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19-11-2006, 19:48
Ok, so I've been an avid Skaven fan for the last decade or so, and I actually built up an army ages ago.

That got sold off several years ago, but I decided to restart my Skaven this spring, in a much darker scheme that the old snot green/vermin fur/dwarf flesh.

Progress has been slow, but here's a few teasers before a bigger update later tonight.


Gutter Runner(s):

Warpfire Thrower:

Rat Ogre:

19-11-2006, 20:09
The cheiftain's skin-tone is perfect; excellent for skaven supposedly living the majority of their lives beneath ground.

19-11-2006, 21:13
@ Voronwe[MQ]: Thanks, I was actually aiming for a pale, greyish skintone, as a contrast to the black fur that all my leaders will have. Here's a few more pictures.

Clanrats. I just finished their movement-tray:
Maybe a bit blurry...

Champion of same regiment:

WIP Warlord:

There's another Clanrat Regiment sitting undercoated on my table, and just about two dozen stormvermin in pristine condition.

19-11-2006, 21:23
Looking cool!

The pic of the "WIP Warlord" shows the Rat Ogre from the first post. ;)

19-11-2006, 21:25
Ohhh, thats how a bunch of skaven should look like! you have painted the most skaven looking skaven i have ever seen! Good work!

Is that WIP pickture warlord? not a rat ogre right? ;)

20-11-2006, 01:36
I was going to present you with the front rank of the second Clanrat regiment, but my camera died on me... Hopefully I'll have an update tomorrow, and I vow to have another unit of 24 Clanrats finished come wednesday!

20-11-2006, 08:51
You got some cool conversion on skaven stormvermin or are you using the metal ones? Either way, thats the part I wanna see! I dig stormvermin :D.

Warwolt the skaven
20-11-2006, 09:23
Very nice looking skaven army there mate, would love the see a 3000pts horde painted like this. Wonderfull dark scheme and evil-looking feeling :D

20-11-2006, 16:32
You got some cool conversion on skaven stormvermin or are you using the metal ones? Either way, thats the part I wanna see! I dig stormvermin :D.

I'll be using Stormvermin for my unit champions. I already converted one for the next regiment, which'll be painted in the next day or two.

Then it's on to the Stormvermin. I'll have 24 at first, which I'll expand to 28 eventually. I'm also mixing in a few of the old Marauder ones, as I have some of those lying about.

@Warwolt the Skaven: Thanks. I'm aiming for 2000 over the next couple of months, but I'll eventually up it to 3000 and beyond!

21-11-2006, 14:08
Ok, so here's the promised pic of the front rank of the next unit of Clanrats.
Only thing missing is the Champion, and basing, but I'm saving the Champion as a reward for when I've finished another rank.


Oh yeah, this Regiment will accompany the Chieftain posted in the first post, hence the red cloth and banner-decoration.

21-11-2006, 14:30
I love them! Great use of different bodies etc, ( the right one is originally a plague bearer right? ) The standard bearer looks the job. Need basing though. Very cool miniatures. I like the "worn" look of the standard bearer's sword.

21-11-2006, 14:55
I mix in Plague Monk bodies with added armour here and there, as they're closer to the images in the Armybook(s) than the current Clanrats. There's also Packmaster-bits in the mix, particularly the helmeted heads.

I've just finished the first layer of drybrushing for the armour of the unit, but I won't do anything else on them today/tonight as I have to rehearse with my band tonight.

Tomorrow will hopefully see a fully painted and based regiment, though I have some other stuff to do too :mad:

Unwanted signing off.

Edit: That's actually the Musicians sword, you can see his bells behind the sword :D

21-11-2006, 15:29
Very nice warlord. I'm sure your army looks completely excellent when gathered together.

The boyz
21-11-2006, 15:36
Nice start to your Skaven army, Unwanted. They certainly look very dark and sinister. The WIP warlord, is looking good so far, the greenstuffing looks very nice. Looking forward to seeing more.

21-11-2006, 16:16
Edit: That's actually the Musicians sword, you can see his bells behind the sword :D

Lol I thought it was the standard bearer's . Now I can see it. Gotta love it though.

22-11-2006, 20:30
So, I didn't manage to finish the second regiment of Clanrats, but I did manage to paint their champion, rear rank and bash together a movement tray, as I'm fielding my Skaven 6-wide, and that's not accomodated by the GW ones.


Champion, also based on a Stormvermin, including the Stormvermin-champions sword (Wait 'till you see why it had to go :D ) :

Ok, that's it for pictures for the next few days, but I'll get back to work sometime this weekend.

22-11-2006, 21:00
I really like this thread, Are you planning a giant? That would be SO cool, I love the idea of the stormvermin models as champions. I wonder though, are you going to convert your stormvermin from plastic or use the original ones?

22-11-2006, 21:15
I don't think a Giant would sit well with me right now, as I don't really know what I'd do to make it fit in.

