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Warwolt the skaven
18-11-2006, 19:21
A little tactica I figured out on a tournament.
25 Clanrats with Music and Standard, with 20 Slaves with musican for a grand total of 184 a pieace. Place the slaves infront of the clanrats to create a 5*45 chunk of rats, now having around three-four of these next to eachother will keep SAD-armies hating you, as they won't be able to shoot the Clannies. Now, also having a chieftain/warlord or two (chieftains) will keep the slaves standing for a long time. When you aproach the enemy, around 12" apart, wheel with your slaves 5" to ethier your left or your right. Then, move another 5" (marching ofcourse) to the opposite way. Then move your clannies next up to the slaves. If done right (practice some home at first) you should have a nice, flank-charge able unit in front of the enemy. Now, let the slaves charge in the flank and the clannies in the front. This will hurt like hell, as you will begin the combat with CR 6 before some killing. So approximy, you should be able to kill 2-5 (depending on what you face) and turn up to a 10-13 CR! This is something I think someone else might already thinken out tough... anyway, hope you enjoy. In my 1000pts army I will use 3trains, giving me GOOD (IMHO) core at a cost of 552pts. Now if one wants to go totally hordy, you can expand this to 10 for a huge chunk of rats on 1840pts leaving 160pts for heroes (and maybe some giantrats or nightrunners?)

18-11-2006, 20:01
Well, if your opponents shooties are on hills, it won't work. But still, it seems good, if it would work.

The thing is, I don't see how it could, I mean, how ever will there be place for those manouvers? I mean, if you have them like that, then it will be a line of at least 25 rats wide, which takes up a lot of space. If you intend to move them all so as to stand next to the slaves on the turn before the charge, then you will have a line of 50 rats width...That's a huge battle line, which seems a bit unwieldy?

Besides, won't moving the slaves away from the front of one unit make them stand in front of another unit? Except for the ones on the absolute flanks, which will off course be out of the way. I think, if given enough move...

18-11-2006, 20:13
You do realize that the enemy isn't going to stand still waiting for you to charge him with two infantry units?

Warwolt the skaven
19-11-2006, 10:20
Mephistofeles@ Well, good point. Still, having atleast one two of these could work on their own and having the most of the other units on their own (No rat-screen that is) with NR in front of them.
Morgin@ Outmanovering, skaven is about Outmanovering

19-11-2006, 10:43
An alternate version:
1 Unit of slaves in front of 2 Clanrat units spaced apart for manoeuvrability. The slaves are deployed in a long single rank as a shield and just before the charging turn, change formation to a 5X4 ranked up unit. The lateral movement when this happens gives a choice of setting up the Slaves on the left or the right flank

19-11-2006, 11:07
Yes, with one or two units it might work very well, but with more then taht the tactic becomes way to unwieldy. There is also another issue here:

If you do it like that, with two big fronts of infantry, you will have trouble with the manouvering. As you say, Skaven is all about out-manouvering your opponent, and with a tactic like that, you render that tactic useless. You opponent could just step up on your sides and force you to fight him from two sides, which would lead to a number of flankcharges, overruns and panic/autodeaths...Skaven doesn't like being flanked.