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20-11-2006, 13:29
I've been working on my Nurgle 40k Army for some time now, so I've decided to show some of them at last.
My Army is Nurgle, but they aren't the death guard. I wanted them to have their own iconography and colour scheme, whilst retaining the nurgly theme.
One of the precepts was that every miniature in the army would be different. I haven't quite managed that, but about 90% of it is converted.
These aren't the best painted miniatures in the world, I don't have that sort of time to paint an army to my highest standard.
I hope you like them anyway.

First up, Space Marines. Each marine got a number when I painted it, just counting up from 01. The only thing that refers to is the order in which I painted them.

01. He came from the 2nd edition Nurgle troopers plastic set, and has had some green stuff deposits arranged on his head.

02. I went a bit wild with this one. Again from the Nurgle troopers, he's got a bit posessed, with some growth sprouting from his left arm. I call this one 'ribhead' for obvious reasons.

03. A sword from my bits box, a standard from dixon miniatures, and some spikes from kroot sprues, plus a bit of green stuff on his legs.

20-11-2006, 13:35
04. This guy is looking a bit emaciated. He's built from very old skeleton and rtb01 space marine bits, with a dark future bolter and a CSM backpack. Guaranteed unique :)

05. This guy is from the Nurgle Heavy Weaponry blister, with a different head and some razor wire chopped into short lengths and added to his shoulderpad. The right hands on the heavy weapon guys look as though they have suffered a bit, so I've painted it that way.

06. This guy is pretty much straight from the CSM box.

20-11-2006, 13:39
You personalise the miniatures very much, are you sure you're gonna keep up with this in about 50 marines or so? I do like some of them though. What would be the best IMO, is only using the box CSM and adding some nurgley bits, Its difficult to tell who's who. :D Good job though!

20-11-2006, 13:40
07. Brother to 01, these guys have got arranging faeces atop their helmets down to a fine art. Weapon from Kroot sprues, head is a chopped down helmet from RTB01 space marine. Green stuff nurgle icon on shoulderpad.

08. Back in the day (1989) GW brought out their first Chaos space marines. He's one of 'em.

09. Again, pretty much from the CSM boxed set. Nice nurgly horn, I thought.

20-11-2006, 13:46
10. This one was a pretty major conversion, though it doesn't look like it. The majority of the miniature is a plastic nurgle trooper from the 2nd edition box of 5, the plasma gun and chest are from the heavy weapons guys. I think it worked quite well.

11. Heavy weapons blister guy, I think I took the head from elsewhere.

12 is still in the paintshop at present. He's a standard bearer.

13. Metal Nurgly boy with plastic CSM arms and bolter and a very old backpack.

The Keeper of Secrets
20-11-2006, 13:49
Looking good so far, I've always liked the old minis, and nurgle look especially good when done OTT like that.

Will you have any tanks/a dread or a Daemon prince

20-11-2006, 13:53
14. This guy is one of my champions. Standard Metal miniature. I like him.
The colour scheme on this is a lot greener than most of my troops, though the idea of the paint hob was to imply they woere filthy, rather than that they were in some kind of uniform. The red and white stripes are a throwback to whatever marine chapter they once were.

15. Head from plastic nurgle box, body from heavy weapons, nice razorwire collar (though it doesn't quite look like razorwire any more)

16. Mostly CSM box set again. He's gone a bit green, this one. Blind too. Just so I have someone to blame when my squad misses :) The Squared shoulder pad is one of the themes I use, like the red and white stripes.

20-11-2006, 13:55
Looking good so far, I've always liked the old minis, and nurgle look especially good when done OTT like that.

Will you have any tanks/a dread or a Daemon prince

Thanks :)

I have a completed Rhino and Land Raider. I'll post them in a couple of days. Forgeworld Dread is on the painting table. Greater Daemon is still at forgeworld, pending me sending them 95 :)

20-11-2006, 14:05
17. Standard bearer. I got myself a box of the WFB Zombies to add to my bits when I was building the army. The standard cross bar comes from that, as does the head. I also picked up a bass string for a guitar, which makes very nice pipes and intestines. The Maggot and the **** on the standard are GS. Metal shoulder pad from metal Nurgle box set.

18. Another heavy weapons guy. Green Stuff work on his Fly Sporran :)

19. Pretty standard metal trooper, with different arms to those normally supplied. I tried to swap parts around wherever possible, so that not many of the miniatures would look like anyone else's army.

20-11-2006, 14:12
20. Aspiring Champion. I changed his chainsword.