I'll be using the regular metal-Stormvermin, with a few of the Old-school ones mixed in.

As for more special projects, I was thinking of making a "counts as" Screaming bell to be the peronal transport for Lord of Decay Kratch Doomclaw, with an attendant Grey Seer cowering before the most-mighty, all-noble excellency Lord Doomclaw (long may He reign)...

Hideous Loon
23-11-2006, 13:06
For the Giant: Sculpt fur all over his body and make him a tail, and call him a Moulder experiment sold to the Rictus. Warpstone bits all over, of course.

23-11-2006, 16:19
For the Giant: Sculpt fur all over his body and make him a tail, and call him a Moulder experiment sold to the Rictus. Warpstone bits all over, of course.

I thought of doing something like that, but I'm actually not that hyped on fielding a giant any time soon (of course, this has nothing to do with the over-advertising of that plastic kit and its blessings :angel: )...

I'll keep it in mind, but for now were sticking to Skaven.

Hideous Loon
23-11-2006, 22:38
Okay, no pressure, but it's alays nice to hear that one's ideas are taken into consideration!

02-12-2006, 19:13
So, I've been away from my brushes, paints and glue for a while, but here's a small update...

I'm still working on the clanrat regiment posted last time, but I've only managed to finish the second rank (bar basing...).

I have however been doing some other stuff too, mainly (nearly) finishing and undercoating a Battle standard bearer:

And converted the Champion of the Stormvermin, which is the next regiment on my list:

So, for now, let me know what You think, my most esteemed fellow Warseers :D

03-12-2006, 08:37
like the sv champ,
and your painting is really nice, i especially like the rat ogre
your cheiftain and bsb conversions look like they are coming along nicely as well
how are you going to do shields on your stormvermin unit?

03-12-2006, 11:06
I really cant wait to see that BSB come out, I want to make one too and I've been thinking about the lustrian hero with the additional hand weapons, and What Does My Eye Catch 'Ere? :D

08-12-2006, 19:42
Ok, so I'm back with an army-shot.
Might not be the best pic, but it shows the army as it stands currently.

I'll return later tonight with the Battle Standard Bearer, and detail shots of a few minor Clanrat-conversions, just to showcase the care I put into maknig my Clanrats stand out (way to tut my own horn :rolleyes: )

08-12-2006, 21:03
Ok, here's the first WIP of my BSB.


I've tidied up the metallized areas under his chin and on the robe.

I'll try and finish him before going home. Am currently at my brothers.

08-12-2006, 22:08
(First off, sorry for posting again, but I'm in need of attention)

Ok, so I finished the body for the BSB, here's two views.

And back:

C&C is most welcome!

15-12-2006, 13:11
Slick painting! I like the spike on his head, really makes him more menacing!
You might want to take a second look on the tail ya know!

15-12-2006, 15:17
Which part of the tail would you be refering to?
And I am currently painting the banner, should look grand.

Oh yeah, and it is Stormvermin time! I just undercoated these guys, but here's a shot of the Unprimed first rank, and a profile view of one of them

15-12-2006, 19:57
Effective hand swap for the Stormvermin champion. This is getting better.


16-12-2006, 01:05
Top knotch Skaven-ing there. I love them, they look so gritty and .. well.. Skaven-like!

Its making me want to go back and start work on my own Skaven again, consider your thread subscribed!

16-12-2006, 10:09
Thanks guys, and it really means a lot to get praise from spikedog himself.
It was, at least partly, your log that inspired me to get cracking with these little fellas :D

16-12-2006, 11:19
I was referring to te parts that segment the tail, you know.. like a wurm.. It has segments , and between segments its darker than the actual segments..
Get what I mean?! Because I dont! :D :P

Just one more thing, dont use second hand bases mate! You want the sharp edged bases!

16-12-2006, 17:35
Sweet blog .... Some very amazing conversions and a great colour scheme.
You even managed to make the plastic Monkey Mice look actually rat-like, which is something I thought to be impossible. ;)

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. :)

16-12-2006, 18:31
looks amazing i love skaven armies but i dont have the patience to paint the army.

16-12-2006, 21:15
I was referring to te parts that segment the tail, you know.. like a wurm.. It has segments , and between segments its darker than the actual segments..
Get what I mean?! Because I dont! :D :P

Oh, I get you :D

Thing is, the tails of many newer Skaven are not so clearly segmented as they used to. Same thing with the stormvermin.

It's in the model rather than the painting I'm afraid.

16-12-2006, 21:58
Oh, I get you :D

Thing is, the tails of many newer Skaven are not so clearly segmented as they used to. Same thing with the stormvermin.

It's in the model rather than the painting I'm afraid.

No worries mahn.. :p

19-12-2006, 20:27
And I finished the Battle Standard bearer (bar basing...)!

