metal Magic lore spells from Strength sevening my ass.