21. This guy is a mish mash of metal, plastic CSM box and plastic Nurgle box parts. Nice gut spillage :)

22. Heroically posed Heavy weapons guy. Guitar string pipe from his head to his backpack.

That's all for now. there will be four squads of 7 marines, the final 7 are on the table. I'll take some pictures of my nurglings next, then the vehicles.

Also on the painting table are some plaguebearers, a Forgeworld dreadnought, the terminators and Coprus, Lord of Filth.

20-11-2006, 17:43
Love the filthy bastards! The mad conversion work goes well with the dingy painting scheme/style, making for a really unique and fun force. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the dung hats and the lumps of dook that the standard is holding - not because they're necessarily out of place, but because they look tacked on and not very well integrated ...

But definately looking forward to more!

- Salvage

EDIT: Almost forgot, I really like the numbers written on the right greave like that, especially like on #10, where it's nice and faded into the filthy armor.

EDIT2: AND I need to note how awesome Ribhead's headgear is. Now that's a marine.

20-11-2006, 19:45
lovin' them, i do agree do that dung hats dont fit all that well. the other stuff looks awesome!

21-11-2006, 02:04
These look great, I love how you are combining older minis with the newer ones.

Good Job!

23-11-2006, 23:44

Here's Base1:

I had some old nurglings and bought one pack of new ones, but didn't quite have enough to put 4 to a base, so I decided to make some myself. On this one it's a big greenstuff bug with metal staple legs...

23-11-2006, 23:47
Base 2:


This one has two Green stuff nurglings - one's just a blob I had left over, that looks a bit like a maggot, and the other has a kroot rifle's blade stuck in its head for a horn...

23-11-2006, 23:50
Base 3:


I found a pack of flies in my local joke shop. If a fly isn't nurgly, I don't know what is...

23-11-2006, 23:52
Base 4:


These ones are all real metal nurglings, some old, some new.

23-11-2006, 23:54
Base 5:


This Green stuff nurgling is a bit of a walking ****. I quite like him :)

23-11-2006, 23:56
Base 6:


Sweaty gooey brown slippery mass, Sir? Ooh! Suits you!

23-11-2006, 23:59
Base 7:


I think this is one of the old AD&D giant rats by Citadel. Fits with the diseasey theme anyway...

Some nice vehicle pictures next.

06-01-2007, 15:04
Some pictures of Rhino 101:

08-01-2007, 15:36
Wicked. Been looking forward to an update, and you don't disappoint in the least. Looks wonderfully nasty - actually looks to be oxidized bronze/brass, ala the Stature of Liberty - and the red & white candy stripe chevrons are sweet. Great stuff, look forward to the 'Raider.

- Salvage

09-01-2007, 17:48
Thanks. The Land Raider is finished, it's just a case of getting round to photographing it. The first unit of plaguebearers is nearing completion too.

Meanwhile, stupid here has just spent nearly 100 on a forgeworld great unclean one, and got a Defiler for christmas. The termies are half painted, and have two new plastics waiting to be added to their ranks (with conversion of course).

I'll try to get some more shots of Rhino 101. 102 is in its box, can't decide whether to add FW doors or not.

The Keeper of Secrets
09-01-2007, 18:31
Oh you lucky person, I love that GUO...:cries: :cries:

07-03-2007, 17:50
Land Raider time...
Oo 200 posts :)

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_001_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_001_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_002_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_002_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_003_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_003_big.jpg)

Clacky for Bag

07-03-2007, 17:53
and more...
The Rust on the tracks, engine and spikes is real - check out IXI Metal paints...

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_004_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_004_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_005_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_005_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_006_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_006_big.jpg)

Mum, have we clicked yet? Big, dear.

07-03-2007, 17:54
and the last 3

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_007_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_007_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_008_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_008_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_009_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/LR_009_big.jpg)

"Imperial Clicks have entered the Big...Imperial Clicks have entered the Big...**KKRRSSHHTT*"

07-03-2007, 18:20

The raider is quite tasty, a lot of good going on there. The only thing I think is missing is some of that intense color on the rhino - the yellows and the white/red candy striping. Perhaps my monitor is washing out the pics further and the color is there, or maybe it's supposed to be big and really really dingy.

Anyway, awesome stuff, great to see more of the brigade.

- Salvage

07-03-2007, 18:25
These are some fine models indeed - but surely the name of the topic should be "Filth Column"? :)

07-03-2007, 18:28
You have a good point there - the red and white stripes are a bit of a theme... I'll take a look at where I can add some. TBH this was the first model in the army, my godson made it as a Khorne Raider originally, then I took my mini drill to it...
The photos aren't the best I've taken, I agree it looks a bit washed out comparatively... I'll try and take some with both vehicles once I've added some detail to the LR.