And a Detail-shot:

Hope you like it!

19-12-2006, 20:41
Thats amazing! So totally radical!
I dig it!:D
No serious man, that looks GOOD
ace work on the banner!
That guy looks very good!

19-12-2006, 20:52
Well, at least it's very recognisable.

And dear me, I just spotted a spot of paint in the wrong place!

19-12-2006, 22:22
Hey, in case you're interested, here's my skaven giant. Doesn't fit your style, but I just figured I post it.


Nice dirty look to your army. Maybe try a white dot in the red eyes though, might makes them pop more. I like the idea of seeing nothing of the skaven in the dark but their numerous eyes.

20-12-2006, 07:44
Hey, in case you're interested, here's my skaven giant. Doesn't fit your style, but I just figured I post it.


Nice dirty look to your army. Maybe try a white dot in the red eyes though, might makes them pop more. I like the idea of seeing nothing of the skaven in the dark but their numerous eyes.

Thats one cool giant!

And Unwanted? I think i've spotted it too!
( banner top? ):angel:

20-12-2006, 16:31
@ Mojaco: I'd do the white dot if I could, but I think I'll reserve that kind of effort for Characters and the like. I haven't got the patience to do it on all those eyes! And I have trouble getting it right with just the red!

@ Zodiac: You've spotted it. That'll be cleaned up in a few days.

During the Christmas holiday I'll get busy with the Stormvermin, so stay tuned!

28-12-2006, 20:32
So, I have been doing some work on the Stormvermin, and though they're still lacking in the basing department, I thought I'd show you the chapion and a pair of Regular troopers.

And lastly, an old Stormvermin:

11-02-2007, 18:08
So, after a way too long Hiatus, my Skaven are back on track...

I've finished painting the front-row of the Stormvermin, but I still lack basing... This will be remedied on Thursday, but untill then, I bring you the finished Standard:


Apologies for the blurry pic, but I was borrowing my Girlfriends camera, and I can't really figure it out...

Expect more soon :D

11-02-2007, 18:18
The stormvermin look really cool, as does the banner!
Im glad this log is back online, I certainly liked it!
Can I get an army shot pretty please? :D
How is the giant progressing?

11-02-2007, 18:21
No Giant, and I believe there is an army-shot a page or two back (as in, either page 1 or 2 :D )

11-02-2007, 19:27
I've done a rat giant that might be more up your alley. I apologise for the small photo. :p


Also, nice Skaven. Is that Warlord from page 1 going to get painted any time soon?


12-02-2007, 18:27
@Polymphus: Wow, nice Rat giant. What's the head made from? I can't tell...
Thank you very much, and yes, the Warlord will be painted forthwit, as soon as I've finished a few more Stormvermin...

03-08-2007, 16:56
Usually I hate Skaven, but for you, I'll make an exception. Those are awesome.

03-08-2007, 22:52
Ha! Somebody else necroed this thread, so I wont have to!

Get this log running again you miserable little sod, :D ( you know what I mean Unwanted.. )

21-08-2007, 00:51

Someone found it!

Problem is, I've just moved to Iceland, and my Skaven are still in Denmark...
But I am trying to work around that minor geographical issue. Come payday I'll be mailordering a bit of stuff to work on, and perhaps my no-good little brother (a huge fella by the way) can be of some use in mailing me spare parts from our bitz-box...

Curses again!

21-08-2007, 09:13
Hey, I saw this yesterday, good work fella. Any chance of a tutorial on how to paint these guys?

21-08-2007, 14:15
It's really simple.

Spray black, touch up with brush where necessary.


Brown Fur is just a heavy drybrush of Scorched brown straight over the black.

Clanrat Skin:
Scorched Brown basecoat, highlight with a 2:1 mix of Scorched brown and Bleached bone, add more bleached bone once or twice.

Clanrat Metals: Tin Bitz untill I ran dry, then Boltgun metal mixed with Scorched brown (No, I don't use any other browns :P ), Higlight boltgun, wash with brown and/or chestnut ink, Chainmail highlight if needed.

All black-furred troopers and Characters:

Basecoat of Codex Grey, highlight Shadow Grey, Wash with black ink, re-highlight with Shadow Grey, then mix in Bleached Bone for added Highlights

Drybrush Shadow grey, Wash with Black ink, re-highlight with Shadow Grey (very lightly).

Same as Clanrats, but after highlighting with Boltgun Metal, they recieved a wash of heavily thinned (can you even say that :wtf:?) Scorpion Green, followed by the same procedure as before.

Red Cloth:
Scorched Brown basecoat, add Red Gore untill you're using pure Red Gore, ad Bleached bone for extreme highlights and pure Bleached bone for smudge.

Cream Cloth:
Bubonic brown with Bleached bone mixed in, washed with Brown/Chestnut ink for dirt.

Grey Cloth:
Codex Grey basecoat, Shadow Grey Highlights.

