View Full Version : Goblin army... questions and ideas

19-11-2006, 17:18
Alright, so I recently bought the battle for Skull Pass and a boxed fanatic set and have now roughly a 750 point goblin army. However, I'm really partial to artillery myself... so I was wondering, are artillery goblin armies viable? Like, think something of a gunline army, except with big blocks of core troops as well.. would this work OK? Poorly? No fun? All criticism and suggestions appreciated!


19-11-2006, 19:40
Well, you can get 8 (!) Spear Chukkas in a 2000pt army, for only 280pts. That's a lot of bolts. I'm not so sure about a 'gunline', tho, as shortbows don't really cut it.

My NG army has 4 Chukkas and a Lobba. They are pretty good at whittling down the enemy until my ladz close in.

20-11-2006, 03:57
Fortunately, all the shooty special and rare stuff is cheap. You can easily fill all special & rare with shootiness, and then include shamans and fast cav and big blocks with fanatics and nets.

20-11-2006, 13:41
Alright, so I'm assuming I'd have to max out on artillery and troops w. fanatics and shamans, right? Sounds OK.. just another question- whoch of the2 special artillery choices do you prefer? Stone thrower vs Bolt Thrower? Also, is the doom diver worth it?


20-11-2006, 20:42
The Spear Chukkas are fantastic, don't leave home without at least 4!

Then, the Rock Lobba seems ok, but well, it rarely seems to hit much. Against other hordes though, it can swing the battle in your favour. If you want some real firepower, take 6 spear chukkas and 1 stone thrower...

Don't max out on fanatics, take like 4 units with 2 in each, that's enough. I recently played against an army with 30 fanatics, and boy, that was NOT a real game. By turn 3 the whole table ground to a halt and the remaining 3 turns was about the armies looking at eachother while the fanatics spun around between them, sporadically crashing into a unit of either side killing a couple of men...not fun, no tactic, and almost certainly a draw...