Cheers :)

07-03-2007, 18:32
They look like someone did a poo on their head...

seriously, nice work.

08-03-2007, 00:35
Followed up on Boss_savage's comment and added some touches.
Sorry the photo (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/DSC01069.JPG) is big (1600x1200 - 562k), reformatting my C: drive at the moment and all picture editors are unavalable...

08-03-2007, 07:46
Best Nurgle army ever :)
I'm not sure you mentioned it or not, but is your starting color for the armor brown? Also, what about a group shot? :D

08-03-2007, 09:46
Very nice nurgle army... I agree we need a group shot and keep up the good work.

One question though. Do you have a link for IXI Metal paints as I couldnt find anything about them and would like to use the rust for some of my nurgle troops/vehicles


08-03-2007, 09:57
Thanks RAM-mit :) For the foot troops, I undercoated black, and started with various browns, usually highlighting up to a pale yellow or white, and then inking.

I am planning on doing group shots, was holding off on those until the whole army was complete, but may do some individual unit shots.

The first unit of plaguebearers is almost complete, and the Great Unclean one needs maybe another hour doing on it.

After that, there's the second unit of plaguebearers to do, and finishing off the termies, my flying posessed, rhino102 and the defiler (which I'm in a real quandary about since I saw the excellent work (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65188) done by Lemmingspawn on his model.

08-03-2007, 10:26
Do you have a link for IXI Metal paints as I couldnt find anything about them and would like to use the rust for some of my nurgle troops/vehicles

I spent a good two hours looking for a link after I mentioned them in the post - I couldn't find a thing. I'm beginning to think that they have ceased trading. I did find some other manufacturers that seem to do the same thing:

Modern Masters (http://www.lastingimpressionswithpaint.com/catalog/itemmmeffects.html)
Spectra (http://www.spectrapaint.com/fauxfinish/patinas.html)
Liqmet (http://liqmet.com/metal-paint/products.php)
O-gee (http://www.o-geepaint.com/Faux/metals.shtml)

I'm sure I saw some IXI in an art shop recently though... I bought them originally from Wheatsheaf (http://www.wheatsheaf-art.co.uk/wheatsheaf/wheatsheaf-about-us.html) in Baker Street, London UK

08-03-2007, 15:44
Ahhhh there you go, nice details on the raider. Great placement of the candy striping, and good clear pic too ;)

- Salvage

08-03-2007, 19:19
I think they are AWESOME! :d I've learnt alot from your army.I love the way your combining older parts with newer ones. I bet you've one at least 4 golden demon trophys!

09-03-2007, 09:49
I think they are AWESOME! :d I've learnt alot from your army.I love the way your combining older parts with newer ones. I bet you've one at least 4 golden demon trophys!

I wish. Some of my miniatures are in the first two 'Fantasy Miniatures' books, but I've never won any Golden Demons :( Thanks for the comments anyway :)

26-03-2007, 02:33
More plague marines.

23. Green Flamer

I left this dude on the table for a long time cos I couldn't work out what to do with his deformed head. Anyway, once that little problem was fixed he pretty much painted himself. GS Scroll on the leg.
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/csm23_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/csm23_big.jpg)

24. Bog-standard Plague Marine Champion

Straight outta swampton...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/csm24_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/csm24_big.jpg)

25. Icon bearer

Again, pretty much out of the packet. Nice pose though. His icon originally had a red background, but I thought the stripes were more in keeping...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/csm25_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/csm25_big.jpg)

Open Click! All Weapons! Despatch war-rocket Ajax - to bring back his Biggy!

26-03-2007, 15:31
Nice green on the flamer, and the stripes on the ikon background were a good choice. Great to see more of the brigade mucking about.

- Salvage

30-03-2007, 16:29
A spot of WIP:

Coprus, my army commander, counts as Typhus...
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/coprus_wip_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/coprus_wip_big.jpg)

Clickys! Tonight we dine in BiG!

30-03-2007, 19:27
As in, you actually use him with the Typhus rules???

*shock, horror, sarcasm*

I dig it, nice flith spouts going on. What number is he?

- Salvage

30-03-2007, 19:38
He looks really nice, but those things coming out of the exhauts are just nastly looking *shiver* great painting, you make Papa Nurgle jump up and down with glee :evilgrin:

31-03-2007, 21:46
Those got to be the coolest space marines Ive ever seen, loving 04 and ribhead.

01-10-2007, 09:13
nasty nurgle, i like it....nurglings could use a little more rotten on the base but its a option.