21-08-2007, 15:10
Cool! It is pretty simple, but looks crazy effective and sounds pretty fast too, just what I like. I'll give something similar to this a try when my ratty boys come through the mail :)

21-08-2007, 15:24
It's really simple.

Clanrat Metals: Tin Bitz untill I ran dry, then Boltgun metal mixed with Scorched brown (No, I don't use any other browns :P )

Cream Cloth:
Bubonic brown with Bleached bone mixed in, washed with Brown/Chestnut ink for dirt.

Nice try, but you're not fooling me! ;)

Seriously though, really nice looking army. Currently trying to get my skaven army (which ironically enough is nearing a decade of age...) painted. Might try out that skin tone as I haven't really decided what to do with the skin yet :)

21-08-2007, 18:35
looking like a nice dirty gritty army, which is great, love to see it fully done, very much in the same style as andy chambers a very long time ago - for all those people who remember it - very cool army indeed

22-08-2007, 04:47
Very nice Skaven. I like your style - muted and grubby - especially the Stormvermin.

Seeing peoples army diaries are always an inspiration to me to actually put my time into my unpainted Skaven. Looking forward to seeing more updates from you.

30-09-2007, 16:45
Bring more skaven! Update quick-quick ^^

30-09-2007, 17:12
Ha! Somebody else necroed this thread, so I wont have to!

Get this log running again you miserable little sod, :D ( you know what I mean Unwanted.. )

I literally copied this post from my earlier one.. but it is damn true .. ;)

16-11-2007, 21:31
it's all very nice looking stuff
very skavenlike

17-11-2007, 00:02
Hehe, guess what I'm thinking Unwanted.. :D

17-11-2007, 11:38
Again with the threadomancy!

Leave it be 'till spring, PLEASE!


09-05-2009, 18:20
And it returns from the depths of oblivion!

My girlfriend got me this as a present, so I decided to lavish some ekstra attention on it, making it my first "display" piece ever. She doesn't know a lot about Warhammer, Skaven or anything hobby-related, but she likes rats and gasmasks, so there you have it.




I have also converted a newer, even nicer Warlord, might post some WIPs as I'll be painting him soon...

09-05-2009, 18:41
Very nice rats!

09-05-2009, 20:41
Nice to see this log pop back up. Very nice skavens in here. That globaidier is looking realy nice. Love the sewer base with the small rat comin out of the water. A true display skaven if I ever saw one :)

10-05-2009, 10:10
I like rats and gasmasks too. Good work.


10-05-2009, 11:08
Thanks for the kind words!

10-05-2009, 11:45
great work on your army overall, i like the stormvermin (i dont see many around unfortunately...) but that globadier is great, the orb has a nice effect... how did you paint it?

10-05-2009, 17:19
one of the best skaven paint schemes i have seen, they are really hard to do "right" you nailed it.

i am impressed with your conversions as well, that bsb is rockin'.

kwwp up the good work

Foegnasher-follower of the skittery horde since 2004.

11-05-2009, 12:34
great work on your army overall, i like the stormvermin (i dont see many around unfortunately...) but that globadier is great, the orb has a nice effect... how did you paint it?

It's several layers of Scorpion Green over Dark Angels Green, then a little Sunburst Yellow added to the SG and a dot of white at the top and a thin, curving line of white at the bottom. Then a few layers of 'Ardcoat (Gloss Varnish).

@Foegnasher: Thanks, I really like that BSB as well, although I am going to repaint him and the other banners, as I want a new look for the army. I will be doing more Skaven, including finishing quite a few Stormvermin, a new converted Warlord, Warlock engineer and Chieftain as well as miscellanous other new stuff in preparation for the new book.

12-05-2009, 01:19
Just went through your log, some nice looking Skaven! The new globadier looks very well painted, I think you learned one or two tricks in these past days.
The orb and the eyes are really... err... eyecatching. :)
Keep it up!

12-05-2009, 06:32
Wow, this is great stuff. They look so filthy. The paint job is super realistic. Good work.

12-05-2009, 12:11
Great skaven log mate! Any chance we could see an army shot? :p

12-05-2009, 15:08
Nothing much has happened since the last army-shot, and there's a lot that needs repainting, but I'll see what I can do.

15-05-2009, 09:28
...And work on this army has recommenced in full.

I present to you, my new Warlord.





No basing at the moment as I will change the basing scheme of my army completely. I am currently undecided as to how I should base them, and while all-sewer bases like the Globadier would be cool, I find it a tad unrealistic. Instead I was considering a swampy basing with reeds, dead grass and puddles of water like that on the Globadier.


15-05-2009, 18:15
The head looks wrong for some reasion...

Ultimo ninja
16-05-2009, 04:01
thats the coolest looking globadier Ive ever seen.....and the head on the warlord looks odd from the 1st perspective.

