View Full Version : Lizardmen 1500 for Tourney

21-11-2006, 02:48
Hi, have been playing Chaos for a couple years now, also have an O-n-G army. Just putting together a Lizardmen (sans Slann) army. 1,500 point tourney coming up at the local store. Comments welcome. Tx.
1 Scar-Veteran, General; Light Armour; Shield
19 Saurus Warriors, FC

1 Scar-Veteran BSB, LA, War Banner
19 Saurus Warriors, FC

12 Skinks, Blowpipe

12 Skinks, Blowpipe

3 Terradons

3 Kroxigors

3 Salamander Hunting Packs

1 Skink Priest, Lvl 1, 2 Dispel

1,499 points

I realize the list is magic light, priest to just try and fend off worst of magic - oftentimes in these tournies, many folks don't do much magic at all. Sallies should rack up some kills, terradons to go after any warmachines or de-unitized wizards.

21-11-2006, 15:10

Its ok but i just do not like small units, well done on the saurus but the terradons arent enough to fill your 'cavalry role' imo and so i would look into some cavalry, plus the plastic models look pretty cool, i am sure you could move a few things around/ drop a few things to make room for them, even of it is only a unit of 5 (preferable) for support/flanking.

21-11-2006, 16:18
Thanks, haven't actually used the army yet (well, to be frank, still building/painting), if I drop the terradons, one sally pack, warbanner and one dispell, I can toss in a unit of 5 cold one riders with banner/champ. Not sure if that leaves me anyone to really go after warmachines, unless I use one unit of skinks to do that. Make sense (agree, models are very cool)?