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19-11-2006, 16:56
New to fantasy, wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a nice High Elf 2k list, few things I want though:

-I like magic in WHFB, so maybe more mages than lords.
-I dont like painting the same unit over and over, so maybe avoid lots of giant blocks of spearmen.
-I'm a big fan of lists that can take on any army.

Thats basically it, I'm a gamer first but I like having a good looking army over one that will crush the enemy into dust.

Any advice? :D

19-11-2006, 17:32
What point value are you looking at?

At 2000 for a magic/balanced High Elf list you could do..

1 Lvl 4 Archmage
2 Level 2 mages

20x Spearmen
20x Spearmen

5x Silver Helms (w heavy armor shield)
5x Silver Helms (w heavy armor shield)

15x Swordmasters

5x Reavers

1x Bolt Thrower
1x Botl Thrower

At 1670 if my math is right leaving you room too add items and some units you might like other then or in addition to the above listed.

If you were too add eagles I'd probably take out the Reaverx. Though some lists use both I find they do the same role when I use them and thus only one or the other is necassary. You could also add a commander which could be nice to take out more beefy opponents. Also none of the above listed had command models of any time so those could be helpful. Or even a chariot. It's all up to personal taste in my opinion. If you go too heavy magic though be prepared to hear people complain and call cheese.

19-11-2006, 19:22
That looks pretty cool, I like the magic heavy lord/hero choices. I was considering making the main units 15 man strong though, just for less painting more than anything, or is 20 the best size? And how about dropping 5 of the silver helms for a chariot, maybe then the chariot and the 5 silver helms could work together to break the tough units. Eagles sound cool, could be good for hunting mages and war machines. Shadow warriors look pretty cool too, how do they work on the feild?

Cheers for the reply!

21-11-2006, 11:17
Eagles are a must, imo, to take out war machines.

You do not want only 15 spearelfs. That's only 2 ranks, and you start losing attacks from the first model dead. 20 is minimum, if you want them to be able to take on really strong stuff they should be 25.

Chariot vs. Silver Helms is a matter of taste. I fear one chariot more than five helms, but then again the chariot is much easier to finish with a cannon (only need one wound...).

Shadow warriors are scouts. They deploy after both armies regular deployment, and anywhere on table as long as they are out of sight and 10" away from enemy. In the middle of a wood, for example. Good for march-blocking!

god octo
21-11-2006, 15:52
also, i quite like the idea of putting a mage in a chariot- its a bit random, but it could work.