16-05-2009, 04:35
Yes it is a little too big like all the dam clanrat feet...

16-05-2009, 13:05
You may be right concerning the first pic, but that's just perspective...

It looks fine when I look at it on my desk.

But thanks for constructive criticism.

07-08-2009, 17:20
i gotta say you've done skaven a huge justice compared to some of the skaven armies on here some of em are gritty in a bad way urs is awesome looking makes me want to paint my skaven and put em up here alas i dont have all the neccessasary paints for the dark purple cloaks. Do you use any washes?

since there seems to be a lot of skaven players lookin at this thread do you think an extreme skin highlight of liche mixed with elf flesh followed by elf flesh and then a d mud wash would look to unrealistic?

07-08-2009, 17:28
First, thanks for the kind words. Real life has intervened a bit, but I hope to be working on these again soon.

As for the next part, I don't get what you're saying... Are we talking Liche Purple, because then I am a bit perplexed, but otherwise it sounds allright, although I am not familiar with the new washes, I usually highlight with layering and rarely use washes, though I have started using glazes of the darker colours recently to make the transitions more natural.

29-09-2009, 20:52
Sweet army dude! down and dirty. just the way that fits skaven best!

30-09-2009, 19:42
Sweet army dude! down and dirty. just the way that fits skaven best!

Thanks for the praise!

I'll be completely redoing a lot of things, primarily the basing, and when the new book comes, there'll be hell to pay for these last years of hiatus...

19-11-2009, 04:34
Just wandered on over from a link. great job on the Globadier. How did you get that nice shine on the poison wind globe?

19-11-2009, 21:50
It's a coat of 'Ardcoat over Scorpion green with a white dot at the top and a swoosh at the bottom.

And damn real life is eating all my time in this glorious season of Skaven re-emergence!

20-11-2009, 05:18
I might have to borrow...ah h*ll its Skaven I'll just steal it for my own.;)

17-06-2010, 16:08
And It rises yet again from the depths of oblivion!

I finally got through exams, family business and other distractions from the so-called "real life".

Here's what I've been up to recently:





It's my very first attempt at any kind of source lighting, as well as painting flames. Re-did them ten times or so, and I'm still not quite satisfied. Also worked out the new basing scheme for the army. Up next is some new plastic goodies getting de-sprued at the moment.

17-06-2010, 20:01
Oooh, that looks really nice! If the effect you were looking for is a really glowy pool of warpstone stuff, you nailed it. The light on the rifle stock might be a bit much though... Apart from that it's great!

Keep it up,

17-06-2010, 21:20
Thanks, it was supposed to be lingering warpfire from a previous shot.

And my mate tells me to hit the lighting with a wash to make it less harsh, which I think is a good idea.

19-06-2010, 21:06
The effect that you got on that model looks great!

27-06-2010, 23:17
Looks great. Minis like these are why I like Skaven.

(Needing a truckload of them is why I don't play, though.)

The leader in your first post is one of my fave GW minis of all time.

30-06-2010, 22:14
nice job with the lighting.

08-07-2010, 20:29
I really guess I should have done some RnF first, but I got carried away and did my Grey Seer, Narquell, instead. He's kinda bitter about his redeployment to Crookback Mountain, but he seems to be making the most of it anyway...





08-07-2010, 20:43
I really like the detail and the highlights, it looks really good!

10-07-2010, 04:14
I really guess I should have done some RnF first, but I got carried away and did my Grey Seer, Narquell, instead. He's kinda bitter about his redeployment to Crookback Mountain, but he seems to be making the most of it anyway...

Crookback Mountain?

Narquell wishes he knew how to quit-quit you.

10-07-2010, 18:36
Crookback Mountain?

Narquell wishes he knew how to quit-quit you.

Brokeback pun?

Crookback Mountain has been the home of Clan Rictus since way before that movie was ever thought of :p

And I should get better pics, they don't really do him justice, honestly.

10-07-2010, 21:12
Brokeback pun?

Crookback Mountain has been the home of Clan Rictus since way before that movie was ever thought of :p

Still, Crookback Mountain hasn't really been the same since the movie.

01-09-2010, 23:03
Back again...

I'm currently painting up a tester of the new Stormvermin colourscheme, and I hope to have pics tomorrow, as well as spraying the rest of the unit, as well as some less blurry shots of the seer.

03-09-2010, 08:12
So I return with a Stormvermin tester, which I must say I am quite pleased with. Now I just have to get the rest done, hopefully a bit faster than this guy...




... And here's a slightly better pic of my Seer:


15-09-2010, 22:51
"Narquell regarded the small contingent of Stormvermin surrounding him. Ostensibly bodyguards, supplied at Lord Doomclaw's behest, the Seer knew full well that they were just as much there to keep an eye on him, the better to spy-sniff on behalf of that insolent minor Warlord of Clan Rictus, Viskrit. Still, he had to admire their size, rippling muscles moving under the jet-black fur, and the zealous ferocity with which they had removed a particularly slow-witted clanrat from his path. Yes-yes, for all the inherent duplicity, the elite of Clan Rictus would serve a purpose in his plans afterall..."

