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16-11-2006, 18:44

The gaming shop me and a friend frequent is having a 2500 tourney, and I'm trying to get prepared for it. I would like suggestions if possible, I'm not sure what armies everyone is going to be playing except for my friend that plays Dwarves exclusively. I'm doing this from memory so the point value for each will not be there, but you vets should be able to keep up pretty well.

Here we go:


(I chose Heroes to lead due to the expensive points of a chaos lord)
Exalted Champion of Tzeentch
(mounted or not?)
Shield + Sword of Might
Golden eye of Tzeentch

Sorcerer of Tzeentch
Power Familiar


25xWarriors of Tzeentch
Full Command
Hand weapon + Shield
War Banner

5 Chosen Knight of Tzeentch
Full Command
Tzeentch Banner (Yellow Fire of Transmutation)

5 Horsemen
Full Command
Throwing Axes + Flails

5 Horsemen
Full Command
Throwing Axes + Flails

Full Command


3 Minotaurs of Tzeentch
Full Command
Great Weapons

20 Beast Herd (as is for screening only)

20 Beast Herd (as is for screening only)


Spawn of Tzeentch

This comes out at around 2500

My purpose with this army is distract, flank, and pound into the ground.

The Beast Herd runs and catches bullets/spells for the marauders and warriors who will hold the infantry up long enough to get a good flank with my knights and 1 unit of Horsemen. The other unit of Horsemen will run around tossing axes and hopefully picking up some crossfire as well as lending the helping hand of an extra flank if needed. The Minotaurs are there to scare the bejesus out of anything willing to stand up to a S6 10 attack unit. My Exalted Champ will be on foot as General adding his Ld for the Marauders.

Any suggestions will be appreciated... like I said I was wanting this to be an all around army build but also not stray from the Chaos theme in general.


16-11-2006, 18:59
1) Sorceror can't have mark of tzeentch... keep him undivided put paint him up so he LOOKS like he's Tzeentchian
2) You have no magic in this army.. or, rather, you have little magic that is somewhat worthless... lvl 1 and lvl 2 wizards don't do too well, particularly in a 2.5k battle... plus you're TZEENTCH! I say, drop your Tzeentch hero and make it a Tzeentch Lord with the Staff of Change and, if you still want, the Golden Eye.
3) I'd add in a 3rd wizard and give it either another power familiar or 2x dispel scrolls (I like power familiar because it fuels your lord's magic up and adds a bit of dispelling power)
4) I'm personally not too impressed with the spawn.. I'd replace it with a tzeentch chariot for more hitty power.
5) Your warriors are slow... sure they're nice and hard, but they're expensive as hell and they (along with the Chosen Knights) say "hit me" all over them. I'd remove some of them to make more room for the suggestions above.

Just my 2 cents

16-11-2006, 20:30
I had forgotten the Sorcerers couldn't have the mark. Your suggestions are very good, thank you. The spawn was a point soaker and I had thought about adding a 3rd sorcerer for a scroll caddy. If I reduce the number of warriors how much should I reduce them and still be effective? Half would give me 187 removing the spawn would give me 262, not enough to add a Tzeentch Lord and a 3rd sorcerer. Any suggestions how I could trim the army out to add these?

16-11-2006, 21:05
-Remove... the Exalted Champ, Spawn, and make the warrior unit around... I like units of 10, but you can go for 15 if points permit. (Warriors in Tzeentch armies usually have the purpose of generating power die, since they're too slow for nice big charges, so squads are kept low and w/ shields)
-Add... tzeentch Lord with staff/golden eyes, 2nd sorc, tzeentch chariot

If you need to scrape up some points, consider the following...
1) Remove the chosen-ness of the Knights... they're strong, but they're also weak to psychology as well as being a nice big fat target with few models.
2) I'd remove the Tzeentch Banner..I'm not too fond of the Tzeentch banner myself though so it's a biased opinion :P
3) Trim your beastheards down... they're only there for screening your important units and utlizing their skirmish ability
4) Horsemen don't need full command, just musicians... their job is to bait-and-flee and flank anyways... that champ won't really do much.

Just throwing some suggestions around

16-11-2006, 21:36
Very interesting, I'll have to add the points up when I get home. The knights not being chosen are a bit hard for me to come to terms with, if used right they can do quite a bit of damage, but I'll see what I can come up with points wise. Thank you very much for your input.