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19-11-2006, 20:25
What effect does mark of tepok do for skinks in a ss-list of tepok?

Is it 1) MR1, makeing them quite resistant against magic?

Or is it B) MR1 and +1 DD per unit makeing them into something similiar to pariahs?

And what effect would that do in a 2k list consisting of 1 shaman and 22-23 10-12 man units of skinks army?:cheese:

19-11-2006, 20:38
Since the rules for the Sacred Spawning only mention MR1, that's the only thing they'll get. To gain extra dispel dice as well, the rules would have to mention that they're in addition to the normal ones from the armybook.

... so a Skink Horde of Tepok will not give a bucket of dispel dice.

Yellow Commissar
20-11-2006, 00:17
A unit with the Blessed Spawning of Tepok generates +1 dispel dice.

22 units of 10 Skink Cohorts with the BSoT would cost 1980 points. :eek:
They would add 22 DD to your pool in your opponents magic phase.:eek:

20-11-2006, 00:25
Uh, I think he was talking about the sacred host rules from white dwarf 300.

The rules for the mark of tepok in the white dwarf only confer Magic Resistance 1. They do not give you +1 Dispel Dice.

The southlands list however, would give you +1 Dispel Dice but in this list you cannot give marks to skink skirmishers.