I finally got into gear with the Stormvermin, and now 6 are done, minus static grass on the bases:




For the next batch, there will be a bit more variety in patterns and colours on the cloth.

16-09-2010, 08:13
"Viskrit lashed his tail impatiently as he wathced the advance of the clanrats falter in the face of the green-thing's counter-attack. On the left, a cluster of the crazed, fungus-addled goblins had completely blunted the assault of Neshk's warriors with their whirling ball and chains, while on the right, Awquit's regiment was struggling against the throng of orc-things that lead the horde. A snarled command set the Stormvermin regiments in motion. If you wanted something done right-right, you'd have to do it yourself-self!"

After more than a year of sitting baseless in my paint-case, I sorted the basing for my Warlord. In case you're interested, this is Viskrit Foe-Slasher, Warlord-general of the Clan Rictus expeditionary force, charged with many of the most important surface-missions by appointment of Kratch Doomclaw himself.





13-10-2010, 22:57
Thats some really great stuff here mate, I really like the glow effects on the warstone, the stormvermin look great, great effect on the weapons, I would however touch up the highlights on your grey seer, the stormvermin might outshine him abit

14-10-2010, 00:51
Awesome rats Sir!

12-01-2011, 21:41
Just wondering how did you convert the hand on that grey seer? It looks much better than the pointing hand it originally comes with.

12-01-2011, 23:15
It's just a hand from the Ghouls. I'm using that kit quite extensively, both with Skaven, and also other projects, as the hands and bodies are great for all sorts of different weird and nasty things.

Funny thing, I just pulled out my paints again, and after peeking in the Heraldry-book, I've decided to re-do the clothes on all my Stormvermin. Painting is about to recommence, so watch this space!

12-01-2011, 23:29
That warlord looks really cool mate, I really like your warpfire thrower aswell.

11-03-2011, 22:45
So, I've re-done most of the Stormvermin, but I've only got these two pics which shows off the new scheme for their clothes, as well as the checkered pattern that I'll add here and there, to show that this stuff's been scavenged from Night Gobbos during slave-raids



There's also a Clan Rictus-ified rune on the shield, but it's not easy to tell in this pic.

06-10-2011, 21:22
I REALLY like your stormvermin, they have a really dark feel to them (does this make sense? It's not my mother language;))

Keep up the good work

15-11-2011, 12:42

Finally, a furred update from yours truely.

After a loong time spent dabbling in Real Life and a bit of 40K, I finally have something to show you, namely the standard bearer and Fangleader for my Deathvermin




With their completed pack-kin:


And although I should know better, more stuff should be forthcoming in the next few days, as I have finally finished the construction of my two Doomflayers (sans crew...), and only need the finishing touches, modelling-wise, on my new Fanglord and Battle Standard Bearer. Hope I can uphold my promises this time!

15-11-2011, 13:15
Love squares freehand on champ's robe. :yes:

15-11-2011, 13:44
The Fangleader and Standardbearer, and the flag itself, are awesome.
Great job with the checkers!

15-11-2011, 19:17
Thanks guys, the checkers are actually deceptively simple, which is something I discovered when doing Mordheim-Orcs a few years back. As I said, I hope to have some more stuff for you in the coming days.

16-11-2011, 15:55
For once, I uphold my promise of more stuff within a day.

First, my version of Tretch Craventail:

I really like the model itself, but the original 'weapons' had to go. Of course, some may say that swords and daggers are bog-standard and unbelievably dull, but how you'd go about back-stabbing someone with a flaily-thing and a back-scrathcer is beyond me...

Next, WIP. A pair of Doomflayers:


Maybe I got a bit carried away with whirly bits on the first, but I still like it. They've no crew, as I haven't found any suitable models so far, and I've not been happy with my ability to convert any either. Maybe they'll stay as is.

If I can find any time, I'll be batch-painting Storm Vermin next, to finish off the regiment. Then, I've got some treats in the form of ROgres and my currently WIP-warlord.

16-11-2011, 17:34
No no no, I think the "over-the-top" look is perfect for skaven and you managed to pull it off really well. I like what I see.

17-11-2011, 06:43
found your Skaven plog today,

I must say that you´ve got a very nice touch for their color scheme.
looking forward to see more of the doom flyer....

and thank you for commenting my plog.
I´m happy to see that you got inspired by it.
good luck with the mixing up of classic and new Storm Vermins


17-11-2011, 07:54
Wow, you've made me actually like Tretch! Amazing how much better he looks with a simple weaponswap...

17-11-2011, 11:15
Thanks guys. Will look to getting some more stuff done in the next day or two. The DoomFlayers will get undercoated when I get home later today, if the weather behaves, and as I said, there's plenty of Storm Vermin not too far from completion, so hopefully pics in the morning.

@Sandmann: Yeah, I always thought it was the weapons that let down the model for Tretch, which is easily rectified, thankfully.

18-11-2011, 10:47
And we've got some progress on the Deathvermin. Finished another six, and there's another six plastics and two old Marauder metal Stormvermin on my painting table. But for now, the painted ones:


And the drummer. Pleased with the drum-skin and the checks on his hood.


And of course, here's all 16 that're done. I need to figure out a better way for taking photos of lareger groups and regiments...


I may be able to finish a few more today, but we'll see.

20-11-2011, 00:44
Wow, some really cool stuff here!
I particularly like the Stormvermin and all the little fluff bits you do.
The Doomflayers look pretty mad too, if you have the fanatic model with the ball actually swinging the goblin, it would be amazing if you could not add the ball, and have the goblin being spun around by the doomflayer.

Keep it up!

22-11-2011, 11:33
So, another six models done, but with the footprint of eight :angel:


I'm planning on adding another Stormvermin to the 4-wide base, as well as a little something extra, to make the blatant unit-filling more bearable...

This takes the Deathvermin up to a fairly respectable 24:


There's a couple of old metals incoming, to take them up to 30, and then I'll have to see if anyone locally is up for sharing an IoB-set or two...

22-11-2011, 19:35
Awesome unit, looks really good! Best colours i have seen on skaven, like it alot.


22-11-2011, 19:53
Thanks a bunch Kaos, I must profess myself a long-standing admirer of your work, so it means something to get this kind of praise from you.

24-11-2011, 10:29
Update! First up, a couple of old Stormvermin. Got more of these awaiting stripping and/or painting:


Next, a WIP of a new Grey Seer. Not that I really need more Lord choices at the moment, but I couldn't really help it:


Converted from one of the old Warlocks, the one with the skull, which I never really liked. I actually thought he'd be a lot bigger than most modern models, but he's completely dwarfed by the plastic Stormvermin. I believe this may be caused by the fact that he's based on the same sculpt as the Poisoned Wind Globadiers, who look absolutely massive thanks to their huge backpacks and outrageous monkey-hands...

So that's it for now!

24-11-2011, 13:29
Heh Heh Alright!
Love those old Stormvermin.
Thanks for sharing pics, good work!

24-11-2011, 21:34
yes yes yes,
Clan Krizzor thinkss nicey colorss for the SV's.

well done, good bases to, like the yellow in those bases.
looking forward to see unit picture with old en new models.


25-11-2011, 13:03
Very grimdark painting style, which I like. Reminds me of how I tackled my Chaos Warriors.

25-11-2011, 23:20
@VenomBlood: Thanks alot, posting pics and getting feedback is one of the things that keep me motivated.

@Magot: Yellow? There's not supposed to be yellow anywhere, except maybe fangs and claws... Might be the terrible light due to adverse weather conditions...

@mdiscala: Thanks alot, I don't know if I ever posted in your Chaos thread, but I really enjoy your work as well, it's always nice to get appreciative comments from those other posters whose plogs you like and follow!

30-05-2012, 19:56

Can't keep a good Skaven down!

I present my new Warlord. Daughter, studies and skating have been eating all my time, but with the semester over (bar one oral exam), Daughter away with the ex and crappy weather, I finally got some painting in. Pics are slightly below par on account of lighting, but they'll do untill I can be arsed to take more and better pics:



I've also got some basecoating done on 40-odd Spear-rats, but they won't show up untill they're done.

30-05-2012, 20:11
Really dig your banners, your freehanding on them is really cool! You gave me some ideas thats for sure. :)

30-05-2012, 20:33
I like the painting style - neat in places, rusty and dirty in others. Suits the Skaven army really well :skull:

30-05-2012, 20:52
Thank you kindly, both of you. And I do agree that you need some neatness when you're doing an army with beat-up gear, as you'll otherwise end up with a bloody mess.

30-05-2012, 21:50
Shame on me I can't identify all bitz you used for conversion. All in all this Warlord is left handed stepping forward with right leg so the whole conversion is a pure win IMO.
Weathering coupled with green details really hit the spot, definetely he'll stand out from the rank and file troops.
I allways considered skulls on the base as satisfying details to paint, in short base looks good.:)

30-05-2012, 21:58
Here's the parts:

5-6th ed. Warlord Torso and Shield
Legs from old Citadel (not Marauder) Stormvermin
Tail from previous plastics with added tail-spike from a dagger.
Arms and Head from current Queek, with the helmet-embelishment made from Space Marine Iron Halo and another spike/dagger, possibly from old Dark Eldar.

The green is actually there to tie him in with the Storm Vermin, but Clanrats and others will not have that greenish tone to the black...

30-05-2012, 22:18
That's amazing eclectic stuff, warlord through the age ranges.

30-05-2012, 22:27
Very nice plog, I really like the tone across the whole army. I really like the doomflayer conversion too, and as you said you couldn't get hold of a suitable rider, I was wondering (provided if you can find one) if the old doomwheel driver might work, mounted on a short pole above the disc or something like that. Keep up the good work.

04-06-2012, 21:57
@Venomblood: Thanks, and yes, it was a looong process, and the amount of bits is a little daunting, but ultimately worth it.

@Elfboy: I've actually got the classical Doomwheel, but I intend to actualy use it, once it's been stripped and repainted, so I won't use the rider for the Doomflayers. I'm actually just going to use them without any crew for the time being...

Now, update!

Skawlitch Beast-grafter is, like any Master Moulder, a highly unstable melder of flesh, bones and bad tempers. He's been sent to Crookback Mountain from Hell Pit, ostensibly as a technical liason and tender of warbeasts as a part of a treaty-pledge between Moulder and Rictus, but his extreme (even by Skaven Standards) paranoia, hints at a possible falling-out between Skawlitch and other prominent moulders. He's been granted a suitable cave-sprawl where he can practice his skills in flesh-moulding, bone-grafting and beast-breaking, making sure the Rictus stock of Rat Ogres and Giant Rats are fit for battle.

The Master Moulder himself:

A trio of his most succesful specimens, although his true masterpiece, Spinegnasher, is still restrained and drugged, awaiting the final modifications that will make it a truely monstrous warbeast:

After a couple of days struggling with my old Photobucket account, which I've been unable to access, I decided to create a new one and get on with the posting

05-06-2012, 01:57
hey, great rat ogres, love the middle one from the IOB box. great skin on all of them! and nice job converting the other IOB ROgre.

Flame of Udun
06-06-2012, 01:50
Wow, those are some grizzly looking Rat Ogres! Love the painting style, its scruffy but in a good way, not just messy, really adds some flavour :)

29-06-2012, 12:05
Thanks a bunch guys.

I got a little distracted:


But I'm sure you'll forgive such a minor tresspass.

29-06-2012, 13:12
Nice, I do prefer non-green orcs.

29-06-2012, 20:39
Thanks, I completely agree.

02-07-2012, 07:28
Nice work on that Orc. What recipe did you use to get that skin color?

Love the stormvermin unit btw, looks awesome!

02-07-2012, 23:07
It's Graveyard Earth, washed with brown, re-highlighted GE, washed with thinned Catachan Green, then Rotting Flesh mixed into GE for progressively lighter highlights, until it's pure RF.

04-07-2012, 10:52
Cool orc! Grimgors head but I can't place the rest of the bits?

09-07-2012, 16:05
Gauntlets and weapons are from Borgut Facebeater, the body is from Boss Snikrot, the 40K Kommando-Nob with modded shoulderpads from the Warboss and Boyz-sets, while the gut-plate is the old 40K-bikers' bannertop. Upper arms are sculpted over wire-frames.

09-07-2012, 22:46
lovely dirty skaven as they should be =p solid painting here they look awesome!!!

13-07-2012, 13:40
I finally got some work done on that Seer I posted a while ago. I present to you, Narquell:


I also finished another little thing for my Mordheim Orcs, Zorg the War-Troll. A rare breed of Troll hailing from the Dragonback Mountains, Zorg has been outfitted with weapons and armour by the Pit-Fighters Guild, who used to turn a tidy profit on Troll-matches, untill the Meteor struck, and Zorg found himself wandering through the ruins, bashing things, eating things, and eventually chancing upon Gashrek and the lads, who were more than happy to take in the poor, lost Troll:


13-07-2012, 17:42
Love metal bling on the Troll, seem to be done right.:yes:

21-07-2012, 23:40
Thanks, metal's are one of the things I like doing on Orcs and trolls, as there's some large surfaces where you can get some nice effects going. At least, that's what I try to do.

23-07-2012, 14:03
Really nice troll! like the buboes and the bloodsplatter!

15-11-2012, 22:42
And a tiny reinforcement for the Orcs:



Also painted up an old Empire-conversion in the colours of Ostermark, of which Mordheim was the Capital, right? I don't own any of the Empire books, so I'm just guessing...


24-12-2012, 12:00
So, presents for my brother this Chrimbo.

First up, a Vampire based on Raziel from the Legacy of Kain-games. We played this as kids, and when the winged vamp was released, I knew I had to do this.

Secondly, Krell! Love this version of him, and he was a treat to paint.

24-12-2012, 12:45
When I saw that model, the first thing I thought was Legacy of Kain, so well done!!

25-12-2012, 21:34
that legacy of kain convertion is genious!

Warlord Magog
01-08-2015, 20:22
Nice work. :)